Hello to you all, I hope this in the right place


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Hello All,

I’m Tony from the UK and etiquette says it’s a good thing to introduce yourself when you enter somewhere new.

I have had an interest in blockchain technology for about a year and have spent that time looking into various block chains.

To date NEM appears to be one of the best for non-tech people to get involved in…that means me.

I look forward to getting to know both NEM and more importantly the people that support it.

Warm regards


Welcome Tony! You’ve come here at an interesting time- in the depths of crypto winter. The company is very welcome nonetheless!


Thanks for the welcome okj. It may be a winter but I’m looking forward to getting to grips with the NEM platform.
Hope to chat more as time goes on.


Welcome Tony!

Also check out NEMRed Telegram


Welcome @UKTony, besides NEMRed we also have t.me/nemprojects if you have a project in mind and t.me/nemventures which supports organisations building on NEM.

Welcome to the community!


Could you please specify, why you are saying that? I’m just only starting over here as well with NEM.


Hi Lana,

My particular interest in NEM and it’s blockchain is based on a dream of creating a bank free private currency for the UK.

From what I have read so far in the simplified documents and from the “wallet” information, it is incredibly easy to do so.

I’ve looked at several coin creation block-chains Eth, Wav, Oes and a few others, each have their advantages and disadvantages but NEM has ended up as the most appealing.

Irrespective of it’s advantages from my perspective, to me the single biggest thing going for NEM is that it is not a money making venture and for that, I have great admiration. To the point that over next few weeks I will be researching NEM inside out to see just how I can make use of the blockchain, and how I can support it and encourage others to do the same if that research proves to be as good as I hope it will be.




Thank you for the welcome Jason. I hope to get to know the system much better in the near future, and may take you up on the offer.



Thanks, appreciate if you continue to look into it as you become part of our community!


Thanks Tony, the current big focus now is the funding proposal which you can view here - NEM Foundation - Funding Proposal 2019


Welcome Welcome Welcome ----- a John Oliver welcome to Tony :smiley: from London !


Thank you Mr Oliver (that’s the name of one of my sons, so an extra :slight_smile: for you ).



Welcome aboard!
It’s the perfect time to become involved in the community, as the low points are behind us, and so many great things ahead!
If you want to join us over on Telegram, there’s always interesting discussion going on. Here is the full list of channels: https://nemnodes.org/telegram/


Is it the continuation of the spread ‘introduce yourself’? Welcome to the board, Tony! I’m new here too, just considering is it worth to buy NEM


Even though I’m a committed NEMber, I try to keep my emotional attachments separate from my investments. I haven’t hodled much XEM for 6+ months, until now. Recently started accumulating, and plan to continue.

Join us in the NEM Traders channel on telegram: https://t.me/NEMtraders


Thank you for coming back to start accumulating XEM again!

Well I would recommend that as we are preparing some (with hope) positive announcements soon!


Thanks for the reply, will be waiting for it!


Any idea when Jason ?


Yes, NEM Foundation passed the community vote - Vote for NEM Foundation Funding Proposal 2019: Approved by the community!

And there was good response by our interim CTO on Catapult - NEM Foundation: Update on Catapult

More to come!


Welcome Tony, I’m sure this is the right place!