(Pending VOTE) SEN-REE-YAL migrant workers remittance crossborder platform

Hello NEM community,

We are PENDING vote at the moment for now,

We will OPEN again when the updated process completed.
Thank you for all that had given VOTE.


The market size of Inbound traffic to Indonesia alone is USD 10bio in 2015 by World Bank stats. When we cater to Overseas Filipino workers and Overseas Malay/Thai, the numbers will exceed USD10 bio.
Imagine the Harvesters activity and the value of XEM in exchange!

SouthEast Asia countries e.g. Indonesia, Malaysia and Phillippines had many migrant workers spread out in Asia, Arabia region, even to Europe and USA.
All will need to send money earn back to their family hometown.
Traditionally they use three channels :

  1. Banking system , wire transfer
    Huge fees, complex KYC documents and cumbersome. Many migrant workers surveyed told us they waited for hours in queue for Banking services.
  2. Money Transfer Operator such as Moneygram and WesternUnion
    This also charge significant fees and also cumbersome need to goto the nearest branch outlet.
  3. traditional Courier/Messenger
    very high risk and no method assessment on Courier reputation, possible money being taken will not arrive to intended family members

We have plan to build Remittance business on Blockchain platform. This will enable Migrant Workers to send money back to their family and relatives using Apps installed on Smartphone.
Also can create layers of Agent for sending money.

We have personnels ready to tap market demand inbound traffic from KL, PH, HK, Taiwan, SG and Saudi Arabia where all migrant workers from Indonesia had concentrated. Annual remittance traffic inbound is USD 10 Bio as Potential Market. Source World Bank report.
Imagine this amount as transaction of XEM, this will increase traffic and demand for XEM, and also for Harvesters for the Proof of Importance.


1.Migrant workers downloaded SENREEYAL apps which platform on NEM.
2.They purchase XEM/Mosaic to SENREEYAL
3.They send P2P between members of SENREEYAL Apps only within Minutes
4.Recipient family at hometown then convert XEM/Mosaic to SENREEYAL only who accept and honor the value into local Fiat currency.
5.Recipient send balance of Local Fiat Currency from wallet to chosen bank accounts to withdraw money.
Average transaction frequency around 300,000 times Average 600 XEM
Potential market cap and harvester activity for Proof of Importance to validate transaction.

The market size of Inbound traffic to Indonesia alone is USD 10bio in 2015 by World Bank stats. When we cater to Overseas Filipino workers and Overseas Malay/Thai, the numbers will easily exceed USD10 bio.
Imagine the Harvesters activity and the value of XEM in exchange!

World Bank Group study the Top Receiver of Remittance in ASEAN as follows.


The Inbound remittance to ASEAN countries as detailed below. Imagine the potential market size for XEM and Harvester !



Due to the fluctuation of the market we respect the NEM Community Fund. We would like to include a cap of our ask to enable more proposals to be funded in the future based on a recommendation from the NEM Foundation.
We are asking for 2.5 Million XEMs or $750K USD - The disbursed amount at each milestone is the LOWER of the two.
For example, if the dollar price of XEM averages $1.00 during our milestone development, SENREEYAL will be disbursed 750K XEMs in total.

Milestone 1
20% =500K XEMs (USD 150K ) to be disbursed upon completion of the following:
June 2018
Host 3 meetups and NEM 101 events for NEM Jakarta
SENREEYAL Roadshow to KL, SG, PH in NEM meetup.
Establish Social Media channel of SENREEYAL in Twitter, Facebook and Telegram
Assign dedicated team on Social Media for quick respond and build community
Start SENREEYAL Thread and continuous discussion in Bitcointalk
SENREEYAL team write articles in STEEMIT / Medium
Achieved 1,500 likes in Facebook page and 200 members in FB
FB page, Twitter and Telegram will update news/articles Twice in a week
SENREEYAL featured in local Country blogs (minimum of 3 blogs)

Milestone 2
20% =500K XEMs (USD 150K ) to be disbursed upon completion of the following
Sep 2018
Launch of SEN-REE-YAL Apps v1.0 in Indonesia and workers domiciled in Saudi Arabia,
can do P2P transfer of Mosaic
SEN-REE-YAL achieved 1mio Users and Monthly Active transactions 100,000 times

Milestone 3
10% =250K XEMs (USD 75K ) to be disbursed upon completion of the following
Dec 2018
Press Conference for wide adoption of SEN-REE-YAL as official platform to send money from Migrant Workers (all Migrants) domiciled in Arabia region
Expand launching in PH (the biggest market in ASEAN) and Thailand
Language for UI will be bilingual to the country targeted

Milestone 4
20% =500K XEMs (USD 150K ) to be disbursed upon completion of the following:
Mar 2019 SEN-REE-YAL apps v2.0 launched with e-commerce Feature, Sender can choose to buy product within Apps and no need to send money fiat/crypto, so Family can receive Physical products such as Rice, Basic needs. Company receive margin for selling Products/Goods.
First year only fee-based income, second year can get Margin products.
Expand launching in SG, HK ,Taiwan and MY
Language for UI will be bilingual to the country targeted

Milestone 5
10% =250K XEMs (USD 75K ) to be disbursed upon completion of the following
Jun 2019
Launch SEN-REE-YAL in Vietnam
Language for UI will be bilingual to the country targeted
SEN-REE-YAL apps accumulative 2mio Users and Monthly Active transactions 200,000 times

Milestone 6
10% =250K XEMs (USD 75K ) to be disbursed upon completion of the following
Sep 2019 Launch SEN-REE-YAL in EU and USA
SEN-REE-YAL apps accumulative 3mio Users and Monthly Active transactions 300,000 times

Milestone 7
10% =250K XEMs (USD 75K ) to be disbursed upon completion of the following
Dec 2019
SEN-REE-YAL apps accumulative 5mio Users and Monthly Active transactions 400,000 times
SENREEYAL v3.0 launched with more Bank Partners (3 banks in each country)

NOTE : User counts from company begin operation YTD, and for all countries total.

Founder Team Profile

Highly seasoned professional in online payment and e-commerce. Had worked in online Furniture trading and Payment Fintech. Early career in Multinational IT companies such as Emerson Liebert Power, British American Tobacco and SinarMas Asia Pulp and Paper.

Roy Hafand
A professional banker with 20+ years of experience, mainly in corporate and commercial banking. Has an indepth
understanding about local business condition and extensive network with middle and large corporates in Indonesia. Had been director in Top 10 banks in Indonesia and currently management of European car manufacturer.

Danih Bundya
Danih has more than two decades of experience in providing information technology to the financial industry. Prior to joining nationwide switching provider, he held senior positions in IT solution provider institutions that supply technology solutions for corporations. With its focus on electronic payment systems, it has inspired the development of a money transfer service business. He now brings his extensive experience and innovation to ensure company has the leading technology in serving the Indonesian people.

We are not new startup by some teenagers with big dreams but had not seen Business Reality yet. Our Founder team consisted of professional career men who had seen what works in Business World and can see what to improve beyond.
Our business model is Low Hanging fruits that can easily drive Revenue in first Three months operation, no need Three Years. We have extensive networks in many countries targeted and can tap them to harvest immediately.
Unlike new startup who need to recruit many sales and without foreknowledge of the manpower recruited. That way can take months or years to find the right key person. We are from Commercial team and not coming from Techie team who can produce best product but still need time to recruit the salesperson. Our Founder team is the salesperson and come with full force of sales and business development team.

More question please join
Telegram Group

Facebook Group

Twitter follow @senreeyal

This is pure SouthEast based company, Hope our ASEAN spirit will support more.


Telegram Channel @senreeyal


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Had met with Local NEM country and also discussed with Jason NEM, lets make it happen for benefit of Community n Harvester

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Don’t understand that.Who gives the family the fiat money?

Some countries law prohibit Crypto, so the Family recipient will need to change to fiat via the Company SenRiYal as the sole reseller/purchaser. Our Legal team advise this to anticipate the law requirement. When the XEM/Mosaic is converted outside the platform i.e. goto exhange direct, it will then considered illegal in those countries

And that company has offices everywhere or how does it hand out fiat money?

The Company will setup company bank account in countries targeted, please keep in mind that the Family recipient in pHase One is strictly based in Indonesia, so the recipient convert to Fiat money is in Indonesia

Please check point 5 for the balance of Fiat also, regards

So the company SenRiYal acts as a proxy (intermediary recipient) which sends the fiat money to the bank account of the family?

Let us get the definition correctly, in terms of Technicality and Legality

Members send XEM/Mosaic via Peer to Peer as in the platform of SenRiYal;
It is in the Balance of each member, company does not hold the balance.
When certain members want to receive Fiat currency, they need to sell it and because the law does not allow them to enter exchange, thus they will come to SenRiyal as the sole purchaser who honor the value/worth.
This will be the same case as Steam voucher and Consumize Token.
SenRiYal will be Steam voucher publisher who honor the value of the Mosaic.


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Usually there is some time between presenting the proposal and presenting a voting address. Or what is the above address for?

Also i would advise you to make some advertisement in the RED channel on telegram and in the NEM bitcointalk forum thread.

Hello, thanks for the advice and suggestions.

Okay will do, regards. Hope to get support from all NEM fellow

Voting should start one week after creating proposal thread on forum. So I don’t think voting now is compatible with community fund proposal rules.

Hello, okay will take out first. Regards

Mas Yohansyah, Kenapa pakai Telegram Channel yang sifatnya one way? Kalau Telegram Grup biasa kan kita bisa tanya-tanya lebih lanjut - Just my 50cent though. Thanks

Thanks for the sugestion. Telegram created was meant for two way. Lemme check the settings again

Hello please join via the new LINK above, regards

Hello ALL, soon will be BIG update.
Imagine market size USD 10 bio traffic, and all the transaction will need Harvesters !

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I have not seen you guys engaging people in telegram much. I suggest you guys engage more actively

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Hello there, thanks for following our progress. Telegram group is for NEMbers, but our target users is not exactly using XEM yet.
We are confident to get 1mio users and downloads in the first 3months. And NEMbers will be benefit in price rising from USD 10bio traffic.
So the more we postpone this project, we are letting Banks/MTOs and other Cryptos to launch the other apps. So NEMbers, we look forward your support to push this further.


Most people are not activity aware of project proposals. Telegram is your best chance of making people aware of your proposal as they are much more in tune with Nem project compare to most other passive investors. If you look at past history, successful proposals have been those that are in constant communication and promoting in telegram.

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