Hello all
I am facing the error while transferring the amount. Please help
Error -
{ innerTransactionHash: {},
code: 20,
type: 1,
{ data:
‘3bb9f5b6453c4d1f46ccdf08d39e76b0230db37fe71f97c0e81fbbffa66919d3’ } }

the hash doesn’t exist, check that you have enough funds even with the commission

Hello ,
I have enough funds for that
Thank you

Hello all ,
I have 6 NEM in my account address and I am facing the error-

Kindly help.

Thank you

You specified wrong transaction version (-1744830463) for mainnet it should be 1744830466


From where will I be able to change version because this I am getting from the chain. Kindly help
Thank you

How you sending transaction? Please show your code.

Here is my code
Please suggest what else to add -

Thank you

I’m not sure what library are you using but it should be possible to log entire entity before signing (I guess transaction object). Also, please provide node where are you sending.

After running the chain of NEM coin when the chain url is hit with the makeTX() method , I dnt get the full transaction object . I get -nemtrnsObject

Please help me how will I get the full transaction Object.

Thank you

As it was already told (Failure_wrong_network) you are sending wrong network version.

  • What library are you using?
  • Please show transaction entity you are sending.

While running the chain I have used .nis library , are you asking about that one ? please tell .
Transaction entity I am sending through code is -
var transactionobject = {
‘isMultisig’: false,
‘recipient’: req.body.toAddress, // Dashes optional, all parsed later.
‘amount’: req.body.amount, // Amount of XEM to send.
‘message’: ‘Hello receiver!’, // Message to send.
‘due’: 60 ,// Not sure what this does but the default is probably fine.
‘version’: 1744830466,
“signer”: “my-publickey-is-here”
Please help and let me know if I am missing anything.
Thank you

Please show entire code because currently I don’s see how san object is defined. As I understand you are using this library ->

If you are using javascript I suggest use:

san is the variable which stores the ip and port of the server where Nem node chain runs.
Here is the image -

Thank you

Information from library you are using:


So as I have written above, I suggest you to use nem-sdk.

Hello @CryptoBeliever when I install nem-sdk npm I get mainnet url in the console for node - defaultMainnet: ‘’ ,the page shows " This page isn’t working" always .

Please help me to get api methods of nemCoin in nodejs.

Because it’s not page but http API exposed by node. URL is correct and API works over 7890 port (for example

API doc:
nem-sdk examples:

I have tried by installing nem-sdk but it would be nice if you could show me an example of transfer with “” link .
I have already shown you the transaction api which I made , please help and let me know where I have to use nem-sdk module.

Thank you

I’m not javascript developer.
Did you checked examples provided with nem-sdk ?

When I use nem-sdk for transfer for mainnet then I find in parameters to_address(receipient’s address) but I don’t find place to give sender’s address from where the amount will get deducted