(Pending VOTE) SEN-REE-YAL migrant workers remittance crossborder platform

I suppose Senreeyal has to partner with receiving remittance centers in local cities based on their target market country. The remittance partner will hand out the Fiat. In my experience, I am a migrant worker in BKK. I remit via SpeedSend . SpeedSend is partnered to one our remittance center in my country, and it happened to be that the receiving center is within my city. So, my wife can just go there, fill in the form or just hand out the code I texted, show her her gov’t ID, and she will get the fiat.

However, going to the remittance center to remit is just a painful process. You go there, you queue in with crossed fingers hoping the forex will not fall. I have experienced waiting for 1 hour, then when my number is about to be called, the bank that uses SpeedSend announced its already cut-off time…sorry come back tomorrow.

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There should be a person in your team to introduce the project to social media like FB, tweeter, reddit, then linked them here on NEM forum. Also, provide them a link of Tele Chat Group, for those who have not been using Tele for them to download. Pin some important update in the Tele group. Get a dedicated person to drive the conversation. Be ready to answer. No person asking a question has the luxury of time waiting to be answered. I am a member to different tele chats and the most I hated answer is “Please check out our white paper”. No one will go to read a 10 pages white paper in order to get a simple answer.

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Thanks for the feedbacks, will try more in tele group. To balance what we do Offline to get Migrat Workers aware of this Apps in production

Will do that eventually, thanks for feedbacks

As I always say, sex workers need some stuff like this.
They pay huge premium to send money home, huge premium.

The voting has already started. Why there are not any announcement? Today I accidentally found out about it. Or it is test voting?
Start: March 13, 2018
Ending: March 23, 2018

Name: SENREEYAL crossborder remittance platform for migrant workers

PS. I think the declared functionality is useful and actual.


Hello, as suggested by Committee and Foundation, we stop the vote at the moment, to further improve the Proposal etc.
Thats why in Main Article, we had deliberately omit the Voting address.
Will announce hwen it start voting again, counting on your Vote. Thks

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Hello there, it is not just sex workers need this.

Migrant Workers are all workers originated from other country, with many professions,
sector Formal white-collar or informal Blue-collar.
It is so simple minded to judge that migrant workers are similar to sex-workers. Many Nem bers here would agree with me, to condemn those way of thinking.
All products will have those negative list, as you might argue with NRA that moron can have access to Guns also.
We are targeting Migrant workers, and also students awaiting tuition from parents.
Migrant workers are our main target.
Further with proper KYC, we will limit all those bad people from our platform, Best regards


Hello, as suggested by Committee and Foundation, we stop the vote at the moment, to further improve the Proposal etc.
Thats why in Main Article, we had deliberately omit the Voting address.
Will announce hwen it start voting again, counting on your Vote. Thks

Hello there, our team just setup the FB Group, please join https://www.facebook.com/groups/senreeyal/

What will be the basis of the token value? Ex. Alice is in Riyad, and wants to send money to her brother Bob in the US. So, Alice will buy token, what would be the price of the token? Once Bob received the token and sell it back to Senreeyal in the US, what would be the basis? Will the remittance fee lower than the usual fee incurred by banks or WU for instance?

It is useful and actual and it will ease out a lot of pains from migrant workers like me,

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Thank you for those who see the functionaliy and believe in this project, can see the benefit to Migrants and also to NEM, regards !

Today our team SENREEYAL had given final touch to this proposal. Please comments, regards

Any update on this project ? Would happily test the Thai part of your project !

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Hi, thanks for your enthusiasm. Our team still in progress. Will update soon

A couple of questions:

  1. what about KYC/AML procedures, because as I understand you will be working with FIAT?
  2. In my opinion, it is a regulated financial service, what about licenses (electronic money etc.)?

Hello,certainly we will comply to KYC procedure set by authorities. Otherwise the company will be closed. However that will be OOT from this forum. Regards

Hi there, any updates on your project?

Thats great, but still what about Anti money laundering (AML) procedures? For example European central bank holds a position that all businesses or dealings with cryptocurrencies are at a highest risk of money laundering, therefore, puts a pressure to all financial institutions (banks, payment providers, settlement institutions and etc.) to apply the highest level of AML procedures in order to prove money source, the liability falls to all financial institutions and not customers. Also the business model that you described falls under regulated financial dealings, therefore in order to operate you have to have a license that I don’t see in the information that you have provided nor in the roadmap. Have you thought about this?

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