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How to earn free BRIF mosaics/tokens

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Project Summary

The team is on a mission to create mass adoption of the NEM blockchain in the US, by way of the BRIF mosaic. We’re carrying out this mission by providing US consumers with a frictionless way to save money on nearly all of their retail purchases.

From lettuce to laptops, from t-shirts to air travel, saves people money by creating a platform, where people can buy and sell their unneeded gift cards. Sellers can put their idle gift cards to better use and buyers can save money, when they purchase discounted gift cards securely using BRIF mosaics.
We’re building to feel natural and intuitive for average shoppers by providing a familiar user experience, very similar to online shopping. For many, if not most of our shoppers, the NEM blockchain will be their first experience with crypto.

As usage on our platform grows, so does the awareness of XEM/NEM. For the NEM Community, buyers, and sellers this is a ‘win’, ‘win’, ‘win’!

Getting you up to speed

To describe the project in more detail, we wanted to share some links, which point to the most complete and up to date information on our progress:

If you have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed, or if any of the details remain unclear, please get in touch via telegram, or email us at support AT brifs DOT co.

How to Participate

Now that you are familiar with the project, there are a number of ways you can help to boost the momentum and get BRIF mosaics in exchange:

  • A | Join and engage with on Telegram. Indicate that you will support the project and intend to contribute to its ecosystem.

  • B | Help us expand by sharing the mission with people, who would use the marketplace, or would find the project interesting. The possibilities are infinite; but here are some ideas to get your creativity started:

    1. Invite people to one of the Telegram rooms.
      a. Telegram
      b. / 日本 Telegram
      c. Україна и Россия Telegram
      d. | Français Telegram
    2. Engage in meaningful discussion on Twitter, Telegram, or the NEM Forum.
  • C | Make a big impact:

    1. Break down language barriers by translating our documents into your language; Japanese, Russian, as examples.
    2. Write a NEM Forum post with a longer form commentary about .
    3. Develop your own creative idea to spread the word about our project within the NEM Community.

Recording & Scoring

  1. Record Your Participation
    After you complete a community action, let us know, so we can give you credit for it. Record you program activity here.

  2. Program Scoring
    a. Base Points: We will apply: 1 point for every ‘A’ action you take, 5 points for every ‘B’ action, and 20 points for every ‘C’ action.
    b. Quality Bonus: We will review every “action” you submit and add a qualitative bonus of up to 100% on top of the action’s base points. That means that great translations could be worth up to 40 points, creative tweets could be worth 10, and so on [telegram invites are always worth 5 points].
    c. Tier Bonus: When the program concludes, we’ll add up all of the points and rank all of the contributors. The top 1% of contributors will get an additional 50% bonus added to their scores. The next top 9% will get 20% added to their scores, and the rest of the folks will get a 5% bonus.

    Scoring Table:

$5,000 USD in Free BRIF Mosaics

  • BRIF Mosaic Giveaway
    With all of the contributions counted, the points will be divided by $4,000. So if there are 2,000 points total, then each point is worth $2.00 in BRIF, just as an example. If you have 150 points, then boom! You will have $300 in BRIF mosaics sent to your Nano wallet, where you’ll be able to use them to hodl, buy gift cards, or sell them for XEM — or some lesser crypto — on an exchange.

  • Random Drawing
    Each point you have earned by the conclusion of the community bounty program will be serialized. We will do a live drawing among those serial numbers and 1 lucky winner will get an additional $1,000 in BRIF mosaics.


  • Transparency
    In order to make this process as transparent as possible, regular points totals will be updated to a dedicated NEM Forum thread: Bounty Program Leader Board. Points will be only associated with XEM address for the sake of privacy. Tier and Quality bonuses will be calculated after the conclusion of the community program and updated with the final numbers.

  • Program Design, Timing, and Contingencies
    The program is designed to reward quality participation and not to limit community involvement with inherent disincentives. Part of that includes the random drawing, so that everyone, who participates, has the chance at winning a non-trivial amount of BRIF.

  • Program Dates
    The program is live now and will conclude, when voting has concluded on 2018-06-25. The BRIF mosaic giveaways are contingent upon both getting the required votes and POI, as stipulated in the NEM Community fund Guidelines and are also contingent upon completing Milestones 1 & 2 and receiving the corresponding NCF funding, as detailed in our NCF proposal.

Leader Board | Community Bounty Program Proposal | Unlocking the $160 Billion Gift Card Market
Leader Board | Community Bounty Program Project Updates [MERGED]

Here’s a link to our Bounty Program Leader Board.

Right now, just jining our Telegram is worth quite a lot, so don’t miss out on your Free BRIF tokens/mosaics.


Below are the latest numbers for’s Community Bounty Program where you can Earn Free BRIF Mosaics

You get 1 point just for joining our Telegram. See below for current point value

Complete this short form & claim your points.



Below is the leader board for our Community Bounty Program ↓↓↓

But first a call to action:

To vote YES send 0 XEM to

To vote NO send 0 XEM to

We need your help with getting more POI!!!

We have gotten a tremendously positive response from voters. At time of writing we have 97.84% YES votes (115 votes for YES) ! Here’s the problem: we have only 0.61% POI and we need 3% and there is only 80 hours left of voting.

At that rate we would need about 450 more votes. That is going to be very difficult.

SuperNodes to the Rescue

For better or worse, not every vote is counted equally. The most direct way we can gain the POI we need is through extremely high POI voters. POI is very concentrated and several s.nodes are commonly owned by one person. We need to reach SuperNodes and other XEMwhales to win.

Here’s why everyone should vote YES: is a perfect fit for the NEM Community Fund and plans on returning the funding several times over to the NEM Community. Here are the 3 main ways we intend to do this:

  1. Our gift card marketplace anticipates processing 10’s of thousand of transactions on the NEM blockchain on a daily basis within the next 5 years.

  2. All of those transactions will be gift card sales and all of those gift cards will have “Proudly built on the NEM blockchain” prominently displayed giving massive exposure to NEM among 100’s of thousands, if not millions of US consumers :


  1. 6% of the total supply of our mosaics brifs:brif will be given the NEM community and the NEM Foundation. Our success is NEM’s success.

But wait there’s more…

There are dozens of other smaller and less direct ways we are going to try to make the NCF’s investment in our project the best use of funds; helping other NEM projects, spreading the word about NEM to Venture Capitalists and the broader blockchain community, participating in events, to name a few. Ask literally any NEMber or NF member that has interacted with us about what their experience has been like and what they think of our project.

Here’s what you can do:

Do you or a friend or family member have heaps of POI? For all that is good please urge them to vote yes for birfs:

To vote YES send 0 XEM to

To vote NO send 0 XEM to

Here’s are links to the Full Proposal:

This is our one page summary:

And here are several interviews with’s founder Charlie Muir:
NEM with Tony:
The CryptoClass:

And keep an eye out for the next episode of Inside NEM:

And now for the Leaderboard results to date:


The Community Bounty Program has ended and the Final Results are in:

Woo hooo!

Thank you so much all you members of the NEM community who helped us exceed the 65% YES and 3.0 POI needed in our NCF vote!


Special thanks to all of you that participated in our Community Bounty Program (CBP)! Below is Image A: CBP Results which displays the final point tally of program, including the quality and tier bonus calculations. In that image as well you can see the serial number ranges for your votes which will be used in our $1,000 BRIF mosaic drawing.

When Mosaics?

To reiterate the Community Program details, program BRIF mosaics will be dispersed shortly following receiving the NCF funds corresponding to our project’s Milestones 1 & 2. Details on these Milestones can be found in the Community Fund DAO Milestones section of part 3 of our NCF Proposal. We have scheduled the completion of Milestone 2 for January 2019. We believe that we can complete both milestones 1 & 2 prior to that time so please consider that a worst case scenario.

BRIF mosaics will be sent to the NEM Nano Wallet address listed when you completed the form for Program participation.

When Drawing?

The $1,000 drawing will be broadcast and recorded live and will take place within 48 hours of point-based community bounty program funds release (see above). The winner of the drawing will receive those funds within minutes of the winning number being determined. We will use the random number generator found atop Google Search results for “random number generator”; courtesy of Here is what that looks like:


We will simply set the Min to 1 and the Max to 2986 (the total number of program points) and click “GENERATE” one time. The result of that will be the winner. Please reference Image A: CBP Results below for your “Point Serial #s range for your drawing.

Image A: CBP Results

Here is a link to a downloadable PDF of the results

Thank you all again,
The Team Project Updates

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