“Let’s hope it’s NOT MONEY” - Alex Tinsman intention for aiming the highest office


Pretty sure we’ll figure out who it is. :slight_smile:


It seems the prospect of a possible female leader really frightens some people. Sad.

Shouldn’t be about male/female but about competence. This post adresses none of those points, just hurls out abuse and some backhanded racism/sexism for good measure.

Small minds think as such, and don’t seem to be capable of independent thought. I feel for you poster, that you have such evil and hate in your heart, it must pain you greatly.


I hope one of the members will find you by the grammar you using and I will have a material for the next month on my channel, I’ll call this series “Dicks of NEM”. Oh, and you better lobby against me cause when I’ll become the council member you will be the first one to fire. Better start learning some real skills.



Tony, can I be included in this series?


No. You doesn’t matter to me. But I feel you need a help.


Hi espancisco2020. As others have pointed out, this post is unprofessional and aggressive. But I don’t mind answering some of your questions.

Q: Why didn’t she join the council before running for president? Does she have the qualifications?

A: Originally I was not planning to run for president, but many NEM colleagues (including current and past ExCo/Council), partners and community members asked me to. Over the past couple of years I developed a reputation as a connector. People at all levels brought me problems and I connected them with the right people to solve them. In doing this I was lucky enough to work directly with incredibly talented NEM employees, community members, and business partners in nearly every region worldwide. This included being part of difficult, high-level, multi-stage decisions with the Council and core devs, such as the Catapult launch, the Coincheck theft, and changes to the ExCo. Yet we built many friendships in these groups and earned each others’ trust. In other words, team building. Those who asked me to run for president pointed out that building effective teams will be the first step in fixing some of the Foundation’s problems.

Q: Asian people are paid less because Western people are entitled, isn’t that alarming?

A: What an awful thing to say. I could see this as a legitimate topic for discussion, but I don’t think anyone has respect for your bad-faith approach here. As a reminder, the Council sets the budgets for all regions. This doesn’t have anything to do with being from the West (which is inappropriate for you to insinuate.)

Q: So why is Alex running for president? It’s because she wants more money!

A: You can’t be serious. I started Inside NEM over a year and a half ago as a passion project. It takes me 2-3 days to create one episode. This includes researching content, writing content, filming, editing, graphic design and producing the show. I learned a ton from creating Inside NEM and it resonated with the global community and grew into over 4K subscribers and 13K followers on Twitter. In addition to this, I’m a longtime investor, contribute to marketing, product strategy, PR, product management, event management, community management, content writing, communications, training, crisis management, social media, and partnership account management. I’ve always done more than just Inside NEM.

I’ve spent 20 years as a tech consultant working at Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft and Hasbro leading multi-million dollar product launches. I left my job as Director of Product Marketing at a top publishing studio to work full-time for NEM because I was so excited to be a part of this movement.

Most of this year I have spent late nights, mornings, and weekends with my friends in NEM because they asked for my help. And I’d do it again without question because it’s amazing to work with a team of such talented people. And together we solved a lot of tough problems.

And I want to bring that outlook to the whole NEM Foundation.

That’s why I’m running.


Possibly there are some issues here that are not being addressed and may be addressed in the near future.


Regardless of the ugly words in this post:

The salaries for ExCo und Council should be public. Til now it has always bothered me why it is disclosed. It opens the potential, because the foundation is VERY wealthy, people in charge might abuse the wealth.

I don’t say anyone is doing that but just hypothetically it’s possible and gives the community a bad feeling because of lack of transparency.


At the end of the day these people have families to feed and their own lives too. Executives at Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon…these people can be passionate about their job and their product but that’s no reason to not compensate them according to industry standards.

I’ve seen good developers with family to support who have jumped ship to the “evil corporate world” from blockchain because they were offered salaries twice what they are paid. I think it’s within their rights to do so. Passion doesn’t pay the bills.

We should look at how we are spending and what ROI we are getting out of projects. But a witch hunt on people for earning a decent salary is not it.


Also this is completely out of line and nothing to do with her actual qualifications for running. Downright misogynist. I can understand if people were to question technical credentials or ask her further about her policies but this just reveals how ugly your post is. If you are so concerned about transparency, then you ought to reveal your own name and declare your own interest in this election.