I would like to make an apology to the Forum


I would like to make an apology to those I have offended of late or attacked for small reasons.
I will not mention names, yet I will make at least an apology to Lon Wong who I made a stupid post about last night, and Lasse who I probably offended on Telegram, and of course a slew of others…

I will add of course it easy easy to apologize after the fact, yet I do hope I can change some things in the future.

Many have felt my stupidity after I have had too many drinks, and Gods knows it is always those that are the least deserving of insults that I tend to end up attacking in some inebriated “rant”.
I will be easing off the forum for a while but still reading, flagging spam, maybe answering a question here or there.
I am invested in XEM and XPX and I really do believe 2019.
It would be understandable to air your thoughts.



Don’t worry, there are few people on this forum, where at least one of them cares (moderator),
others probably don’t even know who Lon Wong is. That is sad reality of NEM’s presence.


All who interested a little bit about NEM knows who Lon Wong is.


As is today’s “NEM forum summary” email, that featured exclusively posts from @xemnewbie, leading with this apology. :sweat_smile:


@FoggyBeer well that’s more of a reflection of how few post here more than anything else.