John Fenley for President

The whole point is that a coupon like that from Walmart, with no listed expiration date, could not legally expire for 5 years.

Why are you wasting your time. If you’re that freaking desperate why don’t you sue NEM. Why spamming this forum Buddy. You’re nothing but a laughing stock.

Dude, I told you I aggree with you that everyone should have been able to expire but you’re acting like a complete moron. And for the record, the expiration date was announced and moved back like 3 times.

Because I was hoping it wouldn’t come to that.

A) he knows he has no case since he missed clearly stated (and 2 times postponed) redemption date. (It was not “only” redemtion, you had to create private-public keypair yourself and submit public key in order to get to genesis block)
B) he probably has histrionic and/or narcissistic personality disorder. So he loves this drama / attention. He is not waisting time. He is enjoying himself.

We are the ones waisting time.:sweat_smile:

But everybody who has been here longer time knows this already …

It was told once, that every good crypto project needs good troll. We got creme de la creme.
But it is getting kind of oldschool.


I hope everyone is clear about what my being excluded from the election means.
Next election it won’t matter how you vote, how long you have to sign up, whether it’s POI or one vote per member…

The people you vote in will choose who you can vote for. Candidates with dissenting opinions will not be allowed to run.

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Yep, we’re clear on the fact that we don’t want you running for anything or even being a member. You, on the other hand, seem to keep being the one that’s perpetually confused by what the rest are saying.


So, I just checked my spam folder and guess what I found… A Membership Confirmation email…

I’ve complied with every step of the process, apostilled and submitted my candidate document, and had my membership approved.


I’m going to request that I be added to all official election announcements, and I’m also going to need someone to un-ban me from the /r/nem subreddit, un-block me from the NEM twitter feed, and allow me to join the NEM telegram channels from which I’ve also been banned.

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Unfortunately there was an internal administrative issue that resulted in the confirmation email being sent to you when it shouldn’t have been.

We regret that this mistake , but this does not negate the council’s previous decision with regard to refusing your membership.


you’re so funny … the day you show up (that day they’ll never approve) no one in the community will vote for you. Your behavior is exhausting

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How convenient. It’s funny how rules and procedures and deadlines are ABSOLUTE when it suits you. The lack of competence shown by those behind the scene is unbelievable. This has been the case since the start. This is why I was fully knocked to the floor when I saw NEM in the top 10 several years ago.

How can anyone trust ANYTHING from you when you continually prove you are unable to act with honor?

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almost certainly if you had done things right today you would not continue crying. and today you would be an accepted member and surely you would have your coins and you could apply for a candidate with your “knowledge” about NEM. @Pontifier

Took a while but I can actually I say I fully agree with a post by Pontifier.

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