Freewallet is requiring a message to proceed with sending XEM

I am attempting to send my balance of XEM from my Freewallet (multi wallet XEM wallet). I have increasing concerns with having my XEM in freewallet and want to use the NEM Android wallet. I have not been able to locate message anywhere in the NEM android wallet, but Freewallet will not allow my to move forward with the transaction without a message. How can I get around this? I dont want to put anything random in the message field on Freewallet and end up losing my currency. Freewallet support seems less than helpful. Any help would be greatly appreciated

If u sending to your own android wallet u can send any message you want or without dosent matter. So if Freewallet needs a message to send, just enter something.

Thanks for the quick reply. With everything ive been reading about the Freewallet XEM wallet and some troubles a coworker has been having with his I wanted to move away from freewallet

I tried entering a message. It allowed me to start the transaction. But now Im getting a transaction failed notice from freewallet and my balance is unchanged

Any reason given about the failed transaction from Freewallet?

There’s no explanation Ill try to add a screen shot or at least some information.

There was warning put by official NEM Twitter account about not using frewallet.
Have you any specified error or just failed and no message?

Failed transaction freewallet to NEM wallet

This is all i get. The post from this morning is why Im attempting to transfer my funds out of freewallet, up to this point i havent had any trouble with freewallet. However all Ive ever done was deposit into it

@zane_gosda all you can do is contact with they support…

Free wallet and their ‘support team’ finally contacted me after hearing nothing for 4 days. On the 14th I used coinbase to transfer LTC via changelly which exchanged to NEM and ‘transferred’ to my Freewallet, that transaction was for 122 NEM(mind you I might have screwed myself due to my lack of knowledge and experience, I did not include a message). The transaction still has not appeared in my Freewallet and the support team has not assisted me with this issue.

On the 16th I made another transaction, coinbase >changelly>free wallet for 164 NEM, this time I made sure to include the correct message. After waiting 12 hours, my Freewallet account still showed a NEM balance of 0.00. I tried contacting ‘support’ and they did not respond to many of my messages labeled “URGENT”, as they instruct in the support messaging center.

10 minutes ago Freewallet finally responded to my messages and they said my 2nd transaction has posted to my account. I followed up by requesting information in concern to my 1st transaction, they might not respond for days, I am trying to stay optimistic but I fear there is no hope. Everyone here probably already knows but if you don’t, I advise you to stay the hell away from Freewallet.

I withdrawn NEM from bittrex to freewallet…bittrex shows the transaction has completed but the coins haven’t arrived…what should I do? Help please.

Have you transaction hash?

There was warning on Twitter from official NEM channgel to not use freewallet.
All your private keys are on they server in this situation.

what should I do? :frowning:

First please copy-paste here transaction hash from your transaction

Please make sure your destination address and message are correct. If you could provide your user id from the Settings, we’d be able to expedite the review of your support request. Looking forward to your reply!

If you haven’t included the proper message in your first NEM transaction, it won’t be able to get posted properly. In order for us to deliver it to your balance, we need to confirm your transaction details with you. If you provided the info in your support request, the funds should be available to you no sooner than in 2 weeks.

As for your second NEM transaction, you did include the correct message, so it was successfully posted for you. The delay was on our exchange partner’s side: unfortunately, nothing we can do as we’re not performing the exchanges, just using their services.

How exactly are private keys of the receiving wallet relevant in this situation? If the transaction was made to the correct address and the message was included, it should show up in the balance. The transaction hash would be very useful here, we agree.

This was BTW as you can see :wink:
First question was about transaction hash.

Unfortunately, our colleagues from NEM didn’t fully understand the way smart transactions (exchanges) work in the app. Despite our attempts to explain the situation and get at least some feedback from them, we’re being ignored so far.

Here’s our official response to the post in NEM blog.

What is a transaction hash?