LocationCore: Democratising personal user location data through the NEM blockchain


I am happy to announce we have so far passed the required 3% POI for the project vote! THANK YOU!

I would like to thank everyone who voted for their support, there are still 2 days of voting left to go so lets keep going to ensure that there is enough of a buffer should a large POI shift occur.

I would especially like to thank everyone who supports NEM (and thus this project) including Marco (@rigel) who was instrumental in helping us through a lot of this community stuff, Mizunashi (@mizunashi) , without who’s help we would have struggled to get this vote past, Pawel (@pawelm) who’s ideas on how to reach the community who weren’t engaged were genius!
Tony (@tongokongo) and Alex from InsideNEM for their relentless marketing and doing interviews early on with me!
And to the Team at NEM and People who write about it and help on the forum (Nelson, Ricardo, Jason, Sharie, Klim, Mickie, GodTanu, KingCole, The boys at Blockgrain and many more!)

Now to the important part of getting this to market - come join us in @locationcore on Telegram, we will be in there for the most part while we start building the project :slight_smile:


Thank you to everyone who voted for LocationCore - we have reached the minimum target of 3%.

If you have not voted there is still time to do so.

Supporters of the project will get some unique bonuses, including first access to the application for alpha and beta testing.

Please note:
All voters will get these bonuses regardless of POI score!

So even if you have 1 XEM your support will be noted :slight_smile:

LocationCore is about democratising data - not just rewarding the 1%, all supporters will get offered early access to the application when it is ready

Thank you all for your support - it means a lot!


Awesome Dan,
Would be great to catch-up in NZ, what is your Telegram?
Or shoot me a message on @alexmccall


Hello , I think this is PHENOMENAL ! WOW! Voted Yes today :slight_smile:


Thank you! Voting is now closed on this proposal, we succeeded in getting through the vote - whilst vote won’t count any longer if you still wish to show support by sending a transaction to the address we will use the recipient list in order to produce a list of alpha testers for when the project goes live!


Well done Dan, I hope your enthusiasm and innovation carries on throughout this project.


Hey Nem Community,

We know things have been quiet around LocationCore but we have finally got a few minutes to breathe so I wanted to just update everyone as to how things are going and what we have been up to over the past couple of months.

It took a while following the closing of the vote for our first milestone to be evaluated and the milestone funding delivered, this was due to a number of factors not least the huge hack at Coincheck that had everyone at NEM working flat out, because of the uncertainty around this process at the time we had to focus on the many other projects we had going on at Digital2Go, it has allowed us to wrap up a couple of projects we had going on so we can focus on getting LocationCore up and running! Unfortunately this also coincided with the huge downturn in the markets meaning that the funding we did receive from NEM wasn’t able to cover the outgoing expenses at the time - this is in part the reason for the slow burn on progress updates.

The big news is that Digital2Go as a company recently completed our Series A round funding, this has allowed us to start seeking the extra resources we will need in order to accomplish everything we have on our roadmap for Digital2Go.

Off the back of this we have recently moved into new offices in WeWork Irvine CA and WeWork Melbourne, the primary business function will be based in California with platform development being handled in Australia and Mexico.

We have now hired some really high calibre developers, some amazing sales staff and some senior strategic hires who can help us move forward with all of the different facets of not only LocationCore but also our partnerships in Digital2Go. We have also launched the LocationCore website (https://www.locationcore.com), it is still very basic but will eventually contain links to our repositories and tutorials on how to integrate LocationCore with applications etc.

During March we were in Dallas where we met with Clayton and Matt of He3Labs to discuss tokenomics and development support of the API piece of LocationCore, we are super excited to be working with these guys, they have the knowledge and experience of NEM to help us push forward in the best possible way.

Finally I want to thank all of the community members who have kept in touch during this time, and for those who helped us throughout the process, there will likely be another month or so of relative radio silence but please be patient with us, we are working on lots of things that relate either directly or indirectly to LocationCore, once we get into a solid Blockchain development process we will be updating on our development process via Medium / Our blog etc.

Please join us on telegram (t.me/locationcore), things are fairly quiet there at the moment but I am sure as everything ramps up it will start to get busy.


Hi NEMbers,

Short update as to the state of LocationCore at the moment to keep you all informed.

New Hires

In the past few months we have started to ramp up our recruitment for areas surrounding the business (Not just for LocationCore). The Digital2Go development team now consists of 8 people split between Melbourne and Mexico - we are the people handling the development of LocationCore and the supporting infrastructure and items within Digital2Go to commercialise the prooduct.

We have a new marketing director (Kristin Hennessey) who will be handling all of the marketing and communications for Digital2Go and LocationCore.

We also have a new blockchain director (Katie Hendrickson) who is helping us put shape around what LocationCore is going to be long term, how we manage the partnerships with companies and our blockchain strategy for Digital2Go into the future!

We also have a Director of Growth

App Updates:

We now have an alpha version of LocationCore for iOS at this state the following is completed and working:

  • Onboarding (includes setting up of a NEM address and basic registration details)
  • Data Quality Algorithm
  • Facebook integration
  • Data egress to D2Go data warehouse
  • Reward Calculation and Remission via Testnet
  • Wallet creation (.wlt file can be exported)
  • Ability for user to manually confirm transaction data vs data sent

The following needs to be completed before we put it out as a general beta:

  • Live wallet balance
  • Withdrawal Functionality
  • Improved Facebook Data Collection
  • UI / UX Alterations
  • Sorting out higher availability for our internal NEM Nodes

Once the application is on the NEM Mainnet we will release this to the NEM community and all who voted for the project - if you wish to participate in this beta please email [email protected] and include your Facebook username (this is required if you want to test the Facebook functionality - until the app is on the app store we cannot have it reviewed by Facebook so the application is still in a sandbox for testing, the information will be kept confidential and no one at Digital2Go will attempt to connect with you there!).

That’s all for now guys, we are busy working on the Android version and are hoping for a full launch of the apps in December - lots of other big news on the Horizon so please join us in our Telegram (t.me/locationcore), its quiet in there at the moment but we have a marketing and PR plan in progress and will be ramping all of this up when we have a tangible product for you all to get your hands on :slight_smile: