Finally Redeemed My Stake But Have 0 XEM?

Once again, can you give proof that this is the case? Please link me to an official announcement that says this.

This link is a final summary of the break down of numbers. It mentions that the last person to get a stake was on 07/22/2015.

All people that wanted to be in the Nemesis block were given a coupon. They could turn in that coupon for a little over 9 months starting in the fall of 2014. After that 9 months was over, their chance to participated was over. All this is well documented and discussed in the BTT thread.

At the time of the first thread sending 40 NXT was considered a donation and a call for participation. It was not ever billed or sold as an ICO. Some were even given free stakes just for participating. The key part was the participation, not the 40 NXT. And that 40 NXT guaranteed you a coupon. But that coupon also had an expiration date which is long past due.

There is no way to go back and register you coupon now. Funds were already distributed and long since traded.

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We do not have a record of eternalnomad in the list of stakeholders. Therefore we do not believe you have anything in the first place.

Please show proof. Nobody can help you if you do not provide anything as proof. It is impossible for us to know who you are and what you purport to say you have/have not without knowing anything. Thank you.

That’s because I used a different name on Bitcoin Talk - marenkar.

Here is my proof:

I can further prove it by sending a message from the account if you want.

Thanks jabo38 for the link. That explains a lot.

Hi guys, i’m in the same situation of Eternalnomad.
I left the crypto scene for about 2 years and now that i’ve come back i can see the huge step forward of NEM.
I am very happy about it because at the time i thought that the project had a great potential.

Here you can find the proof that i am a stakeholder, you can check my name on the list too.

Thank you!

Hate to be the bearer of bad news my friend : Not Claiming NEMStake, Why It Is No Longer Possible and the History of the Process

It’s really starting to sound to me like a class action lawsuit would be appropriate for stakeholders who did not receive NEM.

There were many opportunities available for people to claim their NEM. They were posted for all to see on the Bitcoin forums and on the NEM forums with deadlines. The people who were serious about NEM and thought it had potential kept abreast with regular updates, and claimed their XEM on time before deadlines. There was a disclaimer or similar during the initial offering and early stages that there is no guarantee that you’d get a return on your investment. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but you’d just have to accept it and move on.

I will also join this class action lawsuit

Are you trying to pick a fight with All NEMber?:punch:
You’re going to have to face the music.

You should join a few sessions with psychologist

lol, on what grounds? Good luck in finding evidence to back your case.

lol, on what grounds? Good luck finding evidence to support your case.

Dear Judge, I have a bitcoinpay screenshot that proves… hu? :stuck_out_tongue:

At the time of the first thread sending BTC or NXT was considered a donation and a call for participation. It was not ever billed or sold as an ICO. Some were even given free stakes just for participating. The key part was the participation, not the donation. And that donation guaranteed you a coupon. But that coupon also had an expiration date which is long past due.

There was also a disclaimer when UtopianFuture started the fundraising:


  • While we are committed to the idea of " Completely Fair Distribution - Equal Shares for ALL "; the fund raising terms are subject to changes upon the discretion of the development team.
  • There is no refund. Nothing comes out of NEM’s receiving addresses until the genesis block is launched. We are committed to move the project forward. However, in the unlikely event that the project disintegrates and no one picks it up, the remaining development fund will be sent to a charity of the community’s choice.
  • No contractual promise is made to anyone.
  • Be patient

please email me at, i would like to talk to you about the situation

Let’s hear about my situation:
I’ve got a private Key, I’ve got a Token that I Claimed. In time.
I createD a NEM address associated with that Token.
I never received anything when stakes were distributed at the beginning.
I’ve contacted Makoto in PVT and his reply was: “I’ll check it soon. I’ll let you know”.
He replicated that answer another couple of times, probably…
Then he never replied back to my messages when I was asking explanations.
Waiting and waiting and waiting…
I don’t have NEM only in my mind (have something else to do in life), also considering how hard is dealing with people like Makoto.
And then after a while I discovered that Makoto has been kicked out from NEM team.
How Comes ?

@dani.dani: your account was in a cluster with 3 other accounts (all accounts used same ip and same browser). So the stakes were not given out. And there i will not discuss this any more.

Ok guys, who’s in for a lawsuit?
If we can prove we are 4 householder the share also utilities house (and we can show up as 4 unique individuals) then I don’t think there will be a problem to prove we are genuine…
Nowhere rules say don’t share IPs. So if we are 4 different person is going to be a success.
I saw someone in old posts mentioned it.
Who’s in??
I simply don’t tolerate things like this.

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What about if I start a project on ?!?!?
We can explain what happened with the Sockpuppets story here in NEM Community (telling the true), and we can raise money to run a proper Class Action… Someone did a similar thing in the past for a different cause and it was a success.
There’a friend of mine got all the weird message with NEM team on BCT forum with a lot of silly excuses, and also there’s another guy that actually had proofs for the NEM Team corruptions and other dirty stories where the same Team was involved too.
I’ll create a post on bitcointalk and every so marked “sockpuppets” can express interest, if they believe they are genuine as we are, of course.
Let’s do it !!! :slight_smile:

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