Godzilla's Butcher on Steroids

Found the FPGA hardware platform to fire the quantum light circuit I’m building over at qbitrex.com its the DNVUFA aka “Godzilla’s Butcher on Steroids” it has Four Xilinx Virtex UltraScale FPGAs that I’ll use, two Alice and Bob transmitters and two Alice and Bob receivers.

For those that like to program down to the bare copper the modern FPGA devices have come along in leaps and bounds you don’t have to hand code the IO from scratch. It’s called IP in FPGA land and can be considered like the include files in C and class files in Java. Ethernet, PCiE, etc. interfaces are all IP some of course you have to license.

Hash algorithms have been implemented in Verilog the programming language of FPGA. Article Here and FPGA’s were used in the opening stages of the SHA-56 POW crypto mining wars but they ran hot and could not compete with ASIC’s. Article Here. I predict they will make a comeback with the newer less energy intensive POW algorithms such as X-11.

Intel with not a lot of fanfare are planning to add FPGA at the die level of their chips Article Here.

I believe that the final barrier to Artificial Intelligence has now quietly fallen away. Once you give something with the intelligence of a tapeworm as some believe a traditional CPU has, the ability to evolve or change its own program via the massive power of parallel computing that FPGA gives, you have allowed the cybernetic equivalent of something crawling out of the sea to take its first breath of air and have a look around.