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Hello everybody,
I’d just like to formally introduce myself to the NEM community as my company is strongly considering NEM blockchain for raising our initial startup capital and as a base for continued development. I think it is important to introduce myself and my agenda properly so that my intentions are clear from the beginning.

I am from a small village in Ireland. When I grew up, a persons reputation was all they had. In the modern world, with increasing population density in urban areas, reputation is becoming less and less important. This allows people to hide in relative anonymity and pursue their own self interest unchecked. I, and from what I have seen of the NEM community you too, have not been raised like this. I believe in enjoying life to it’s fullest while also taking the time to consider how my actions affect others and future generations. For this reason, I focus my life on developing myself and people who work for me to live in line with our collective best interest. High population, high levels of disconnectedness and wanton pursuit of self-gain are bringing out the worst in people in the modern age, but thankfully there are a group of us still insisting that this is not the only way.

Decentralized economies, beginning with decentralized money in bitcoin, are allowing us the people, to take the power back. Hidden among the endless scheming and deceitfulness of the greedy here there is also the empowerment of the common person to take their best shot to improve the world in whatever way they can. I came upon bitcoin back in 2015 and have been present in the market on and off ever since. In 2017, when I came to understand the power of ethereum and the smart contract, I dropped everything and began to focus fully on blockchain technology. Through crypto, I have saved almost enough capital to be able to stop working for one person, and to work instead for the good of everybody. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my life, climbing, cooking, reading and travelling, but when I work, I want to be working for more than just money.

There are a number of big issues that confront our generation, almost all of them related to the environment. These include water shortage, plastic waste, depletion of fish stocks and air pollution. There are techniques in behavioral economics that cause people to easily consume less energy, less water, drive less etc. that can be implemented to reduce the environmental impact of each consumer, save money for them, and also increase profits for the providers of the resource. These techniques are the foundation of my project MarginX.

My solution is blockchain based. While seeking out the best strategy for us to get started, I came across NEM. I am still trying to understand the details of the NEM system and what it can bring to Margin, but from the very beginning I am really blown away by the efficiency of the community funding system. Most blockchains that have funds to invest in projects are seeking some some of monetary compensation for their investment. This necessitates projects to undergo ICO. As ICO processes become increasingly unfair, with early investors getting huge discounts only to dump on the common people post ICO, on a moral level the solution has become untenable. On top of this, such systems do not lead to the widespread adoption of the mother chain since companies are issuing their own tokens and then wasting their raises on developing new chains, often simply a fork of previous ones, only to finally leave their mother chain behind. NEM provides sufficient start-up funding for founders to avoid the ICO process altogether, as well as the right technical infrastructure to allow companies to build bicycles and cars, rather than wasting time making better marketable wheels. I hope that we can do our initial raise on NEM and in the future pay it back so as not to deplete this unique resource.

I look forward to telling you all more about my project. I am currently busy with securing funding to begin our development in earnest but once I am sure that we have enough of a headstart on any potential competition, I will begin sharing on the forums. I look forward to the community feedback and I myself am happy to be a part of this.
Andrew Hoban


Hi all!
I’m Fabrice, originally from Paris, now living in Brussels for the past 8yrs with my lovely wife and gorgeous two boys.
Spent a good chunk of my teens and 20s under the Arizona sun so that I could perfect my tan and my guitar chops, before I ventured into the real world.

I have a 17-year long experience as an avid entrepreneur, in areas as unconnected as video over IP, consumer electronics and diamond jewelry, that have joyfully led me to travel and make friends around the globe.

My latest venture, QuizzyCash, is an exciting leap into the realm of AI & blockchain as we’re now building world’s first blockchain-based online quiz game platform which creates customer loyalty & brand engagement, and where players can wager money and compete against other players in exciting live games and tournaments!
We’ve been experimenting with the NEM blockchain for the past couple of months and it does seem to provide the perfect framework for QuizzyCash, so we’re now ready to embrace it fully.

Happy to connect on Telegram @fab1210 (except tomorrow as I’ll be busy supporting France against Belgium in the World Cup semis)!


I’m Tharwat, currently living in Atlanta, GA USA. I’ve been involved with Bitcoin for about 5 years and in the blockchain space for over 2 years involved in technology development, architecture and advising ICOs. In additional to working on several pilot projects for major USA companies. Most recently, I’ve decided to move a project off Ethereum and on NEM for obvious reasons (ease os development, speed of transactions, cost of fees, etc). The project, Mainprise is a peer-to-peer (P2P) bail payment platform on NEM blockchain technology.

Find me on TeleGram:

Always looking to get involved with cool projects.


Hello my name is Greg Fermont, originally from Belgium and I just recently relocated with my family to the Czech Republic after 12 years spent in Asia.

After spending more than 17 years in a variety of key positions at iGaming companies, I gained a deep understanding of industry challenges in a regulatory landscape. I noticed there was a lack of real innovation, mostly with the existing marketing tools, yet operators were really striving for differentiation. Having a small crypto investment portfolio I then realised that blockchain could be a game changer in that space not only in the way people play games of chance but also in the way content can be delivered in a much better, secured efficient fashion.

The NEM blockchain was an easy choice for our company (Quizzycash) which aims to revolutionise quizz games and rewards programs around the globe.

I’m thrilled to join the NEM community and I’m really looking forward to sharing more about our new venture.

Happy to connect on telegram @gfermont

France - Belgium semis : 1:2 (regular time)

Full speed ahead!



Hi everyone.

My name is Sara and I live in Australia. My background is software engineering. I’ve been fascinated by Blockchain technology and see the fundamental improvements that it has brought to the Internet by supporting value, trust and reliability. To expand my knowledge regards Blockchain technology and its use cases, I joined one of NEM’s presentation meet ups and met with people from the NEM community who were very passionate and helpful which made me feel very comfortable with the NEM team . I am currently working as the project manager for Natures Coin ; It is focussed on sustainable projects that support United Nations goals to make the world a better place by 2030. It is a virtual economy that brings together people, corporations, Governments and institutions on the one transaction platform with the common vision of making the world a better place.
Looking forward to hearing of ideas and sharing knowledge within the NEM community.

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Hello everyone!
I am Ethan and I am new to this forum.
I have been using this forum for quite some time now to check for queries that I have had!


I am a new member. We look forward to working with you.


Greetings all! My name is Jan, I’m 33 and I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I’ve been following (to the point of addiction) blockchain technology for about 1.5 years. I’m most intrigued by the new economic models blockchains enable, and the different market mechanisms appearing (ICO, DCO, CCO, community funds, platform governance, programmable tokens, etc.). I’m confident the trust & transparency which blockchains offer will play a large part in the technology solutions we use in the future.

I’ve known about NEM for a long time, but I never really joined the community as I had spread myself too thin across many different projects/platforms. This has recently changed as I’m working on a startup and we need a performant, mature blockchain to execute our project, and a local NEM meetup sparked my interest.

I’ve been overwhelmed by how supportive the community is and the NEM platform has impressed us with its technical capabilities. I’m excited to be here and am looking forward to being part of this community!



Hey everyone, my name is Mark and I have been involved in crypto for about a year and a half now and mainly hold NEM mosaics and SC. I am a US citizen, am fairly active in the NEM Telegram channels and am excited about NEM’s recent push into the US.


Hi, I’m Brendan from Queensland, Australia. I’ve been using and investing in blockchain projects on and off since 2011, but I’m new to NEM. I knew of NEM, but didn’t start looking into it until the team from NEM Australia did a presentation at The Generator Bundaberg.

I recently travelled to Agnes Water/1770 to check out Australia’s First Digital Currency Town.

I am also involved in a project called NaturesCoin, which aims to bring investment into sustainable projects that meet the UN sustainable development goals.


Hi, I’m Stephan Coetzee from Cape Town South Africa.

I was hard on bitcoin and blockchain development when I heard about this platform. I’m currently the CEO and co-founder of Genix Group. A Cape Town based corporate innovation consultancy.

I will be hosting several NEM Meetups in the months and years ahead, and hope to meet many of you at some point along the way!

I have made it a personal mission to increase awareness for the NEM & MyCoinvest projects here in the South Africa, and assist all industries, academia and government.

One thing is for sure, as the global discussions around blockchain technology continue to grow; Africa will be part of it.




Hey, Rafi Glantz from Zeex here. We’re exploring all of our options, and while we already have a working product on Ethereum, we’re interested in Mosaics and the potential benefits of a private blockchain. Would love to speak with some people who really understand how NEM works so i can get a better idea myself…unfortunately the life of a community manager with two dogs and a cat doesn’t allow for much free researching time.


Hi all!

I’ m Edward, 26 years old from California. Currently working in Beijing in the Blockchain space. I was recently introduced to NEM by a friend and I joined the forums to learn more about this hidden gem, so your patience and assistance is greatly appreciated! You could say that I’m a bit on the idealist side of things, so naturally im interested in Blockchain technology’s ability to improve society, especially in regards to the environment and over consumption of natural resources. This is a topic I care deeply about and I hope NEM is a platform that can help facilitate a better future for our planet and the people who inhabit it. Looking forward to learning from all of you! Check out MarginX, a project I’m currently assisting and one that will help realize a better future for our environment and global community.

Much Obliged,


Hey, I am John. I am new to NEM but thought to look around because I heard about them on a Podcast. The Podcasters are bought shills but it NEM still sounded interesting so here I am.



I’m Wilson from NEMWill, the 1st will writing platform built on the NEM Smart Asset Blockchain. We are based in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam currently. Have you thought of what happens to your XEM after if you pass on? We have a solution for you. Join us at @nemwill

We are keen to expand to US, China, Japan, Korea and Europe. Would love to explore partnership and collaboration opportunities.





Thank toy for inviting me here guys!


Hello everyone~ My name is Qin~From Taiwan~ I am very happy to have the opportunity to come here to learn about NEM~ I feel very fresh~ I hope that NEM will get better and better in the future~!


Hello Mates,This Johnbosco From Nigeria.I am very excited to join the forum hoping to be properly assissted


Hi there, my name is Ryan and I’m a Community and Content Manager with PolicyPal Network. We have a partnership with NEM and I’m here to take any questions you may have.

I’m not on the forums much, so if I don’t reply your question in time, please catch me on PolicyPal’s Telegram group @PolicyPalNetwork.


Hello everyone.

My name is Julian Garcia, I am a developer about 7 years ago.
I’m here because I want to study the Blockchain of ** NEM ** a bit more thoroughly and possibly carry out several projects that are currently under development.
I like to contribute to the community by feeding back knowledge.
I hope that together we can build a community, the greatest of all.