Julian for NEM Council

Hello, fellow NEMbers!

First, if you are curious to find out details about my policy kindly follow this link.

I see my candidacy coming forward as a man from the (NEM)people having been here from close to the first hour. The pure desire is to see NEM succeed and capture a broader audience, in turn, opening up markets for us to serve.

After all this project started with the goal to create a platform enabling trust. This is essentially what a blockchain does best. Therefore we should focus to identify these spots were trust is a rare good. Following this, it is necessary to pinpoint these troubled areas and offer an easy to comprehend solution.

Consequently, it will be increasingly important to offer our solution in a way which is very easy to implement and scale. It should be no harder than loading a phone with an app to get started with your own private chain and connecting it to the public one. Convenience and simplicity is the key to success!
In case we are able to save companies costs and time they will be happy to adopt us, once they have seen the use cases catapult can serve.

But, to get there, we need to become much more sophisticated in the spheres of global leadership and thinking. If we look at other blockchain projects and multinational’s we can potentially increase our efficiency tremendously.

I’m confident, in the coming years the combination of the public and private chain will open up opportunities which scope we cannot imagine right now, similar to the Internet of the '90s.

In conclusion, I hope that everyone gives their best to bring us closer to our targets.

If you have any questions to me, please don’t hesitate to put them below in the comments and I will be happy to answer them. :slightly_smiling_face:



Regarding your 2nd point (onboarding more developers). Is that targeted specifically at new core-devs ? The way you want to acquire them (hiring firms) seems to suggest that but I wanted to make sure.

The reason I’d like this clarified is that I think it will be vital to not just get core-devs but also a ton of “ecosystem” developers, maintaining libraries and sdks, which I think won’t be possible through actually hiring all the manpower necessary. I think getting many devs excited about nem and creating a flourishing open-source community would probably be a better way to go but it’s a lot harder to pull off.

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Hello memario and thanks for your questions,

I should have had clarified a bit more in detail. Hiring firms shall be (in my opinion) only be considered for very important positions (e.g. core-devs and other professional positions) as these firms can be quiet pricy. Naturally, this decision process is based on consensus in NEM institutions.

Nonetheless there is a plurality of job sites out there which can be worth a try to find staff.

Following this it is also not a one way lane in this regard, therefore we should be versatile and try out different means to figure out which way yields the best results.
For example we can also directly engage in the communication channels of our target specific individuals, which also but not only includes Tech communities, forums, tech-/developers conferences, Universities, Hackathon’s etc.

It would be also good if the different NEM regions exchange experiences and improve the processes based upon these to shape a more strategic HR section. As always, it will be fruitful to learn from others successful experiences as this can save us a lot of time. It is better to learn from others experience than having to go through failures ourself. :slight_smile:

Of course all of this should be discussed in the council and, in best case, should also include the experiences from community members and partners.