“Let’s hope it’s NOT MONEY” - Alex Tinsman intention for aiming the highest office


Why is someone become suddenly interested in becoming the NEM President? Didn’t even bother joining the council first, and head on aiming for the highest position in an organization? Why? What does she know inside, that made her interested? We are here to find out. Who is Alex Tinsman? Does she have the qualifications like most people running for position like Stephen, Ninja, or even Nelson? I don’t think so.

She’s previously the director of communications, you know, appearing on videos and creator of inside NEM. Then after that, she’s become the head of NA who keeps on begging for budget Kristof never approves. Because according to her, EU didn’t do much. Pretty accurate though, because have you ever seen those guys working? Never in any blockchain forum, not even getting a cab to use XEM for payment, whatsoever. Right? I’ve only heard of them on Nemberia now that they’re throwing muds on Stephen, Nelson and Lon. Guess that’s what they do best. Anyway, I don’t care about the three. I only care about Alex being so much ambitious. As far as I know, Alex is making about $15k as Director of Communications, how much more as Head of North Am. I know it varies per region, so your asian guys are paid less because Western people are entitled and cost WAAAAAY higher than any people in the world. I bet you’re agreeing with me. Having that mentioned, isn’t that alarming? That most people in the foundation are paid exponentially that they now want to be of higher office? I don’t see any qualifications that say Alex is fit to be President. Nor to be inside the council. She hasn’t proven anything yet. She’s just a woman pretty in front of the camera, and nothing more. So why is Alex running for President? The reason is called SELF-INTEREST. I would vote for her if she signed a paper saying she would only be paid $2k a month if she won presidency. Which I think is impossible. By the way, I have attached her proposal since she doesn’t want to disclose her salary. Proposal below was approved by the council



Hi Newbie.


I’m not sure where that screenshot is coming from, but let me put some context to it. Alex originally sent me that proposal when she first wanted to work for NEM. That was an early draft, was shared with only a few people, so I’m wondering specifically how it was leaked and especially by a newbie account. But per the salary amount, I had mentioned that salary was too high and we negotiated a significantly lower one. Also, to put that number in perspective, Amanda B. Johnson from Dash, who I have a lot of respect for and love, was getting $20,000 a month at that time. Actually, I think Alex was better than Amanda personally and she got paid way less.


I don’t understand what’s with all these salary quibbles. Honestly it’s a toxic attitude: if we want to compete with other blockchains then we ought to compensate our staff at competitive rates. I know a lot of people do things for NEM voluntarily because they are enthusiastic, at the same time, we keep saying how we should be professional and have business acumen and good management practices- well guess what that comes with properly compensating your staff!


How do you know all this information?
The tone of this post is just ugly. It seems you dont like both women and westerners. I hope you gain peace in your heart because this is not good Karma.


Those are insane salaries for both Amanda and Alex though I obviously can’t know what “significantly lower” amounted to.
Assuming all travels and all that is being paid for by nem, that is batshit crazy. I don’t need to hear a talk about “attracting talent” or “keeping the best around”. If the only reason they’re with nem is beacuse of the money then they need to stop spouting bs about how they believe in nem and how they’re so passionate about it. Yeah, I’d be freaking passionate about it to with that salary. Either be real and stop acting all pasionate and like a true believer or, if that’s truly what’s happening, take a salary that’s not out of this world.

What might a communications director get at a big company with actual profits ? 100k-200k a year ? So you’re telling me that one working for basically a dysfunctional blockchain corp, with no pofits or sustainable business model should get the same or more ?

Jesus Christ, let’s just dissolve the foundation and call it a day. What a fucking travesty it has been and probably will be regardless of who’s elected.


Sounds like one Tony’s outbursts or one of the Filipino crew from my reading.


Whoever wrote this post - and whoever leaked the document - this kind of stuff lacks integrity. It’s a dick move and immature at best.

I hope, for NEM’s sake, you’re not one of the employees and I really hope you’re not attempting to run for council. Though, I can’t see any other motive for you doing this - even if it’s under a different alias.

p.s. if someone was getting paid even 2/3 that sum, then I doubt you could call them running for what looks to be a very time-consuming and poorly paid additional role to be in their “self interest”.


oh noanything but an ambitious president with a lot of passion for NEM… seriously, who cares how much money she makes? Regardless of who is in the position, the pay will be the pay. And quite frankly, from what I’ve seen Alex doing for NEM compared to others, she deserves every penny of whatever it is.


This is absolutely ridiculous and not worth reading.
I truly didn’t expect such a dirty campaign.
Who are you, Mr. Anonymous?
I am for full transparency, let’s disclose everyone’s salary, why not.
But showing the private document of ONLY one candidate, with ONLY proposed salary? Not fair.
I am passionate about NEM and I have received some bounties. Do I do it for money? No. But it’s normal to get paid for the work. Don’t be ridiculous, Mr. Anonymous.


I hope you used proxy to post this


The problem isn’t whether or not she’s worth it or not (and I’m not trying to suggest either), the problem is that it’s not sustainable for nem, especially in this market, to pay such high salaries. It has no profit and no business model. It relies solely on funds that will run out eventually and probably sooner than later in the current market.
A further issue is that this might be indicative (and we can’t be sure) of other salaries. So imagine everyone in higher positions getting that kind of salary or more. How long do you think that’ll go well ?


Memario, you need to take care about who is influencing your opinion.
Mr. Anonymous didn’t show the real salary as Jeff confirmed. This was only proposal and gives us no information about salary given.
You are building your argument on anonymous lies/deceit/manipulation.


Hey asshole. (Sorry to be rude to everyone, but this is the best way to pronounce his name.)

15K in North America is nothing. Do you have any idea in the 15K you probably get 9K after state and federal tax? For 15K you can’t even afford a rental.

Many Asian countries are aggressively developing tech. Countries like India and China are ahead of Nuclear power and space research and most of the EU Nations haven’t achieved anything that these two countries have achieved in the past 20 years.

Even though these countries are developing the cost to live is much lower than the West. A proper meal for a family at an average restaurant in the West will cost around $60-$100. Whereas a meal in India will cost you around $15 - $25. Please understand the economics.

Fuck you. Place you are coming from, maybe you treat women like trash but not here bro.

Why $2000/month? This is so stupid. NEM has enough funds in the bank and they can only pay 2K for its director? That’s F*** up. I would say you must pay at least $100K/Year if you want some result from a president. Mark Zuch to Brian Armstrong was getting paid from $100 - $250K as a CEO. If the captain is getting paid low you know what happens… You steal. Like Stephen and Nelson did. They take bounty from Proxima X and suck their B** everywhere they go.

That’s what happens when you pay low. I think ALEX MUST TAKE HIGH SALARY SO THAT SHE CAN STAY FOCUSED ON NEM.


And one more thing. We have high respect for Asians. Don’t post these kinds of trash drag Asians to this level. They are not you.



Looooool 2k a month BEFORE paying taxes in USA?

YOU CAN EARN 2times MORE IN MCDONALDS making burgers


To all,

I know who posted this :slight_smile: He accused Alex as a racist before so I’m not really surprised why he posted this. Go get a life bro.


One thing I want to tell is she supported me from the beginning, and accelerated expanding Japanese community.


I did state that I can’t be sure what “significantly less” amounted to but I doubt it was more than a 20% drop, which is of course a guess and shouldn’t be taken as fact and it probably shouldn’t even cause a rant like mine. Truth is the community had so much bullshit thrown at it in recent days, it’s hard to stay level headed.
Another poster is right to point out that it’s not much considering the cost of living in the US but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be too much still for nem to be paying given it’s limitations (and history of utter incompetence).

Let’s also face the fact that “communications director” was probably sorely needed but clearly couldn’t be properly implemented, what with the regions operating independently and without global control over pretty much anything. So what the job actually was is, put in the harshest terms, is paid shill. I don’t mean to diminish Alex’ work, but it was really just marketing and advocacy, which can be a whole lot and very valuable but it’s not a communications director. Now once the foundation is cleaned up (and as part of that, I’d actually like to see Alex as the president, like I said, aint about her or her work) and we can actually have a true communications director that has oversight over both global and regional communications, I’ll be happy for nem to pay 20k or even more to that person.
I’m also happy to reverse my position on this, should it turn out that the impression I got was dead wrong.




Who? I’m curious to know who is this coward, racist with lack of respect to women.
How he can access to that document if only council had access?
That info can be clarified by Alex and Jeff.
But what really makes me sad is the lack of empathy from some NF employees and council with all this situation.