LocationCore: Democratising personal user location data through the NEM blockchain


I am not treating you like a fool thank you for replying.
You have a mind open to visions.
Rather than calling me crazy.


I would like to affirm my support for LocationCore. I have met Daniel Voyce in Melbourne, Australia, and have seen the power and potential of having this project turn to reality. This brings real value in using big data effectively and best of all, it can be powered by the NEM blockchain features, establishing NEM as a truly smart asset blockchain platform!


Thanks so much Jason! Voting will open in about 10 hours everyone, I will update this thread with the addresses and be available in our telegram https://t.me/locationcore morning until evening :slight_smile:


Dan and his team from Digital2GO Media Networks have released a solid proposal based on NEM.io Foundation that is going to disrupt location based Advertising. I’m glad to support #LocationCore team. I understood their #blockchain business model really quickly. I have to say that I’m a heavy user of Swarm/Foursquare check-in app without reward. Now with LocationCore I can be rewarded for sharing select personal data. I’m confident that this project will make good use of #NEM and help to grow the NEM community.


Very solid looking project and definitely a much better incentive for everyone to use this app over current location-sharing apps. Looking forward to voting yes when voting opens :slight_smile:


Please join our telegram channel (https://t.me/locationcore) if you want to discuss this proposal in detail or post a message here :slight_smile:


I voted iv favour this project with my small Importance Score. Good luck!


Thanks Tony!


I voted for Yes, Yes, Yes.
However, at twitter NEM Official was only tweeted with the address of YES.
I asked for correction and I asked him to do so.


I voted ‘Yes’


@mizunashi & @GodTanu - thank you both so much, we wont let you down!


9 Days left until the end of the poll.

Intermediary results
~1.03% POI already voted (required 3%)

Voting details:


I voted “yes” for this project with pleasure :slight_smile:
Good luck!


Thanks for the support everyone, here is a blog post I have recently done which sums up the community interaction we have done so far, including interviews and social media banners requested by the NEM marketing team.


Kia ora all,

I completely agree with the current state of lack of data control and ownership. Dan, do you plan on developing on NEM with a team based in Australia or America?



Hi Alex,
The developers for the first 5 milestones will be in Australia. We have an existing platform team in Mexico and a developer who works closely with me in NZ (Auckland), we have He3Labs in California who we will be consulting with and who will provide additional development grunt and guidance for the API piece , we also have the support of the guys here at the Blockchain center in Melbourne!
Pretty happy with our development team and confident we can find excellent developers here in Melbourne to execute the LocationCore SDKs, apps and infrastructure :slight_smile:

Agreed on data ownership, it will be a huge topic in the upcoming years! Jump on our telegram if you want to chat!


7 Days left until the end of the poll.

Intermediary results
~2.02% POI already voted (required 3%)

Voting details:


Hey, check this out:

Which part of this deal do you think will earn the most money for Revolut?

The £365 per person per year insurance premium?


The income they will gain from having always on data capture for 365 days per year per customer? :thinking::roll_eyes:

Do you think the customer will see any monetary benefit from this? We are pretty sure they won’t, infact, in essence, they are having to pay for the product twice! Whilst have no doubt that this data will be useful for resolut in the terms of the insurance (Hell I know what I could do with that data in an insurance setting), but you can guarantee that its actual use will be wider than this!.

This is why we are building LocationCore!

Come join us in https://t.me/locationcore

Projects like these will increase the profile and the transactions on the NEM Blockchain, this in turn will increase the value of XEM for all of us!

Please either use Nano Wallet v1.4.13 or can vote by sending a 0 XEM transaction directly to one of the addresses below:



Thank you for your support


Dear supporters,

Thank you for the votes so far, we have 3 days to go and 0.25 POI left to go - with your help we can get there!

If you believe in this project please help us out by notifying any people you know who haven’t voted and sharing the link to this proposal with your followers. We are exciting and raring to go for building this project - we hope we can make it!




Good luck, I hope you succeed. You have my vote.