IoDLT June Progress Update

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IoDLT June Progress Update

Hello NEM Community!

We are pleased to present our (belated, busy times!) June update to the NEM Community. With the open sourcing of some early ANT$ code, more leads on clients, and an invitation to join a health tech accelerator, it’s been an eventful month! This month has been more focused on seeing what are the next steps with IoDLT and getting more clients.

Tech Progress

  • We’ve upgraded our devnet to the newest v0.9.5.1 - we worked through some of the issues and provided feedback on the tools available for setting up nodes. Our devnet now utilizes the latest VRF and TLS changes, and it is up and running.

  • We opensourced our ANT$ SDK! We chose to release ANT$ as a Typescript SDK - mainly for its versatility in creating mobile, web, and even IoT applications. You may find the SDK here: Keep in mind, it is still yet to be properly structured and is constantly under development!

  • We’ve also opensourced several applications that use ANT$ - including a mobile app that demonstrates how ANT$ can be used as a general survey app for gathering anonymously data. They still need a fair amount of polishing. You may find the applications below:

  • We’re currently researching how we can use HD wallets to preserve user anonymity. Currently, there is a small risk we thought of that users who use a consistent address to report information may be subject to a sort of “timing” attack. For example, as the same address is used each time, a malicious participant could correlate the information (coming from a reused, consistent address) with a person they know that is submitting that particular data. Thereby, there is a small chance that someone’s identity could be found out based on the data they are submitting.

  • We are working with the core developers to rehaul how catapult-server dependencies are compiled for easier development. We are helping with the implementation of Conan for easier dependency management, as well as coordinating a Homebrew recipe for one-liner installs.

PoC Progress

  • We currently need to update - our PoC site for ants. Given recent ANT$ developments, we believe we can implement the concept of an open data explorer this month.

  • We plan to be testing and release our survey mobile app early next month - in it, we will demonstrate how users can provide information and be paid for it. Entities, or other users, can specify bounties in exchange for data on a Symbol blockchain instance.

Sales / Partnerships Progress

  • We’ve been in contact with seven companies for potential ANT$, Axon, and Symbol integration. These contacts were mainly gathered in the last month!

Articles / PR / Other

  • We have submitted ANT$ to the COVIDathon, where we submitted our SDK, opensource mobile app, dashboard, and data logging bots.

  • Our proposal for the government entity is progressing nicely. In the proposal, we are going to go in-depth into the development of an information-based ledger. Naturally, we will use Symbol as the base, and we hope to be able to contribute directly back to catapult-server with the research and findings.

We thank the NEM Community for the continuous support - we hope we can contribute back to the ecosystem as much as possible. Thank you once again!

Regards, IoDLT Team



It looks very interesting, I will take a note and wait for further updates.

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Hello IoDLT team,

could you share what’s the revenue model behind ANT$ and whether / how fast you expect that project to break-even.
Or is it a marketing exercise to proof technical capability?

I am asking because I am interested to learn from others how they manage to monetise blockchain-powered projects in a smart ways.


Hi Rene,

We are honored you are taking interest in our newest project ANT$ (three month-old project). ANT$ is a second layer protocol built on Symbol (similar to Apostille). The repos opensourced represents a proof-of-concept of the application and the technical feasibility of ANT$. Even in this short time period, we’ve gotten inquiries from quite a few companies about its usage and how it can alleviate many of their pain-points in data aggregation. If you have questions or inquiries about its functionality, or if you believe you could use it in any way, please do reach out to us!

We also would love to hear about your experience in monetizing blockchain-powered projects, given you’ve been in this industry longer than us. Both we and the community would benefit greatly from hearing about your experiences as well. Any additional feedback or recommendations are also more than welcome :smiley:

Kind regards, Bader.