John Fenley for President

Yip agree(if he is correct and honest about this), if any person followed the steps as set out for membership and applying for council through the elections process, then I cannot see how that person can be denied.
Except if explicit cases are mentioned in the by laws and valid reasons are given for executing the discussions based on by laws.
Let the official members decided who to vote in.

At end of day if he followed member and applications rules, this can become a ugly legal matter if one has the money and the drive to push it through.

@Pontifier if you want to share this to public then share your email you sent to register membership, share you apostille certificate so we can verify date and confirm transaction on the block.
Then we can request the election support to look into this.
Did you notify them ? and did they respond ? What was their official response ?

I doubt they block your candidacy.

This guy stalks Nembers like Jeff and Alex. Its documented on Youtube and Alex recently stated that he is still stalking her.

As a foundation member he would have access to information that would enable him to do this even on a broader scale. So denying his membership would be solely because of security concerns. I see no problem with that. And without membership he can’t be a candidate.

You should better inform yourself before defending him.


@BloodyRookie @mixmaster @patmast3r @Quantum_Mechanics @Saul should remove this guy and this post.
He is not allowed on NEM’s telegram channels. He shouldn’t be here as well.

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I’ve gone to events where NEM is present to protest and attempt to make my case. If you have any evidence that I’ve stalked people outside of public events, please present it to me. I have basically one huge issue that NEM refuses to address appropriately and you have done everything you can to silence me.

This is the NEM of the future… they’ll cheat you and then tell you it’s your own fault.

You can check the apostille of my document here:

A screenshot of the confirmation email from NEM is here:

You all seem to think that it’s easy to just ban someone and they’ll go away… Why do you think I had to spam the blockchain? Because that was the only option you left me with. Next time it’ll be 10 times worse.


Spoken like a true champion. Is your political campaign inspired from Good Fellas?
Watch your kneecaps guys, next time it’s gonna be 10 times worse.

Like a case of bad rash, I know…

dude you stalked nembers. that’s just low and scary. I don’t think there’s any place in our community for someone who makes people feel unsafe like you, no matter how sensible some of your points may be.

I went to EVENTS where NEM was present and made it very clear that I was there. This is not stalking.

yeah, thanks for those fees btw. You really hurt us there.

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I think you incorrectly interpreted my response.
I am defending the process and the integrity of the organisations, there is a reason organisation has rules and processed so that individual people can not be alienated.
In a court of law all of this is speculation and no one is guilty of anything yet. One or more than one persons opinion or interpretation of a situations does not define it being fair nor true.

Fair would be if someone followed the rules and did not break any bylaws then they should be able to partake in the elections.
Obviously the community would then just not vote that person in ?
We are not a mob that decides on outcome, we should be a civil fair organisation.
If the council decided not to allow his members ship the professional approach would be to inform the person that his application has been rejected and a formal reason as to why.
Most likely a clause or a section in a given rule or maybe the council put it up for vote, which it needs to be handled professionally and fair.

If you do not take this approach then you are setting down a precedent for the future.
If Pontifier’s membership has been block for no legal reason, then this just strengthens his points, best course of action would be not to do this.

That ship sailed when those at the helm denied original stakeholders their coins. Everything happening now is fallout from that bad decision. Trust has been lost, and to repair that trust, the mistakes of the past must be corrected.

10times worst? You mean 10times better for harvesters :smiley:

Seems like you never did nor will loose trust in your own interpretations of reality.

Yes i have interpreted your response wrong, sorry.

You are completely right that everyone who follows the rules generally should be accepted as candidate. However as a company the NEM foundation has the obligation to protect their employees from any harm.

If pontifier would have only protested at events where NEM was active i would have no issue with him being a candidate. However he clearly crossed the line for example at Consensus where he stalked Jeff after the event, shoving a camera in his face and accusing him of stealing his coins. Jeff was off duty at this time trying to enjoy some pizza with friends outside of the Building Consensus took place in.

This behaviour is very concerning and has nothing to do with some peaceful protest about his cause and shows that the NEM foundation clearly has to protect its employees from this individual.

The only issue right now is that there was never a legal ruling against his behaviour. This would make rejecting his application a no brainer.

The foundation has stated that they will give reasons for every member not accepted by the end of the week. Lets see how they decide.


Were you there? Do you have any direct evidence of this? I have no recollection of this event.

If you’re referring to the events in my youtube video, that happened at a NEM event in California in February. If I’ve ever run into anyone from NEM outside of advertised NEM events it was entirely coincidental, and I have never made any threats of violence.

Well Pontifier is was a nice rally you presented.
Next time I suggest you refrain from traveling across states to badger Jeff.
This way you will not get yourself added to a federal watch list for nutters.
All the best mate, you gave it a good shot.
BTW: I enjoyed your bat video on youtube, very nice,well done nice work.

Here I present a little audio clip of the exact moment when I lost my temper with Jeff.

And here is the “coupon” that allegedly expired.

I don’t see an expiration date on it.

Just further makes the case that you’re in the wrong.
You get a coupon from Walmart for a TV and it expires. Then after months and months you go to Walmart and tell them “I don’t care about the coupon, I wan’t the goddamn TV”, what do you think will happen ?