IoDLT July Progress Update

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IoDLT July Progress Update

Hey NEM Community!

We hope everyone is doing well!

We are pleased to present our July update. This month marked focusing on the next steps for IoDLT. We set business and technical developmental goals for the rest of 2020. We also have a couple of exciting potential partnerships in the works that will also benefit Symbol.

Tech Progress

  • We’ve updated our cat-install-scripts to be more versatile with an option to just rebuild catapult-server or select a specific server version to pull from GitHub. The scripts work with the newest version.

  • We’ve started the initiative for the conan build system for catapult-server - which has now been extended into symbol-server-dependencies. Conan is now a (development) build method for catapult-server thanks to the core developers integrating it directly.

  • Bader’s NIP 11 proposal has now been extended by David Garcia, and received approval from the core developers as a standard for a tool for node deployment.

  • We’ve been experimenting with doing Symbol node backups onto a distributed storage network. So far, we have a rudimentary method working with MongoDB, however we will be extending it to work with RocksDB for more robust backups and data resilience.

  • There has been some serious planning in regards to the ANT$ SDK, Axon, and the IoT Node. The focus is not really an extraordinary amount of features anymore, but rather what we can do to get the products market-ready ASAP. Mainly, we want to be able to easily replicate Axon or the IoT Node (which is mostly there already).


  • Our COVID-19 tracking service is still active and working over at

  • We are currently integrating an exciting addition into our catapult-devnet (as PoC for distributed node backups), where a CRON job will perform a periodic partial backup to the specified distributed storage instance configuration in the Docker setup.

  • We plan to write a small proposal directly to the United States Postal Service (an “Unsolicited Proposal”). They are currently accepting and looking for innovative solutions, especially using blockchain. We will refer to our up-and-coming article on how to create a robust package auditing system based on Symbol.

Sales Progress

  • We are developing a promising relationship with another, larger company.

  • We’re still in contact with a number of companies who are looking to use Symbol and IoDLT’s products.

  • We’re still working closely with Mobi to finalize integration of Symbol related features into their app.

Articles & PR

  • We are planning to release an article where we solve a real and current issue with the way the United States Postal Service handles package’s size and weight auditing to ensure the right amount is paid for mailing (USPS Revenue Assurance).

  • We are working together with a company to co-author an article on how distributed storage and Symbol can be used together.

  • We have been working hard to ensure the government entity proposal is as compelling as possible. That was recommended by the directors of the government entity. Beefing up the proposal with “letters of intent” from potential customers will make it a very compelling submission.

We thank the NEM Group, NEM Community, and the core developers for their continuous support. We’re very confident going into the second half of the year that we’ll make a huge impact product wise for Symbol. If anyone has any questions or concerns, we’ll be more than happy to answer.

Thanks everyone!

IoDLT Team