How do you log out of Trezor wallet?

How do you log out of the Trezor?
Just hit the X in the browser frame or yank it out of the socket?
Both methods are a bit scary, is there a reliable shut down/log out method?

I mean for any coin, not the nano wallet as the nano wallet actually has a Trezor log out option.
Pity we cannot see our balance in the Trezor online wallet though…
Nem foundation integrated the wallet yet when you log into the Trezo online you cannot see your xem balance.

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I don’t know each coin integration but because each transfer requires your Trezor all you need to do is disconnect Trezor. And if case of nanowallet if you don’t want someone to see your balance you must also logout.
If you leave connected still someone must have access to your Trezor device and must know your PIN.

To check balance online you can use

I looked it up and the only way I see to log off is to click “forget Trezor”, which is not a conventional log out, it’s use is to purge traces from a 3rd party computer, yet for the average person a simple “log off” does not appear.
I am talking about BTC online wallet.
No log off or, “sign out” options, rather crude method.

Just “disconnect the trezor” seems a rather rudimentary approach, is it safe, just say you had an issue that wiped the flash drive…

Removed in this way Trezor hundreds times and nothing wrong happen. Moreover you should have always your seed backuped on paper. Using this backup you can restore access to Trezor and all wallets.
Some answers on reddit:

But if you want be total sure you should ask via Trezor support.


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