Japanese NEM Culture and Activity


NEM-BOU talks your tx message with 1 xem at nem podcast event.


Authorized moment and Healmes got prize at #blockchain_hk2019tokyo


What was their prize for? Their project?
Let’s hope they continue developing on NEM!


this is hackathon contest.

Sleep deprivation brings about chronic illness
Data of the body is recorded in the block chain using a wearable terminal

Authorized moment
Drone platform
The purpose is to guarantee the credibility of research images
Record proof of the image taken with drone in the block chain


Thank you! ありがとう!


cell distribution recording system that uses NEM mosaic

He aims to venture company established to carry out a social experiment implementation.
Please check nemlog which supports English translation.


**Hotel that can be stayed by crypto asset NEM, Minshuku “Sayama beautiful school” **

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nemtech Japan history 2018

so many service or application had born in 2018.


brainf*ck on NEM

This is a very ambitious article.

Turing complete bytecode on the NEM message and executes JavaScript. In the future he is saying that he want to realize world computing.

Please check by nemlog which support English transration.


project idea: send llvm IL using messages, translate it using emscripten into JS, run in the browser.


thank you for your advice!
I’ll tell him:grinning:


catapult setting report by planethouki

Actually, overseas developers are watching secretly, I know.


nem fight again yesterday

This time he also engraved NEM on his breast and fought.
Unfortunately he was defeated. But he was able to win the negative self he had carried since the defeat of the past.


dot nem contest

More than 50 works gathered.


Next to coffee, it looks like curry.

We can buy curry, off course by XEM.


project idea: send llvm IL using messages, translate it using emscripten into JS, run in the browser.

maybe bundle larger scripts into an aggregate transaction. But is there a way to guarantee that inner transactions will always return in correct order?




Mokumoku kai.
It is a meeting to do work to make it muffled.
It began in September last year.

The number of participants in the Kansai branch sponsored by NEMber exceeds 150 people!
You know , the NEMber is FiFiC developer and Uchiwa distributor.


Recently three people have changed jobs to IT engineer.


It is a verification report of PoI. He inspects NEM thoroughly in order to use blockchains for business. We have never seen a report verified externally so much.

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SNMES is again attracting attention.
The reason is that RaccoonWallet supports deep link and the developer has been focused on Piyupil.

SNMES is a service that displays NEM messages like BBS. You can receive an XEM attached to the comment for the thread you built.