I ate nem cookies and it was delicious

If you have a chance, let’s eat everyone.


OMG really? Is it like production or you made them yourself?

I want many boxes of those oO

This is awesome, we should have more of these around!

Where did you order them? :slight_smile:

That’s cool.:slight_smile:

where can I buy it? which city is it?

This is likely from Japan, they have an active community, I think there was from a special day where they had a few NEM items available.

I’m not surprised that Japanese made those cookies, they like to create unusual things:)

Oh nice! I see Japan community is really going ahead than any other

Wow! Where can I order them?:heart_eyes:

I got it. I am happy for Japanese people.:laughing::heart_eyes:

Sometimes I wish I’d been born in Japan :sweat_smile:

I would like to have it as well

do you like this country?

If only you could bake it yourself :slight_smile:

Yes, I do. This country is very developed
Do you like Japan?

I don’t have enough skills to bake the logo

I do but not because of their development, perhaps more for their creativity, art and attitude to many things in life

Actually, this logo is not that hard to make