International money transfers on NEM

I am the founder of a peer-to-peer international money transfers platform that is in prototype stage and MVP scheduled to be launched 1 June. While we have tested the business model we have focused less on the tech. We are now at a stage that we want to delve into it.

The platform matches two people making the same transaction but in opposite directions, then redirects that money domestically instead of making cross-border payments, once payments have been received from both parties.

I’m keen to hear from anyone who is doing anything similar on the NEM block chain or have ideas about how it could optimise our processes as we build them out.

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Something similar, Sen-Ri-Yal


Hello, we at SENREEYAL had been working on this. lets get in touch…

Hi :slight_smile: would love to chat. Flick me an email - and we can set up a skype/whatsapp call.