(Pending VOTE) SEN-REE-YAL migrant workers remittance crossborder platform

Hello @tiliarou thanks for the enthusiasm and support, our team in midst of perfecting the UI/UX

KYC n AML will be fully complied since the government will not stood there to let all the violations; we will only discuss NEM tech in this forum, regards

What is the difference between this and using a bitcoin atm then sending an email?

Transaction fee and speed. On bitcoin, sending money is too expensive compared to the benefits.
I see Sen Ree Yal as a neobank or neoremitter like Revolut or Transferwise, except it will be based on blockchain.

Hi @tiliarou thnaks to help answer. When @xemnewbie mention bitcoin atm, please do remember not all countries had atm, especially in Asia. Also why only limit to Bitcoin, when we can use NEM. SenReeYal project will enable anyone who had installed apps can send receive XEM and comply to country regulation. Some countries see Crypto as illegal and SenReeYal will bridge that boundary.

Hi @iamNEMonic thanks for your enthusiasm, we in process of no technical currently, will inform the status soon