Introduce yourself


Hi my name is Alvin Marquez, and I currently reside in Virginia, USA.

I began my journey with crypto currency in December of 2017 and started trading for ALT coins on crypto exchanges after getting my first BTC and LTC from Coinbase.

I then looked into ICOs and participated in a DSO (Discounted Sale Offer) from Xarcade where I learned about the NEM blockchain. Trying to find XEM, I reached out to the Xarcade telegram channel and Lon Wong (former president of the NEM Foundation) helped me get my NEM wallet and XEM coins to make a XAR purchase.

Amazed at the fact that the NEM president took the time to help me with my first XEM, I gained an interest on the technology side of the NEM blockchain. After comparing NEM’s features and ease-of-use with other blockchain techs like ETH, I made a commitment to learn more about NEM and to share that knowledge with others.

You can now see me in almost every NEM telegram channel out there under the the username @yomaicoin, providing insight and knowledge to the NEM community. You may also visit my YouTube channel where I create videos to help NEM users with things related to NEM features and technology (

I have made it a personal mission to increase awareness for the NEM technology here in the USA, and assist all industries, academia, and government. I currently serve as an advisor for myCoinvest, a financial savings platform using the NEM blockchain (Small Support Clip for myCoinvest:

Together, we can help blockchain technology get the attention it deserves. Go NEM!


Hello! Tony, my real name is Bartlomiej Sanak and I found out about NEM exactly year ago. I was hard on bitcoin and blockchain development when I heard about this platform and I decided to contibute a little by translating some cntent to my native language (polish). I was speaking about NEM at many different meetups, I am contributing to the overall environment on many levels.

But I think what’s publicly known is my YouTube channel where I am hard on NEM, providing explanation and how to videos as well as news.


Hello everyone,

I have had a career focused on educational innovation, firstly as a multimedia programmer, then as an educational designer, and in the past decade focusing on leadership and strategy in the digital learning and innovation space.

I began my career in e-Learning in 1993 working at the University of Melbourne, and am currently Director of Educational Innovation at La Trobe University. Prior to that I spent two years as Research Associate at the Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies at the University of Cambridge.

My work involves excellence in learning and teaching, innovations with technology, curriculum renewal and learning space design. I helped to author La Trobe’s Digital Learning Strategy, a 3 year multi-million dollar program of work, and led a number of work streams. I then co-wrote a bid for a second strategic initiative to develop La Trobe Online, a new online arm of La Trobe’s business, and then led the LTO team during its first year and a half. Following that, and until going on long service leave at the end of last year I was acting Pro Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) at La Trobe.

I have a range of research interests in higher education, including mobile learning; student engagement and retention; student perspectives; active and collaborative learning; physical and virtual learning space design; and emerging technologies. Following an OLT project on learning spaces I co-edited a book entitled Physical and Virtual Learning Spaces in Higher Education (IGI Global, 2011) and I am currently co-leading an international applied research project on evaluating learning spaces working with two Australian and three Malaysian universities. I am on long service leave until July, I’m dividing my time doing the write up of my PhD and working on an edtech startup company – RocketShoes:

I learnt of Bitcoin and Blockchain around 2012, but became much more interested in decentralised technologies in early 2017, and have been particularly focused on the potential of applying these to real world problems using IPFS and Ethereum prior to learning about NEM.


Marco Michelino here. I’m 47, father of two.
I live in Italy. My daytime job is Linux systems administrator.

I bought my first Bitcoin in 2013, I paid 70 € for it.
I’m in NEM since 2014; I took part in stress testing NEM network before launch and discovered by accident one of the very few vulnerabilities there was at that time (now there’s none :smile:).

I’ve been holding and lurking for years until Nelson and Jason came out with the Meetup thing.
I told myself: “why not?” So I was assigned the NEM Milano Meetup.
At first it was hard to find people interested in NEM and locations for the events. I partnered with local Bitcoin user groups and now my meetup is one of the biggest NEM meetups in Europe.


Hola amigos!
Im Trikar or Ricar. 42 years old guy from Bilbao (North Spain). Always involved with new technologies. I studied 2 years of computer engineering but I realised that programming was not for me so at the end I got a Law degree.
I tried the entrepreneur adventure a few times. (Second Life, local news media website or VOD media site)
Main job was legal consultant with telecommunications companies in Spain.
Anyway in 2015 I started from scrach (like Nem), quit my job. Moved to Vancouver, then Korea and Australia where I met Nem team one year ago.
I knew about Bitcoin since the beginning but my experience with real digital money in Second Life did’t help so I forgot about it and focus in other things.
I think was 2 years ago when I started to know more about blockchain technology. Start to reading books, attend conferences. Then I found some projects but was Nem who took my attention. First because of the features, POI, secondly because Nem team people . I met Nelson, Lon, Jason, Jeff, Stephen. I really liked their approach and finally because the Nem community.
I started to work with Nem in Australia where I have to say we are doing very well. Recently I moved to Hong Kong being the director of Partnerships for HK and Australia.
In all this journey I enjoyed meeting Nem community and teams in different countries. (Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Indonesia, Singapore, Ukraine, Malaysa, Spain…) I’m really proud of Nem team and all the supporters around the world.


Hi, I’m Von Godilano, 27, from Manila, Philippines currently residing in Bangkok. I have been interested in blockchains and cryptocurrency since last year and would like to know more about the technology and the industry. I also would like to join more networking events in this line to educate myself more, keep myself updated, and invest profitably and wisely.


Hi, Aiman here. 27 years old living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia :malaysia:. Heard of bitcoin after browsing 4chan but didn’t care back then. First job as an Android developer at a small startup company brought me deeper into this scene after knowing that my boss was also a bitcoin enthusiast. Joined several small meetups in KL and after awhile, Mr. Lon Wong shilled us about NEM being the “blockchain 2.0” :grin:. His concept of dismissing the idea of full decentralization and immutability in the bitcoin/ethereum dapps is somewhat makes me intrigued and makes me want to learn more about his idea until now. Hodl XEM till now thanks to his successful shill :smiley: . Am currently learning more about Catapult technology and also working on my own project as well (not big but good as a learning stepping stone). Wishing this project the very best of luck in advancing the blockchain technology as a whole :wink:


Hi, I’m Björn from Belgium.
Just new in the crypto space. I got intrigued by a friend who is rather deep involved with NEM.
Not all is yet clear. Still manny questions, but from what I read and heard, NEM has a lot of potential.


I am a mysterious autonomous entity from the Northern hemisphere.

I have been in NEM since February 2014 and I’m more than happy to admit I still don’t understand how any of it works, but I also don’t know how a radio continues to operate when you close the window.

I plan to remain in NEM and remain mysterious.


Hi guys,

My name is Anthony and I am 24 years old and from Australia. I’m the co-founder of Mobi, which is a carpooling application available on iOS and android that connects neighbours and friends together for their work or university commute.

I am fairly new to the NEM Community but am very impressed with the presence and activity of NEMbers along with the potential of NEM in society.

I’m interested in finance and technology and have a bachelors degree in Commerce. Very excited to see what blockchain can do and how it can change the future!



Hey everybody! My name is Elias. I am Founder & CEO of Zkylos - Animal Data Technologies powered by AI. It was pretty long way for us: at first we were considering Waves and NEM to build our project on but eventually we made the right decision to work with NEM.

We would love to be part of NEM Foundation!

I am super excited to be part of this project and have the possibility to utilize this top notch technology in a proper way!

Huge thanks to Misha Granin for bringing us (myself and Zkylos) closer with NEM :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

My name is Samy Mendiburo and I am currently Events & Marketing manager for the NEM Foundation.
I am 26 from Barcelona-Spain but currently living in Andorra.

In 2013 I was introduced to a bitcoin meetup in London by some of my brother’s friends in London. I thought it was a bubble and pure speculation and forgot about it until early 2014 when I met my bf who was into cryptocurrencies and mining.
Learnt about the blockchain potential and its economical implications, so it was interesting to learn about the distributed ledger technology.

After the years I wanted to contribute to the industry as much as I could, chat with some NEMbers until @jabo38 gave me the opportunity to help NEM with marketing related tasks.
And now after year and a half I am still excited to be working with all of the NEM community to make NEM adoption grow.

PD: I am a huge soccer/futbol fanatic (FC Barcelona) and I love racing cars (F1 or Nascar?)


Hello everyone!

My name is Bader and I’m a 17 year old developer and blockchain enthusiast. Before coding I used to service computers for friends and family :slight_smile:

I have built iOS, Android, blockchain, and Angular 6 web apps.

As I am writing this, school is out and I am very busy geeking out over NEM, my latest obsession. I currently reside in the US.


Hi Nembers,

My names Rab, I’m 30 and based in New Zealand. Professionally, I’ve been involved in startups as a founder for the past 6 years across ad-tech, agri-tech, fit-tech and a charitable trust that teaches kids technology with a focus of increasing diversity in STEM.

I came across NEM while researching if it made sense for my team and I to implement blockchain into our ad-tech company, and if so, how to approach it. As a startup, early stage decisions like this can either make or break a company. But at face value NEM looks like a promising and feasible option for us to investigate further. The community seems really engaged, and I like vision and approach of NEM from the point of view that it’s about real world application of blockchain through simple APIs and an underlying infrastructure that has the potential to scale.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi, but I look forward to getting to know some of you and engaging more :slight_smile:

Bar (Rab)


Hi NEMWorld,

I’m greg, evias on telegram,… Belgian software developer :slight_smile: my Github speaks better words than myself about me: - there is enough NEM stuff over there to get you NEMfected :careful: :blush: To put a summary on it: Since I was a Kid, I could never pick that one language (Belgian has 3 of them), I was made to learn lots of other languages in the programmer’s world :slight_smile:

I fell in love with NEM, developing PacNEM… I work as a software developer for many years now… I discovered blockchain through professional products development and started my way in Bitcoin and Ethereum tools development.

After some time, I discovered NEM and loved the idea of contributions through a Proof of Concept Project (PacNEM, nodejs cosig bots, payment processing…) because this would also make my way from perfect noob to accomplished NEM solutions architect / SDK developer :slight_smile:

I totally loved the endless nights trying to crack NEM’s keccak hashing, and serialization /s. More objectively: it taught me a lot about how NEM works and I would re-do this experience anytime - maybe with a bit less coffee.

More than all this coding… NEM’s community really got to me, way less toxic than any other crypto-community and very cool people to work with :slight_smile: I am still amazed, day by day, about the potential of NEM !

Also, I wrote an article about NEM development in a printed german magazine, soon to be released :slight_smile: That introduced me to authoring… about a passion, that is NEM. <3

Now I also do a lot of presentations about NEM and its potential applications and development around NEM’s APIs for Businesses and Developer Teams.

Through my involvement in many projects around NEM, I have gotten a bit less active on this forum, glad to meet you all :slight_smile:



Hello everyone,

We are the MuleChain Team and have been working tirelessly to make the MuleChain project a reality. We are utilizing the NEM blockchain to create a decentralized peer-to-peer logistics solution. It is our goal to start a new gig-economy within the shipping, delivery, and warehousing service industries. We hope that you will take the time to learn more about our initiative by checking out our website and NEM Grant Proposal.

Warm regards,

The MuleChain Team


Ey’up (Yorkshire for ‘Hi’):uk:

Nicky here, representing my friends at Zkylos. I am 28 years young.

What I like to refer to myself as is an ‘Experimental Lifestyle Activitist’ - I enjoy a challenge and have been residing in the jungle of Mexico now for 3 years where I home-birthed 2 incredible humans. Like a lion. :lion:

Deciding to raise my family in an alternative fashion has been testing - trying to find a balance between morals and today’s technological society. However, I wouldn’t change any of it!

I put myself into tricky situations, I am a solutionist and thrive when there is a need to adapt to something new.

Falling into learning about Blockchain & Crypto has really opened my eyes to the possibilities of creating a fairer world and creating true societal transformation. I am thoroughly enjoying this journey and am privileged to be a part of my team.

I believe in a better world and will strive to contribute in any way I can.

Very much looking forward to what the future holds and exploring further.
I like to write, too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi everyone,

This is Joe from LATTICE80.

LATTICE80 is a community to connect Fintech & Blockchain Startups globally and backed by Marvelstone Group.

We decided to use NEM to build the platform and are really happy about it.

Looking forward to catching up with you all here!



Hello I am brett johns a developer at bitcoin news website. While working with them I grew a strong interest in the crypto as well as the blockchain, so I am here joining the forum to grow my interest. The website on which I am working is Dippli.


Hi all,

My name is Anneka and I am a Senior Lecturer at an Australian University. I have only recently realised (later than some but earlier than others!) that I needed to get my head around blockchain technology and that I needed to participate in the very exciting conversations that need to be had about how to utilise this technology in an appropriate way. I am currently trying to advance my understanding by completing a Blockchain strategy course at RMIT and it is through this that I got introduced to the fabulous NEM community. As a non-coder, I am particularly attracted to the out of the box APIs concept!

I can see huge potential for BC to be utilised in addressing some difficult global social justice issues - i.e like how to get aid to point A to B without middlemen taking it and/or how to assist refugees with identity issues - even though I can also see there are many human reasons around trust, regulation, power and inequality as to why BC is not a silver bullet for these issues either. Apart from that I can see the use of BC as very powerful within the tertiary education context and am also playing around with ways to utilise this. Anyway, I look forward to learning a lot more than I know now and to contribute my small amount of knowledge and large amount of enthusiasm to the community.
Kind Regards,