NEM will surpass Bitcoin eventually, and here's why and when!


Catapault beta was released on the private chain a week or so ago.


Not really. They are accepting businesses who want to do internal testing starting a week ago.


ok, yet I am a bit confused, you just contradicted yourself.
OK, so they are accepting only and no testing due till April 2018?
I was watching “Inside Nem”, and it was stated that 300 businesses on board.



actually I am not too clear myself. Read the link below and see what you come up with. I did read something about releasing end of April after testing


Also in this post someone said “Catapult has not been released yet. Just the closed beta for the Mijin private chain has been announced.”


Yes that looks about right, it is released.
Catapault is to be released in stages, first stages apply to the private chain, Mijin, and
the public chain Nem some time in 2018 (heh but deadlines).

The guy on Redit in the link below must be referring to the public chain release.
Yet Catapault is not simply a one off release on the Nem block-chain, the first stage is implemented in Mijin.

Cheers, sorry mate I get your point. I am just not 100% sure myself.
Yet companies like Hitachi are using Nem, and even the Japanese government has an implementation of Nem for wild meat product tracking.

The first stage of Catapault may very well not get full testing to April 2018.

Yet the summary from the link says the Catapault 2.0 will be launched mid November after the customer validation program finishes.
quote from your article:

Tech Bureau will begin accepting applications for the β customer validation program today, and the 2.0 open source Catapult mijin blockchain will be launched when the validation program ends. The 2.0 Catapult engine will first be used in private blockchain, then applied to public blockchain NEM later in 2018.




I hope you are right sir, I’m quite new with the whole crypto thing but I think NEM is a good place to start investing in.


I am right, and in a couple of days I will release a full price prediction backed by detailed analysis in which I will compare the evolution of NEM vs Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum. I have already done the math and the numbers are more than exciting for us, holders of NEM. All I have to do is write the article and attach the charts which I personally made.


Hi how you getting on with those predictions as I am thinking of buying a chunk of NEM now ! Thanks Mark


What do you think the CME can influence the market next weeks? For sure BTC price is gonna be crazy but that can affect coins like NEM.
Anyway I believe NEM next year will be better, specially when Catapult is launched


Bitcoin goes down once Futures goes live. People will short-sell like hell to cash-in profits. Bitcoin will go almost 50% down and that’s a conservative prediction.


I’ve lost 16k NEM by using their wallet as it’s not fit for purpose. Unfortunately, because it’s decentralised and not a real company, unlike a bank if there’s an issue you can’t ring up a help desk. A lot of people don’t understand this, its dangerous using their wallet and you have zero come back. When its gone its gone. Search NEM issues on YouTube for my issue you can clearly see is their fault. It’s a common issue as well, loads of people have lot money this way. I’ve got no where with NEM in 6 months. They don’t care its ‘decentralised’ so they cant do anything. I sent Bitcoin from Trezor to a Poloniex Bitcoin Cash address and they could reverse the transaction. This is an exchange helping me. NEM cant do this, even though its their address. Until NEM sort out their issues I cant see it going anywhere. Be careful, you can store other coin more safely.


Hi. Can you please tell me some more about your problem? Did the wallet crash og something? Problem with the .wit file?
I have my money in a NEM wallet, but where else should I keep them?


I remember this case @Conor_Clancy don’t do a backup and his mobile wallet Unfortunately crash. But there is clear warning about necessary to do backup. If you don’t do backup and app crashes in this same way lose bitcoins or other cryptocurrency.
It’s big lose but private key backup is necessary and everyone should do it.


So this is only for mobile and not pc?


Backup is always necessary because if your hard drive burst into flames you want to have your private key backup. With private key you can restore access to wallet. wlt file contains your encrypted private key. Password is necessary to decrypt and use.
@Conor_Clancy case was related with crashing mobile wallet but always do a backup because only you have your private key and if you lose it they are lost forever (like in other cryptocurrency based on blockchain)


I have my wallet code, wtl file and priv key store 3 places. Is the wtl file a must to get the key or can I access the wallet without the file?


With the privat key you can access it without the file.


I wonder how XEM plans to surpass Bitcoin with over 8.9B XEM in circulation. Alt-coins like to use Bitcoin’s weakness to exaggerate.