NEM will surpass Bitcoin eventually, and here's why and when!


If you’re looking to hold XEM for that long (2030), meaning 13 years from now, you’ll probably have a small fortune even with very little XEM coins. Great strategy if you plan to retire early. It’s never been a better time to invest in NEM as it is today. The price is still low and with all the upcoming events it should tripple-up for the least, in the upcoming months.


@TiberiuDarvasi I like your enthusiasm about NEM and agree with you on most points.

But saying “Iota is just a bonner that will deflate slowly” is ridiculous. This shows you haven’t investigated IOTA at all. Their tech is really good and interesting, and for some applications it may even be a better choice than NEM (or other blockchain projects). See here: a recent example of a company that actually looked at NEM, but choose IOTA instead…

I hope that NEM foundation is able to show where NEM has benefits over other platforms in certain markets… but as you see, it’s not naturally the best choice for every project.


Yeah, I have to agree with @superschotje. It’s difficult not to see the advantages of IOTA and projects like it (e.g. Byteball) for many usecases.

More broadly speaking I don’t think nem is superior to that many projects in terms of technology. The fact is that there is nothing you can do with nem, you can not do with most other chains out there. The only thing nem has going for it in that regard is an easy-to-use API (I have no comparison with other APIs, BTCs is a nightmare but that’s about it). It also has some great things like the custom timesync and spam protection I just don’t think those things are enough to make people choose nem over other things in great numbers. In terms of TPS for example nem is atrocious right now. Granted, that limit is entirely artificial but if you turn up the TPS you’re gonna see a lot of the smaller nodes dying and the supernode programm would have to ramp up it’s requirements quite a bit I would think.

I am very hopeful about nem and have a large investment in XEM. It’s got a great team, that has already accomplished great things and I hope that catapult can set it apart more from a technological standpoint. I just don’t think it’s as great as you make it out to be.


i love your optimism, but i believe one of the major factor why bitcoin is so expensive is because of the volume, 21,000,000 BTC compare to 9,000,000,000 XEM, tell me
what has to heppen for the NEM to suceed?


Well, it all depends on the angle you’re looking from. At the end of the day it’s not about value/coin but the value/market cap.

If Bitcoin holds 71 billion USD and NEM holds 2.5 billion USD, then Bitcoin is only around 28 times more valuable than XEM in regards of market cap.

We are tempted to think that the bigger the price of a coin, the better, but truth is, a coin’s true value is reflected in it’s market cap which reflects people’s trust and in most cases, the utility of the coin in the real world.

The value/coin vs. the number of coins issued are just numbers. It’s like saying that the USD is better than the Japanesse Yen (1 USD equals 109.29 JPY) or GBP is better than the Swiss Franch by 24% (1 GBP equals 1.24 Swiss Franch) just because it’s more expensive, even if in both cases, the Japanesse Yen and Swiss Franch are far better currencies than USD and GBP in terms of stability at least. Why? Because the countries of origin have have a strong foundation and background in terms of stability and economic prosperity.

So what does this have to do with Bitcoin? I’m not saying that Bitcoin doesn’t have a strong foundation, on the contrary, it does, but unless somebody does something about Bitcoin in terms of utility expansion, innovation and technology upgrade, Bitcoin will eventually be left behind, and the crowd’s nostalgic attitude regarding it can only take Bitcoin so far.

Ultimately, the crowd will choose the better coin and invest in it while Bitcoin will lose market cap to the better coin.

Will XEM become the better coin? I think it already is. Will that be reflected in the market cap? Most likely but since we as humans are creatures of habit, we’ll need time to let Bitcoin go and move forward in the future, but make no mistake, it will happen.

Obviously, at any moment, there can come another player in the game with better technology than NEM but so far, I don’t see any (and if you have another opinion, be my guest to submit it in a reply), therefore until that happens, NEM should have no problem surpass Bitcoin. It will be just a matter of time.


I know for a fact that there are few coins that are better than bitcoin, when it comes to anonymity, scalability, and stability etc. etc. but can you name a crypto that is more than $1/coin and has more than 1 billion in volume?
In economics, supply and demand, if thhe supply is low and but the demand is high it will result to inflation. dont get me wrong brother, I believe XEM has a future, but to surpass bitcoin, am not sure, but I hope Im wrong.


I am Vietnamese. I am just a new member in BTC. I don’t know why but when I saw NEM, I was really interesting it and absolutely believe in NEM’s future. And I am going to invest in NEM.


What would be the trading volume and price of BTC be if alt coins decouple form BTC which Nem exchange is doing? A lot of BTC activities are inflated because we need to go through BTC to get our alt coins.


Well, that’s a good question. As you can expect, the value ratio BTC/ any altcoin will change a lot in the favour of other altcoins, meaning bitcoin will lose market cap and as a consequence, when you’ll want to buy altcoins using bitcoin, you will receive a smaller quantity for the same amount of bitcoin.

It’s like having 1000$ and bought X amount of gold with it today. If tomorrow the dollar drops to half of its value, you will only be able to buy half of the gold quantity with the same amount of $ because the $ is just lost half of its value. That’s what will happen to bitcoin.

Basically, when exchanges like NEM Exchange and COMSA and probably many others in the future will launch, bitcoin will drop in price significantly for the reasons mentioned above.


Brazil believes in NEM success


Thanks Pedro ! NEM will hit the Moon soon ! :sunglasses: By the end of this year NEM will go to the next level.


I read someone asking himself why NEM should go down together with BTC, as NEM is not attached to BTC. My question too actually?


NEM is very much attached to BTC, this is because the easiest way to get XEM is via BTC.


Well, that’s all about to change once COMSA and Australian NEM dedicated exchange get up & running :slight_smile: :sunglasses:
That’s when NEM will see plenty of action, trading volume and traction :smiley:


if u dont mind could u plz tell me whats the expected price for comsa when it will listed on zaif platform and if iam a nem investor will it be a good chance to buy some of comsa Token by XEM and participate in the ico ???


Comsa ico already finished I believe


no .now they are in the time of regular sale


Well, it seems like Bitcoin is slowly getting flushed in the toilet.

At the time when I wrote this article, 25th of August 2017, I specifically said about bitcoin that “I think Bitcoin is a remarkable coin but its years as the king of digital coins are counted as better technologies are rising due to the growing interest of the crowd in blockchain technology. Bitcoin already lost a fair share of the total market cap and now is below 50% because of that.”

People are moving into Bitcoin Cash but it’s just a market trend. My opinion is that when a coin like Bitcoin starts to fork multiple times, then one of the forks is cancelled, it gives the market the feeling that there is a civil war, which equals instability. I am glad to see that this day has come, when Bitcoin is being compromised as being the nr.1 coin. The crypto-currency community is more educated than a few years ago. With the spike of countless ICOs some more promising than others, people start to realize that crypto-currency does not equal Bitcoin, and there’s far more than that out-there.

As a NEM investor and enthusiast, I can only express my joy for this moment, considering the fact that NEM Catapult is about to launch on Mijin very soon, and for NEM public blockchain somewhere in thte 1st quarter next year.

We went through hell with the last couple of months but now, the ones who stood on their positions are about to harvest the rewards of planting the seeds.


Tiberiu Darvasi

So, my prediction about Bitcoin falling came true. Rise NEM!

IMHO bitcoin is here to stay and it’s only just beginning. This was a necessary and healthy dip, that most people expected after the 2x fork. Now that it’s canceled it happened sooner. With the bitcoin branding slowly gaining establishment support there is no way it’s being flushed in the toilet. Quite frankly and with all due respect, I think stating things like that shows either incredible bias or ignorance.

I do however hold a ton of XEM so I’d be happy to be proven wrong.


I have read it somewhere that private chain Catapult testing won’t be done until April, 2018. So your time estimate is a bit too optimistic.