How to Raise the Amount of Harvesters. Fix Error 699

Many people get the error ERROR 699. NIS: HARVESTING LIMIT HIT. This happens because a person can by default only harvest on one account and some people’s configuration settings take up this account automatically, which confuses many people.

The easiest way to fix this problem is to raise the default limit.

If you are running the Stand Alone version of NEM. You need to locate the folder called package that you made when unzipping the NEM download. Then open it and go to the NIS folder and then open the file.

You can now change your nis.unlockedLimit from 1 to a higher number like 5. Go ahead and restart and you will be able to harvest on more than one account now.

Hello jabo,

thanks for the great guide. Unfortunatelly I tried that in the past, but it still doesn’t work. Of course I started notepad as administrator, otherwise it wouldn’t allow you to save the file after doing changes to it.
I tried to deactivate delegated harvesting and switched back to it. Nothing seems to fix this issue. I always receive “ERROR 699 NIS: HARVESTING LIMIT HIT”

Any other suggestions?

zackie6669, are you connected to your local NIS or are you using a remote server?

I tried serveral remote server from

It’s very possible that the NIS you are trying to harvest from on nodexplorer is already at capacity

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@Saul: looks like you were right. I tried about five or six different remote NIS in the past, no one worked. Today I tried a few more and I finally succeeded!