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I am Dan I am 48 and my life has so far been filled with many varied experiences.
Nem is just one of many experiences in my life, I appreciate many cultures yet I have not traveled out of my own country, I enjoy now to see young people doing things, in my opinion youth is our future.
Just add I do have a degree in Applied science, but now drive a truck.
Cheers from Australia!


Hi all,

I’m Daniel, 24 years old from Australia. Currently working on developing my own startup which has led me to using NEM. Interested in the tech sector and how blockchain can affect the current state of society for the better. Passionate about the environment and the ability of minimalism in the future.


Dorian Stinghe
35 years old.
I live in Germany but I was born and raised in Romania.
I have been here since my wife invested in NEM. She wanted me to compare the projects. I recommended NEM at the end. I occasionally hold Nem101 Meetups in Munich and have also posted some videos on youtube about NEM.
Unfortunately, I have too little time in addition to my work.
I myself have a hotel education and therefore a lot to do with people.


I am “Kauppalahti” from Finland. Already on my mid fourties. I have
3 technical degrees and my work filosofy is “head first” meaning that
sometimes my work career is going over and under.

During my working years i have been designing EMP-shields for military,
gas extinguishing systems and at the moment i am designing special machines
with Italian company. As an hobbyist and contributor i do what can be done
after office hours. I was here before genesis block and not going anywhere…
I have translated mobile wallets, NCC, working with exchanges, got
several of them listed and updating Finnish NEM-thread (56.5K views currently).

Something is always going on with Ninja style…


I am Matus and I am a NEM influencer (wannabe?).
I am in a NEM community for a year and in the last 8 months I have been publishing NEM related articles in some local crypto sites. I hosted a NEM event and I am looking for other opportunities to promote NEM.
From june I am going to work part time, so I will have more time for content creation. I am planning to start a youtube channel and might interview some of you in the future :wink:
As for my ordinary work, I am an actuary - a cashflow model developer in life insurance.


Hi all,

I’m Darious from myCoinvest. I’ve been experimenting with NEM for over a year now and I’m very impressed. I plan on hosting NEM 101 meetups in the northeast region of North America. I love the direction NEM is going and can’t wait for the many cool projects that are being built on it as well.


Corey Patterson
25 years old

Im from Augusta, Ga but live in Atlanta. Professionally im a SAP consultant, and love doing IT implemenations so blockchain was natural fit lol.
Im the CEO of myCoinvest, a blockchain savings startup, and im currently focused on helping bring mass adoption to NEM in the US.
NEM has an AWESOME community and a lot of passionate individuals. Im very optimistic for its future :smile:

Here’s our YouTube channel:


hello, I am from indonesia happy to meet you all, have a nice day.


Been doing research on utility token creation for non-coders when NEM popped up on my search.

So far my venture down the nem-rabbit-hole has been intriguing. It seems very promising for businesses to get into the game, and I am liking the idea that the transaction speed is up to what’s needed in this global economy.

Name is Robert, and looking into utilizing a crypto platform for an alternative payment platform for a startup.


Hey Nembers, I’m Sean.

I’m currently the COO and co-founder of Collective Campus, a Melbourne/Singapore based corporate innovation consultancy and accelerator.

I’ve been a crypto enthusiast since 2014 and bought my first BTC in 2015.

Working across innovation, startups, and everything in between, I’m super excited to be working across a couple very interesting blockchain projects - including one with NEM which I’ll be sharing with the community soon.

If you’re ever in Melbourne come by our space (CC Labs) and say hi!


Hi! I’m Andrew and I’m currently based in the sunny tropical island city of Singapore. It is pretty much the financial hub of the region. Here we see a lot of ICO and blockchain innovation activity and that’s because of the principal-based regulation which promotes innovation, foster trust and transparency and seeks to protect all stakeholders involved.

I’m currently employed in a Fortune 500 Company in a Business Development role. Being an engineer by trade and involved in the IT and Communications industry for almost a decade, I find what I do very relatable to the development in blockchain technology. While there is a lot of development and hype around cryptocurrencies in general, they are mostly seen as an investment moat. It would be most interesting and a good challenge for me develop this market and encourage user adoption in this area. I am also quite financially savvy. Hence the drive by local regulators towards the development of FinTech is an area which really intrigues me.

Interesting fact about me is that I used to be an aspiring young chess player. Hence, I am very intrigued with strategy as well as partnership, alliance forming and business development.

I also watch Soccer (Football) as much as my misses allows me too. Disclaimer: I am not supporting the team of the jersey I’m wearing in the photo. I only use it as my preferred photo to spite my missus for buying the wrong jersey for me!


Hi NEMbers ,
Kristof Van de Reck here , currently interim president of Foundation.
I’m 38 and live in Belgium with my wife and two kids :grinning:

Back in late 2013 when Bitcoin had it’s price surge to 1k$ I got intrigued. I heard of Bitcoin before (somewhere in 2011) but only took it serious after realising it was still around two years later.
Fist of all I wanted to know how this system was secured and later I started looking into the economic aspect of having a currency that’s not backed by an underlying asset or government.
Although this caused a chain reaction of lightbulb moments, at that time I had no idea about the impact this would have on my life.

Back then I was working in aviation maintenance and my technical knowledge was limited to som VBA programming for MS Excel and Access :slight_smile: I had no knowledge about public key cryptography and never even heard of a hashing algorithm before :blush:
The real game changer was when I came across a webpage where you could timestamp a document (hash) on the Bitcoin blockchain.
Now I realised the real invention was block chain ( back then it was written like that :slight_smile: ) and I immediately saw the vast number of use cases for the technology, first of all in aviation maintenance as this was my area of expertise.

I didn’t like the energy consumption of POW so I started looking into the alternatives (Landscape at the time: and during my research on NXT I learned about NEM. I really liked the features and roadmap of NXT but their distribution was a big red flag so I started following the NEM thread on BTT. Early on you could really feel the energy in that thread and I liked the fact that NEM had a focus on blockchain rather than just cryptocurrency which was not obvious back then :slight_smile:

Over the next years I kept following NEM closely but I was never very active because of time constraints. But the occasional private chat with some of the core team members became more frequent and when the community vote for setting up the foundation was initiated I decided it was a good time to get more involved.

I became one of the council members of the foundation and started working for NEM fulltime a couple months later.
The ever evolving blockchain landscape proved to be quite challenging. Between now and when the foundation was set up things have changed tremendously !
Business adoption is going much faster than expected ( mainly because of the crypto hype IMO ) and it’s really obvious that the landscape is becoming more mature every day.

With this knowledge in mind and looking at the future, it’s important for us to step up our game and come up with a long term game plan. If we want to position ourselves as one of the top contenders in the industry we need to have a clear strategy and continue to build the team that can execute on that, and that is exactly what we are doing.

Along with that, our main focus is on releasing NEM2 (Catapult) public chain.
Even though there were little changes on the NEM protocol over the past two years, everything else has evolved a lot ( wallets , explorer, node rewards, … ), as a result it requires a thorough assessment and plan to execute on.

Last but certainly not least; our team all over the world is overwhelmed with projects taking a serious look at NEM for their use-case. Just coping with that demand is already quite challenging but it proves we are making progress with adoption.

Until we can reveal more about our strategy and roadmaps we’ll continue working full speed in stealth mode. In the mean time I would love to communicate more with the community but unfortunately proper communication takes time and it would slow down the process.

Over the past year I have met numerous NEMbers all over the world and I’m looking forward to meeting more in the future ! :wink:


Hi! My name is Aliona. I’m from Ukraine and I’m mother of 5 fanny girls. I started to learn about crypto half a year ago, when my husband became crazy about it. Just recently I discovered NEM and even participated in NEM 101 meetup. I’d like to see marvelous project that will help my dreams come true.


Hello, my name is Ksenia. I am teenager from Ukraine. I am interesting in crypto and NEM, and I want to learn more about it, because in the future it could be very handy.


Hi everyone,
I’m Maksym, I’m 40 and live in Ukraine. Blockchain technology became an interesting thing for me since October last year. I started to learn about it and very soon found out that there are many perspectives in the future can be linked with that tech. Then I found NEM and really like the environment that it provides. I now can call myself as crypto enthusiast and NEM follower in certain sense.
I’m learning trading as well as making investments in crypto, studying some new projects and even engaging in some of them very much. I like the spirit of NEM community and hope it will grow more.

As for the other part of my life, I’m a military person, but finishing my carrier in a month or so. Quite fluent in English and can make translations/interpreting to/from English to/from Ukrainian/Russian languages (have experience of more then 17 years in that). I like history, computing (hardware), learning some java.

Wish everyone all the best and always open to get new friends.:sunglasses::wink:


Hello everyone I’m Francis, 30 yrs old from Philippines. Thank you for inviting me here and allowing me to join the group… I am really new about NEM hope to learn more about the system. Currently working in Bangkok. And I’ve hope to learn more about NEM in this group. Thank you in advance​:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Hi I’m Rom, I’m 42 and have been with the cryotoworld since last year. I am thankful that after knowing Bitcoin, I stumbled upon NEM. I have no regrets knowing this foundation. The people are amazing. I had the change to personally talk to a council member and some officers. I am a Filipino, but currently based in Bangkok. When NEM came for a presentation in Bangkok at one of the Business Expo, there I stayed with then for the duration of the expo. I’ve seen what they are doing. The best part is when they walk me through the NEM Nano wallet and showed me how to create my very own crypto currency! I was in awe! Then a lot of ideas popping over my head. By the way, I am with the academics as I.T instructor, and a pursuer of Blockchain. I believe in NEM and its capability. Yes, bad actors may be around but it can’t bring down what NEM have done. The Youtube insider is so informative. The Tele channels are worth chatting with. I myself is working with a NEM based projects at the moment, I’ll be posting it soon. I currently support NEM in Thailand, and have been unstoppable in talking blockchain to friends. By the way thanks to devslops for the free course I got. I’m trying to find my time to go back to coding, hoping to be NEM integrator in the future. For now, I’m also working with Thailand Blockchain Review Center. Hope to meet you soon guys!


Hi my name is Alvin Marquez, and I currently reside in Virginia, USA.

I began my journey with crypto currency in December of 2017 and started trading for ALT coins on crypto exchanges after getting my first BTC and LTC from Coinbase.

I then looked into ICOs and participated in a DSO (Discounted Sale Offer) from Xarcade where I learned about the NEM blockchain. Trying to find XEM, I reached out to the Xarcade telegram channel and Lon Wong (former president of the NEM Foundation) helped me get my NEM wallet and XEM coins to make a XAR purchase.

Amazed at the fact that the NEM president took the time to help me with my first XEM, I gained an interest on the technology side of the NEM blockchain. After comparing NEM’s features and ease-of-use with other blockchain techs like ETH, I made a commitment to learn more about NEM and to share that knowledge with others.

You can now see me in almost every NEM telegram channel out there under the the username @yomaicoin, providing insight and knowledge to the NEM community. You may also visit my YouTube channel where I create videos to help NEM users with things related to NEM features and technology (

I have made it a personal mission to increase awareness for the NEM technology here in the USA, and assist all industries, academia, and government. I currently serve as an advisor for myCoinvest, a financial savings platform using the NEM blockchain (Small Support Clip for myCoinvest:

Together, we can help blockchain technology get the attention it deserves. Go NEM!