Github is quiet

I recently found, from chat around the internet. Watching the number of github commits is getting more popular. Yes, I know the number of commits is not a good measure, but more people watch this now to decide if a coin has an active team. It is becoming part of the toolset people use to evaluate a coin.

So… most of you know what I will say next… NEM is very low, at number 265 with only 40 commits and 4 contributors in 12 months. Why so little action in the dev team? I like NEM, even though the the ROI is not what I hoped, it’s not about that, it’s about what I think it can do. But surely it’s needs ongoing dev?

They looking at repositorium which is only maintained now.
Catapult release is prepared in internal repositorium.
Based on this thread: Stories from the dev front (memoir) devs have around 7400 commits (info from May 2017) in this repositorium. Probably now is around 10k so I belive it’s comparable to other projects from top if you counting commits.


I see. I think the world generally does not know about this. I suggest a note could be added to the github pages to make it clear.

It nothing changes for services like because they scanning public repositories.
Sugestion that Catapult is preparing in separate private repo is not worst I guess. It’s up to devs. @BloodyRookie ?

10671 ^^


Did I win something? :wink:


It’s easy to get the commits up…

We started some heavy commit squashing somewhere in Sep, so commit count does not grow so quickly anymore