NEM will surpass Bitcoin eventually, and here's why and when!

It all started with Bitcoin in 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto released it as an open-source project.

Now, almost 9 years later, we are looking at the leading digital coin and that’s not changing…yet!

Why am I saying “yet”? Because it will eventually fall below other alt-coins and the main reason for that is lack of improvement within its technology. Sure, a lot of people took the source-code, tweaked it and even made it better in some ways.That’s why we see so many younger alt-coins that are actually a lot faster than Bitcoin, have cheaper transaction fees and they are actually even safer and more stable.

But at the end of the day, for a coin to take the 1st place as the leading coin in the cryptocurrency world, it has to do more than just being a Bitcoin on steroids. It has to be that, and…more!

You see, when it comes to staying competitive, whether we are talking about a business or a product, unless it brings something new in the game, it will eventually fall behind other products which did exactly that.

So, why did Bitcoin remain the main player in the field for so long?

Well, look at this scenario…if you’re opening a store, and sell a product of high demand, targeting a niche where there’s no real competition, it doesn’t really matter how much your product or the shipping fees cost, people will pay for it as long as they need it ! Sure, after that others might come with similar products at a more reasonable price, but by that time, you’re already an established entity in the market, your clients will still choose to buy the product from you because throughout the time, you haven’t just sold a product but you sold TRUST !

Now, let’s take what I said above and adapt it to Bitcoin:

Bitcoin appeared as a solution to a high demand. People wanted a coin that can’t be traced and that’s not influenced by political events, and they got one ! And throughout the years it remained on the top because it gained people’s trust.
Therefore, it’s safe to say that all these years people bought TRUST along with the coin.
Sure, other alt-coins appeared along the way, with better features but none of them got the notoriety of Bitcoin, because we, as people, are creatures of habit. We hate change right?

So, even if there are better alt-coins out-there, none of them managed to steal Bitcoin’s clients…yet.

Well, this is where NEM comes-into play. You can call it “the new kid from the block”, or “the sleeping giant”, NEM is everything Bitcoin can’t be. It’s so much more than Bitcoin, it’s an entire financial ecosystem, with better technology (it’s actually the best out-there in the crypto-world in terms of block-chain technology).

Here are some key-features that will make NEM (XEM) to surpass Bitcoin in the next 3-5 years:

  • It has insignificant transaction fees and way faster transaction times.

  • It has way better scalabillity and it’s more secure.

  • An entire financial ecosystem is being developed around it (look at DimCoin, Comsa,Bankera and more to come)

  • It’s being widely adopted in East by people and institutions, as it’s already being widely adopted in Japan and Malaysia, and the team is working on expanding their operations across USA and Europe also.

  • It has an amazing team of developers and a CEO with a vision of doing “things by the book”, instead on investing their money in marketing like most altcoins (all show but no go), they invest into development and physical presence in the market, because their philosophy is that as long as the product has a real utility in the real world, the increase in market cap will only be a consequence of the value of the product. And that’s very true on the long-run. On the short-run, o course, weaker alt-coins might get better market cap, but it will not be sustainable unless the product delivers. As far as I’m concerned, NEM delivers where other products fail to do that regardless of their aggressive marketing, that’s why I think NEM will surpass them in market cap in the near future. Investors will notice that and will switch to XEM.

  • Catapult is on the way, a re-writing of the Java software in C++, making it 10X better than now, considering that even without it, NEM already has an amazing technology behind.

  • Dimcoin, Bankera and Comsa, they all have NEM implemented in a way or another, which means TRACTION and VOLUME, at unimaginable levels for the XEM coin. It indirectly leads to a huge price increase which…we all love it, right?

  • Comsa will allow not only ICO’s to be launched but to also trade XEM for fiat currency very cheap and back, therefore, no more need to lose a ton of money by exchanging fiat into Bitcoin and then lose further when changing Bitcoin into XEM.

  • Bankera the first dedicated bank for cryptocurency which will be launched soon, developed by Spectrocoin, a well established Bitcoin exchange (and not only) and will allow buying BNK tokens with XEM during ICO sale (maybe even during pre-ICO, they are working on that). There’s no secret that Lon Wong, CEO of NEM and Tony G (member of EU Parliament) are both involved in Bankera as legal advisors. Also, Tony G is a big supporter and promoter of NEM. And let’s not forget, that Bankera as a bank, will offer interest for deposits in currencies and cryptocurrencies.

  • DimCoin serves as a platform to punch the world of stockmarket between the eyes by eliminating the abusive fees of brokers, and provide the same services and more, at way cheaper costs. It allows investors to trade stocks, fiat, crypto at insignificant costs compared to traditional online brokers. And let’s not forget that DimCoin is a mosaic of NEM, leading to an indirect XEM price rise on the long-run.

  • Behind DimCoin, Bankera and Comsa, there is Lon Wong, the CEO of NEM, whether as an advisor or as a member on the committee board.

  • ACX, the biggest exchange in Australia partnered with NEM foundation, giving it the white-labelled software for NEM to have its own dedicated exchange. It will be the second digital coin to have that aside from Bitcoin. What does that mean? It means TRACTION and VOLUME again for XEM.

  • Uquid, a digital bank in Gibraltar offering financial solutions for alt-coins, announced the launch of a dedicated NEM debit card. Make no mistake, we’ll see more NEM dedicated debit cards in the near future coming from both Bankera and Comsa, and probably more and more financial institutions as NEM continues to grow its portfolio of partners.

  • NEM blockchain, passed all the security benchmarks almost flawlessly, surpassing competitors like Ripple and other similar altcoins, which serves as a brick and mortar evidence that the NEM blockchain is about to become the best around in terms of security and utility. And don’t forget, the software is being upgraded constantly as there is always room for improvement. The NEM team is a perfectionist one.

  • The NEM blockchain is so adaptable, that people without much coding knowledge to none, can build their own token using Mosaics, can build applications (including games). I don’t really know many competitors being able to do that.

  • The XEM market cap almost doubles-up every year ! Just take a look at the historical charts on the online platforms to see it for yourself. Honestly, I think from this year on, the growth will be a lot faster than before due to the amazing projects NEM foundation has on the roll.

    So, the million dollar question is: is this enough for XEM to surpass Bitcoin in terms of market cap?

This is my personal opinion, but I think it is, but on the long-run only.

You see, if a coin can perform better than the “old player” (in this case, Bitcoin), and even go the extra-mile to do a lot more things than Bitcoin does, it will eventually be a matter of time until XEM surpasses Bitcoin in terms of market cap. Yes, when I started this article, I said hat when people buy a digital coin, they actually buy trust, and we all know how trust works, it needs to be gained.

NEM foundation slowly but surely does exactly that, and it doesn’t do it by aggressive marketing like most alt-coins do. That’s only artificial trust pumped with money which is not sustainable on the long-run. If a product doesn’t deliver the claims, investors eventually lose trust and go with the coin that actually delivers what’s written in the white-papers.

In case of Bitcoin, it’s still the 1st digital coin in top 10 because its price growth is fuelled by people’s trust but there will come a time not long from now, when all the advantages of NEM will generate enough crowd awareness to steal Bitcoin’s crown from right under its nose and it will do it almost exclusively indirectly.

How will that happen? Bitcoin techchnology is slowly becoming outdated while NEM is the better technology here. Its popularity will only increase due to its achievements, utility and features it provides. Serious investors, financial institutions and not only, will realise that and the rest of the crowd will follow the trend (the price increase).

This is something that Bitcoin will not see coming, it’s the best coordinated attack strategy to overcome a coin, and the funny thing is, that the NEM foundation does it without actually targeting Bitcoin but to be the best blockchain solution out there. But with that achievement, also comes Bitcoin losing its crown to NEM.

NEM is lacking the popularity it deserves because the development team and the CEO chose to do so until they deliver the perfect product. And when they will, I suggest you put on your helmet and buckle-up your seat-belts, because we will embark on the ride of our lives, and I’m telling you, it will be a blast !

Make no mistake, XEM will surpass Bitcoin in terms of market cap in around 5 years an that doesn’t mean that Bitcoin will exponentially grow along with XEM, but it will actually shrink gradually as XEM slowly takes small slices from it.

I think Bitcoin is a remarkable coin but its years as the king of digital coins are counted as better technologies are rising due to the growing interest of the crowd in blockchain technology. Bitcoin already lost a fair share of the total market cap and now is below 50% because of that.

XEM is by far the best competitor out there with the best chances to steal the crown from Bitcoin in the next couple of years. It’s not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when”. And it’s not about getting to the top as much as what you’re going to do when you get there. It takes effort to stay competitive and I truly hope the NEM foundation will keep playing their A-game once they conquer Bitcoin’s market cap. So far, they are doing great and I can’t wait to see what’s coming !



Nice article.
You can correct the quote above into Java software

Javascript and Java are not the same.
Current NEM software version (NIS server) is written in Java not Javascript.

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Thank you for the correction my friend. I will do the adjustment right now. :smiley:
Update: did it ! :slight_smile:

What a very nice article! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the appreciation :slight_smile:

Don’t bother man, just relax. By the way, did you invest in NEM? I just want to know if you are a NEM investor…out of curiousity. It doesn’t really matter, I mean, I ivested in NEM…I wanted to know i you did also.

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yes i did. i also work on a youtube project to promote it as much as time lets me. plan to start loading up videos on monday. i like the concept and that it is already in use. so ye nem might be a good investment and with the exchange coming and japans dedication for the chain it looks great. so if nothing comes inbetwen, like us govermant or some major overall market collaps i will continue to buy till it get to 0,50usd…from there only hold.

Good point my friend and glad to know you believe in NEM much enough to invest in it. Let me give you some personal opinion on your post here. Youtube promoting is great and if you have the time to do that, go for it, it has more impact than any post me or you will ever do on forums. Regarding Japan, they already adopted NEM, Lon Wong just tweeted he established NEM blockchain in Malaysia (that’s what pumped NEM price today along with the new website), and yes NEM being a transparent entity, unlike Bitcoin, it will never have to face wars regarding regulation (which would draw the price down due to panic), it will actually thrive as a real solution to real problems whether we are talking about financial, commercial or personal, NEM covers it all. So, as far as I’m concerned, I wouldn’t even dare to sell XEM at 0.5 as you plan (it’s your choice, and my opinion). I am actually planning to wait until XEM reaches 3-5$ next year before even thinking of selling and even then, why would you sell when they issue NEM dedicated debit cards that pay as fiat currency? you only spend what you need while the rest of your NEM grows in your wallet or even in Bankera with interest :slight_smile: . No need to rush-up, think of options. Cheers my friend, looking forward for your reply.

i was talking about holding from 0,50 usd to some years. i think nem will get to something between 1 and 2 usd in a year or so. after this i think it will hover for 1 to 2 years at about 3usd till it will pop over high. 5usd would be ether size and i do not see that hapn so soon but it will. but who am i to talk.

Sorry, I misunderstood, actually, you are right with your prediction… O am attaching you below a chart of a prediction I’ve posted on the NEM forum yesterday, and it actually matches your prediction :yum: (between 1-2$ an year from now)

Just look at it. The reason I find it funny is because this is the first time we share opinions on price prediction :smiley:

Yellow line: 1.53$
Purple line: 1.20$
Green line: 0.93$
Red line: 0.71$
Blue line: 0.35$

5 outcomes based on NEM swings.

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yes and long turn to get to 5usd we need a volume of 45 000 000 000 usd witch is a shitload of money

Not really, look at Bitcoin, it managed tot pull-out 40+ billion USD. Now, that’s a damn truck of money but if you look at it better, it’s just numbers if you can detach yourself from thinking in “money”. Other big player investors don’t have a problem right, so why should we? Let’s look on the big picture. If NEM had 1billion market cap (or less, check the history charts on online listing platforms) last year, and now is 2.5 billions, what makes you think it can’t double-up yearly for the next 3-5 years? If it goes by that, it will surpass Bitcoin which will anyway go down due to the fact that its technology is outdated. People want “cheap & good”…At the end of the day, they will want less expensive fees and shorter times for transactions. NEM already does all that. So…the answer to your question…can NEM get 45billion $ to surpass Bitcoin? Yes, it can, even if Bitcoin market cap goes 100billion USD, it take it away from Bitcoin slowly. This is what NEM does, slowly but surely, gets the job done, and “slowly” is an understatement…if you look back in the charts, they grew organically so fast, that a marketing strategy and the upcoming events (COMSA, Australian Exchange, Trezor, Bankera) will push NEM to the stratosphere :slight_smile: I am not exagerating, look what happened today…300mil USD pump just for a new website and a tweet of “new blockchain in Malaysia”.

look at currency volume btc has only 16milli coins but who knows i let time tell.

if we get to 100usd the voulume would be 100 usd x 8.999 999 999 xem = 900 000 000 000 usd witch would be what amazon, google or facebook are worth each right know. that might hapn but i think not any soon…years to come if.

iota growd so fast because it has a limit of only 2,something bil. so it went to 1 dollar fast. since then we see a pump n dump move every day going betwen 0,80usd to 1usd and back. right now going from yesterdays 0.83 to now 0,92.

You know, you make a good point there. I am aware than XEM has a huge supply compared to other coins out there…but I have a really dumb question…Why are we looking at the price/coin instead of market cap? Because at the end of the day, all we care is market cap…if XEM surpasses Bitcoin in terms of market cap, it will still be beyond 20$/coin but overall, will have more market cap than Bitcoin. Iota is just a bonner that will deflate slowly. Investors are getting excited as long as the product has continuation. Every PR strategy is ment to build-up momentum.but that’s all it is…it’s not sustainable on the long-run. At the end of the day, you don’t want momentum unless you are a trader who pumps and dumps by the hour. If you’re a long-term investor like me, you will seek value and stick to it, because value IS STABLE. Value brings reward not overnight but over-year. So what? You’d rather stick your economies into a gamble that turns-out to be a bad bet or playing safe in a market that is already volatile? Personally I don’t care about the short-term runs, look at Ripple: it went skyrocket for a few days just to go to garbage because of unfulfilled claims. Let’s not get emotional or look over the neigbour’s fence. We are here to make money on the long-run and if you stick to NEM, you’ll achieve that. If you don’t, you’re playing a game that involves risks on all levels. I admit it, I bought a lot of XEM and I am sitting with my ass on it and not only that, I will invest in Bankera and Comsa just because I trust NEM so much. And I know my bets are bullet-proof and next summer we will all look at 5-10X revenue. My advice, don’t be drown to the short-term spyke…it’s easy to do that. Be smart, pe patient.

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iota was just a example. all i say is

  1. it will take time and great projects to earn a higher market cap then the 2 highest old ones.
  2. since xem has such a high volume you need to hold large amounts to make longturn profit since it wont go to high up.
  3. all this is fine if you are awear of. it should motivate everyone to invest even more since it will get to 5 and above if you are willing to hold on to for some years.

Fair enough, and I don’t really think we need years or a great amount of time to witness the rise of NEM. To be honest, I think next summer we are already looking at 1-2$, and I’m being very conservative here. And you mentioned that it takes time for great projects to get traction…well…let me ask you this questions: how long has the crowd been waiting for a bank to store their digital coins with interest (Bankera)? long has the crowd been waiting to exchange crypto into fiat and back for fees that are way cheaper than that (Comsa)? long has the crowd been waiting for an asset trading platform that would trade stocks and currency (including crypto) without being robbed by brokers (DimCoin)? Will this happen? Hell yes ! Will it happen tomorrow…no, probably in 6-12 months from now. Should we get exctited, invest and sit on our eggs? YES, OF COURSE ! NEM, BANKERA, COMSA, DimCoin…are as far as I’m concerned, the best bets out there and they are all related to XEM !
Now, replying to your NEM question regarding volume and profit…of course, you need a fair chunk of XEM to “feel” the price increase. And if you have 1K XEM, or 10K…100K…you will feel it…it’s just that the ones having more XEM will feel it sooner as having 10K worth of XEM feels a lot differently than having 1K…but make no miskate…XEM will not get to 5$ USD in a couple of years. In fact, I bet it gets there by next winter! :slight_smile: And that’s without being optimistic. Look what happened to Ethereum…What makes you think it can’t go like this due to NEM new projects?

i did not had any question :wink: and argueing about what nem will or will not be is like haveing a talk about how winter will be. we know it will be cold for sure in case of nem we agree that it will rise/cold. but we dont know exactly how and when so lets see. it was a intresting discussion. lets hold on to our nem and ride train :wink: :steam_locomotive::railway_track:

Well, I suggest you put your seat-belt on because it will sure be a hell of a ride :smiley: !

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Nice! I absolutely believe in NEM’s future. :smiley:
Will not sell a single XEM until 2030 or 2040. Yay!

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