I am making website for price speculation ! Support or not?

Hello my Nemsters !

It seems that my prediction for NEM in my article in August, went viral after not only it met the numbers but surpassed them.

Original article here: NEM will surpass Bitcoin eventually, and here's why and when!

I want to make the point that I was conservative and deep in my heart I knew that NEM would go much further but I wanted to give you the best outcome under the worst conditons. And I’m glad I did so, because, right now, NEM is under sky-rocket path. It woun’t stop and we don’t want it to. As Jeremy Clarkson in Top Gear said, “More is better!”. And we want more!.
Most of you were hoping for a 1$ NEM by next year in May. And I told you that is an understatement because NEM should be 3-5X by then especially with Catapult coming. I wouln’t be surprised to see NEM going 3$ stable in summer.

Anyway, by popular demand, I have created a Telegram Channel where everybody can get a 1st place insight on NEM and other cryptos right before I post them. I really want to see how many of you, who asked me to make a means to be followed in my posts, are actually following.

Second stage: I already own a domain: nemsters.io

I will develop a blog on it for NEM community.

Waiting for comments and suggestions.


Tiberiu Darvasi

Telegram channel: https://t.me/nemsters


I like the idea and i always enjoy reading your articles. Keep on!

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Hello Tiberiu. Congrats a Keep informing about NEM XEM. Are you sure you have enabled interactive chat on Telegram Nembers grup? It seems to be a read only chat. Thanks!

It’s a wonderful idea. I always enjoy your POV. You’re one of the reasons I’ve decided to get into NEM.

How you doing with your charts ?

Hi Tiberiu
Do you have any more info / updates you want to share ?

Sorry for the my long absence, I’ve been extremely busy working on my latest project, and it’s almost finished.

Basically, I am working on a brand new crypto-community platform (website) where I want to grow my own community of crypto-investors, where we can share ideas and grow our investments.

It will also have a private chat room where only registered members are allowed to join.

I will also launch my own Youtube channel, where everybody can watch me discussing all the cryptocurrency opportunities, price predictions, ICO’s to invest in and much more.

In 2 weeks, I plan to launch all this.

So stay tuned, it will be a blast ! :wink: Kudos !

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I’m so glad you decided to do this! Can’t wait to see it launched :slight_smile: