John Fenley for President

why is that?

You have 0 proof that it’s hundreds of people (facts suggest otherwise). You have 0 proof that anything is being “laundered”. You can’t just spew things as facts without backing anything up and expect to be taken seriously.
The issuance on the NXT AE was something the community asked for back then. As far as I remember the team back then was hesitant to do it. But I guess those were all sockpuppets of the team asking for that issuance right ?

Jesus dude, you are beyond embarrassing. I’ve never witnessed such lack of self awareness from anyone else before. It’s pathetic the way you’re clutching at straws…

Please don’t feed the troll. We can enjoy laughing at him but let’s not try to have a productive discussion. We are waaaay beyond that.
For those who don’t know him:


This thread in itself is a circus act, starting with the title.

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I believe this account belongs to Jaguar0625

He received a huge and unequal amount of XEM… And now he also receives node rewards…

How many unclaimed stakes does this page, that is largely cited as the official word on the subject, list under unclaimed BTT stakes? Not Claiming NEMStake, Why It Is No Longer Possible and the History of the Process


447 people in the same situation as me. How many of those people work at, or run, crypto news outlets and will NEVER run a positive article about NEM until this is handled?

That number doesn’t even include people cheated through the asset exchange, and wrongfully accused sockpuppets. How many personal sockpuppets did the people in charge let through? They were the ones in charge of the audit.

It’s obvious that nothing will change because everyone involved is dishonest and scrambling for every cent they can.

This whole thing is more about honor for me now. I don’t want to live in a world where crooks and cheaters prosper, and every time I’m accused of lying I double my resolve.

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I understand… Just honour though?

Oh right, thanks. I knew I was missing something.

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He got paid in XEM for his work. Nobody knew about TB back then, so future development were also a consideration. Nobody knew how devs would be paid in future so they got more.

That’s not accurate. 447 people didn’t claim their stake, only a handlful actually tried after the deadline though.
Note that I even aggree with it being a problem that people couldn’t claim their stakes.

It shouldn’t include that as that’s based purely on assumptions. How do you know any were let through ? How do you know that people in charge had sockpuppets ? See it’s stuff like this that makes people not take you seriously. You make baseless accusation.

Well that is ironic…

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@gimre Council should answer. But on the end (after registration and fee payment) Council must accept membership.
Maybe @Xpedite or @Inside_NEM can explain. But I think it’s related with PR making by Pontifier to NEM (conflict of interest? ;))

Yip agree(if he is correct and honest about this), if any person followed the steps as set out for membership and applying for council through the elections process, then I cannot see how that person can be denied.
Except if explicit cases are mentioned in the by laws and valid reasons are given for executing the discussions based on by laws.
Let the official members decided who to vote in.

At end of day if he followed member and applications rules, this can become a ugly legal matter if one has the money and the drive to push it through.

@Pontifier if you want to share this to public then share your email you sent to register membership, share you apostille certificate so we can verify date and confirm transaction on the block.
Then we can request the election support to look into this.
Did you notify them ? and did they respond ? What was their official response ?

I doubt they block your candidacy.

This guy stalks Nembers like Jeff and Alex. Its documented on Youtube and Alex recently stated that he is still stalking her.

As a foundation member he would have access to information that would enable him to do this even on a broader scale. So denying his membership would be solely because of security concerns. I see no problem with that. And without membership he can’t be a candidate.

You should better inform yourself before defending him.


@BloodyRookie @mixmaster @patmast3r @Quantum_Mechanics @Saul should remove this guy and this post.
He is not allowed on NEM’s telegram channels. He shouldn’t be here as well.

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I’ve gone to events where NEM is present to protest and attempt to make my case. If you have any evidence that I’ve stalked people outside of public events, please present it to me. I have basically one huge issue that NEM refuses to address appropriately and you have done everything you can to silence me.

This is the NEM of the future… they’ll cheat you and then tell you it’s your own fault.

You can check the apostille of my document here:

A screenshot of the confirmation email from NEM is here:

You all seem to think that it’s easy to just ban someone and they’ll go away… Why do you think I had to spam the blockchain? Because that was the only option you left me with. Next time it’ll be 10 times worse.


Spoken like a true champion. Is your political campaign inspired from Good Fellas?
Watch your kneecaps guys, next time it’s gonna be 10 times worse.

Like a case of bad rash, I know…

dude you stalked nembers. that’s just low and scary. I don’t think there’s any place in our community for someone who makes people feel unsafe like you, no matter how sensible some of your points may be.

I went to EVENTS where NEM was present and made it very clear that I was there. This is not stalking.

yeah, thanks for those fees btw. You really hurt us there.

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