MiCai - the world’s first AI based private wealth management protocol built on the NEM blockchain

Community Fund Proposal:

MiCai - the world’s first AI based private wealth management protocol built on the NEM blockchain.


After reviewing some of the feedback regarding the feedback of the community, as well as talks with the NEM Foundation Council, we’d like to announce that we will postponing the official voting to give us some time to interact more with the broader community and provide better understanding of our project. We hope to re-engage with you all early next year with more information on the development of our protocol and our ICO plans. On behalf of everyone at MiCai, I’d like to thank you all for your encouragement and feedback, we are very grateful for this learning experience.

Wishing you and your families a safe and merry festive season, and Happy New Year!


This project has been vetted and approved by Lon Wong, President of the NEM Foundation (who is also on our advisory board as an equity holder), Stephen Chia (NEM Council Member and head of Southeast Asia) and Jason Lee, Global Director of Partnerships and Strategic Alliances. We are also backed by CEO of Morgan Stanley Bank AG. We have already begun working with several NEM engineers and technical trainers to move our data and systems to NEM in order to expand our platform further.

We have publicly mentioned NEM on Bloomberg TV and China Central Television.

The founders and several venture capitalists have already invested over USD 5 million to expand our company operations to manage over USD 60 billion in investments. All the claims made in this document have been/will be cross verified by the NEM Council.

See the MiCai Protocol in action MiCai by watching this video

Our aim is to enable NEM to become the main blockchain for private wealth management.

Please vote to support the development of MiCai.

The NanoWallet Poll Address will be posted later this week.

Thanks, NEM Community!


Globally, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) are said to have a combined wealth worth USD 63.5 trillion. However, the market cap of crypto wealth within this same group of individuals is only a small fraction at USD 50 billion. This represents a significant market opportunity.

MiCai is introducing the world’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) based crypto wealth management platform built on the NEM blockchain. With proven success launching ground breaking wealth management projects, MiCai aims to provide access for HNWIs and wealth management firms worldwide to transform traditional assets into digital assets. By doing so, also providing ease of transactions, greater security, certainty of compliance, and administrative economies through our MiCai protocol.

Aside from our experience, we believe that the key to making our protocol a success is having the NEM blockchain as the core technology foundation, and gaining the support of the NEM community so we can collaborate and contribute to the NEM ecosystem, and share the benefits of this untouched opportunity.


MiCai will be the world’s first AI and blockchain driven crypto wealth management platform, powered by NEM. This partnership will become the leading use case for the USD 63.5 trillion[1] private wealth management industry and will reinforce NEM’s positioning as the leading global business-focused smart asset platform.

It is a well-documented fact that HNWIs* are early movers into new technologies or adopters of new asset classes. Currently, existing financial service infrastructure cannot support the growing demand of HNWIs—and the private wealth management firms advising them—to leverage the potential of crypto wealth management. Financial institutions that serve HNWIs operate in a very fragmented market which makes them heavily reliant on third parties like MiCai for technology infrastructure. Our NEM x MiCai platform provides the solution to ongoing infrastructure problems financial institutions face by pioneering mass adoption of blockchain technology, and paving the way for HNWIs to access and distribute crypto wealth as asset class.

MiCai is well-positioned to deliver this platform to market through our unparalleled fintech and traditional wealth management experience. In China, we launched the nation’s first Robo-advisory service—currently used by over 200 000 HNWI to manage over USD 60 billion in financial assets. We are also backed by leading VCs, the CEO of Morgan Stanley Bank, Stephen Chia (Head of the South East Asia region of NEM) and Lon Wong, President of the NEM Foundation, who is an advisor on our team.

The success of our platform will be a positive benefit to all NEM supporters as we increase the global profile of NEM blockchain technology and drive growth in XEM value. We seek the support of the NEM community to ensure that we all benefit from this significant market opportunity to increase investment in digital assets.

*HNWIs defined. High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) are individuals (and families) with more than $1M USD in liquidity. Often, this demographic are the earliest adopters of new asset classes.


Currently, the wealth of HNWIs is worth USD 63.5 trillion globally. However, the market cap for HNWIs crypto wealth is only a fragment of this at USD 50 billion. Chinese HNWIs in particular contribute to USD 15 trillion of this global wealth, with less than USD 10 billion in crypto assets.
Despite the significant market opportunity available to grow crypto wealth, investing in crypto presents the following challenges:

  1. Crypto can be difficult to access and, once acquired, difficult to diversify.
  2. Privacy and data breaches are a persistent risk.
  3. Product distribution is costly—typically a high-touch, manual process across private wealth management.
  4. Compliance costs are high. (Approximately 25% of a private wealth management firm’s costs result from compliance and security.)
  5. Lack of uniform reporting standards and consistent master data management.


At MiCai, we’re developing the world’s first crypto wealth management platform to increase market access and flow of crypto assets. The MiCai protocol is an open-source API built on the NEM blockchain, and incorporates the entire ecosystem for private wealth management. This means that NEM will become the core technology upon which HNWIs will rely on to diversify their wealth into crypto.

MiCai Apollo is the operating system that will be used to access our MiCai protocol. Features of this operating system are already in use at several private wealth management firms based in China. HNWIs and their advisors will be able to access the MiCai protocol through Apollo, or for financial services firms, through our white-label service.

The MiCai protocol is comprised of three main parts:

  1. Modules (mID, mReport, mRisk) which establish the foundation and global standard of all transactions that occur within the protocol, and
  2. Functions (mTokenize, mLoan, mMarket) which enable the creation and flow of crypto assets, and
  3. Engines powered by AI that provide data to enable HNWIs and their advisors to make smart, well-informed investment decisions.



Our MIC token is the building block of the MiCai ecosystem, providing token owners with access and usage rights to the MiCai protocol. Our Apollo interface will allow direct investors (B2C) to easily access the protocol through us, whilst a white-label solution enables wealth management firms (B2B) to license our technology and develop their own interface to service their clients.

MiCai will generate revenue from both B2C and B2B customers by charging a fee to initiate transactions through our protocol functions: mTokenize, mLoan and mMarket.


We have been an active member in the NEM community:

“After having spending time with the team, it’s interesting to see the project come to live. I believe digital assets of financial products and platforms is the future and blockchain allows for proper audit trails and transparency. The MiCai team definitely has great experience in developing systems for financial products and the understanding of various financial instruments.”

- - Shin Tatt Wong (Technical Trainer from NEM who trained the MiCai engineers in Beijing)

Having dinner and discussing MiCai & NEM’s growth in Kuala Lumpur with Lon Wong, President of the NEM Foundation and Stephen Chia, Council Member NEM foundation and Regional Head South East Asia. Greg spent one week in Kuala Lumpur to work closely with several key team members.

We mentioned NEM on Bloomberg Television and CCTV, China’s Central Television Network.

Our Community Funding Proposal will positively benefit the NEM community in the following ways:

  1. 10% of our MIC tokens can be claimed by XEM holders that have over USD 3000 equivalent of XEM.
  2. Code will be open sourced in order to contribute to the knowledge base on which more successful fintech applications can be built on NEM.
  3. Global Marketing and PR opportunities has seen NEM and MiCai receive global acclaim and media attention from Tier 1 outlets including: Bloomberg[2], CNBC, China Central TV, The Wall Street Journal[3], Financial Times[4], INC, The Economist, Tech in Asia and TechCrunch. This interest is set to grow over the coming months, as we launch our ICO event. NEM will continue to be mentioned as our partner across a variety of communications tools we will use including our website.
  4. Increased transactions of XEMs as our platform will accept XEMs through our frontend. On the backend, transactions will utilize XEMs. This becomes a virtuous circle driving value to XEM holders and NEM community across multiple touchpoints in our protocol.
  5. NEM will become the main technology behind private wealth management industry as we enable access and diversification to crypto wealth to an existing market worth around USD 63.5 trillion dollars. Our success in delivering this project will see NEM become the core blockchain application for private wealth management.
  6. Increased visibility of the NEM from our project will see NEM recognized as the leading technology behind wealth management-focused smart asset blockchain. We are also backed by some of the world’s leading VCs and investors and subsequently we see that this visibility and support will drive growth in XEM value and deliver a positive ROI for every NEM supporter.
  7. Directly drive globally important partnerships from Day 1, as NEM will be put in the hands of 200,000 leading private wealth managers and HNWIs. In addition, MiCai will be signing partnership and client agreements with leading Banks, Fund Managers, Governments in Europe, Asia and North America, to drive adoption of our NEM powered platform.
  8. Expand developer adoption across the world as we expand our operations, the developer presence of NEM will expand through MiCai’s global team. We currently have 30 NEM developers working alongside our core development team to build our protocol. We will also be leveraging our partnership with large corporate clients to train them on the NEM blockchain to better customise service for their clients through our platform.
  9. 50% discounted access for NEM forum members to use our platform to perform transactions under mTokenize, mLoan and mMarket.
  10. Setup of NEM Accelerator in Beijing within our office for firms focused on guiding teams working on NEM. This will allow us to collaborate with NEM community beyond the development of the MiCai protocol and contribute to the NEM ecosystem through our experience and thought leadership. We have the support of China’s second largest e-commerce firm, Jingdong (JD.com, a firm with 200 billion USD revenue/year) as a partner for this accelerator program where we hope that JD.com will embrace the technology, for which it will be beneficial to NEM going forward.


Another key benefit of our community proposal is the establishment of NEM investment fund. MiCai will allocate USD 8 million of the XEM raised alongside additional capital we are raising through our investment channels to fund projects within the NEM community. We want to provide a sustainable contribution to help grow the NEM community in the same way it will help us grow. We will support this initiative by allocating funds to invest in the following areas:

  1. Private wealth management industry innovators (30%)
    We want to support our industry by providing funding to other private wealth management innovators to encourage increased adoption of blockchain technologies, in particular with NEM as the foundation of these innovations.
  2. Business partners to strengthen our partnership and competitive advantage (30%)
    We want to enrich the MiCai ecosystem by funding business partners who are developing technologies on the blockchain that can support and integrate into our key product solutions mMarket, mLoan and mTokenize.
  3. Value chain key technology disruptors (30%)
    We want to enhance the experience of our customers by investing in the overall value chain for wealth management firms and HNWIs. This includes areas such as: decentralized cloud services, data security, creative wallets, as well as payments and legal related services that support the activities of the value chain.
  4. Seed companies (10%)
    These companies will help support the development of NEM and MiCai in the longer term. By using funds to establish our NEM-MiCai Accelerator program we hope to continue driving brand awareness for NEM and MiCai, whilst also generating ideas and best practices for NEM, the MiCai platform and ecosystem, and being a mentor for other NEM community projects.


We are requesting an initial 2 million XEM to kickstart our proposal, with an additional $1:$1 matching for funds raised during our ICO event up to a max of 20 million XEMs. We will utilize the total 22 million XEMs as follows:

10% to be disbursed upon completion of the following:

A. Apollo Launch
  ● Launch the operating system used to access the MiCai Protocol, which links on firms’ existing system such as CRM, dealing systems.
  ● Launch of new website for MiCai Protocol and white paper announcement that the MiCai protocol is built on the NEM blockchain infrastructure.
B. First Application of Financial Planning Engine
  ● Allowing private wealth management company to create financial plans and portfolios individualized to the client.

Second Milestone:

Phase I:
20% to be disbursed upon completion of the following:

A. Concept Design
  ● Build using Mijin and Mosaic our MiCai Protocol project that includes cold/hot wallet, web and app, fiat payment as well as NEM payment, linkage with and used by custodians/banks/other traditional financial institutions/HNWIs, smart contracts and smart assets, digitalize traditional assets, loan with cryptocurrency, blockchain-backed secure trading in the ecosystem of MiCai.

B. Protocol Architecture
  ● Design of mReport, Reporting and performance tracking protocol; mID, Identity Attestation; and mRisk, Risk Scoring for assets for customers.
  ● mID and mReport will be built up on top of NEM, and we name it the first dApp in the world for HNWIs and wealth management firms to easily and seamlessly to plug-in the blockchain world, to start the journey to allocate more traditional assets into digital or tokenized assets.
  ● mID and mReport will be the gateway for HNWI and WM firms to securely and anonymously store and transfer data with the lowest risk related to data leakage or missing or damage. We can expect a huge potential demand for mID/mReport usages to increase rapidly in next 3 years.

Phase II:
30% to be disbursed upon completion of the following:

A. Frequent Deployment Financial Planning Engine
  ● Connect the NEM platform functions with MiCai’s Microsoft Azure-based front end solutions.
  ● Open source on API code to big WM firms and white label to small firms and HNWIs.
B. mWallet
  ● Complete security layering and hot/cold wallet protocol for the web platform.
C. First Application mID
  ● Includes: clients ID or passport info, suitability assessment, KYC and AML checking info, it will provide the web based solution as well as app based solution.
  ● Linked to custodians and also to clients’ CRM system.
  ● Complete mID web platform proof of concept, beta/demo testing phase, and press release for MiCai protocol supporting the NEM platform and build and develop mID on top of NEM Mijin.
D. First Application mReport
  ● Links directly with custodians that hold assets.
  ● Solves the problem of proofing reported data. MiCai will link all the custodians to its mReport system that outputs their custodian data automatically into mReport’s standard and stores it on the blockchain.
  ● Enhances transparency with a function of exporting the mReport format into a report that the client can see.
E. Pre-sale and Public ICO Event
  ● We’ll start our Pre-sale and Public-sale during this phase with certain arrangement.

20% to be disbursed upon completion of the following:

A. First Application mRisk
  ● Purchase the market data, including all data related to equity/fixed-income/cash and cash equivalent/alternative asset such as VC/PE/Hedge fund/REITS, to integrate with and be complementary to mReport and mRisk module of the MiCai protocol.
  ● mRisk will be built on top of NEM Mijin, and all data related mReport and mRisk need to secured and running in MiCai protocol as well as in NEM platform.
  ● Integrate mRisk into the MiCai protocol (NEM Mijin supported).
  ● Provide the web based solution as well as an app based solution.
  ● Provide training, infrastructure and partnership opportunities with our clients.
B. First Application mTokenize
  ● Allows clients to easily tokenize their assets to create Collateralized Assets.
  ● Use the tokenized assets to support loans (mLoan) or trade for other digital assets (mMarket), which will launch in next phase.
C. Risk Engine
  ● Take into account the mRisk and provides a series of risk metrics. The first set of metrics are statics such as VaR. The other feature is that the risk engine will calculate and stress test several scenarios.
  ● Give a basis of clean data upon which these AI engines can work.
  ● Provide open APIs as well to our data so other Risk Management providers can plug into the same data and other product recommendation engines can work on top of MiCai’s.

20% to be disbursed upon completion of the following:

A. First application mLoan & mMarket
  ● Allow borrowing against the user’s assets. A smart contract that will hold the title deed will serve as collateral.
  ● Complete payment and transaction back-end for the web platform as well as app usage for function of mLoan and mMarket.
  ● Integrate fiat payment gateway to the web platform to be available in major currencies.
  ● Work with banks or third-parties to provide the liquidity and match with client’s borrowing requirements.
  ● Allows private wealth management firms and family offices accessing the MiCai protocol to distribute products in a way that satisfies both the jurisdiction of the custodian as well as the jurisdiction of the client.
B. Frequent Deployment mRisk&mTokenize and mLoan&mMarket
  ● Continuing marketing campaigns, with focus on attraction of more HNWI clients to use MiCai protocol. Get more family offices join to use MiCai to store their individual information (mID), have snapshot access of their investment portfolio/valuation/risk (mReport, mRisk), convert part of their assets into digital assets or tokenized assets(mTokenize), use the tokenized assets to support loans (mLoan) or trade for other digital assets (mMarket).
C. Setup of NEM Investment fund, focused on NEM based projects.
  ● USD 8 million of the raised XEM will go together with money we are raising ourselves from our channels and outside investors. The fund will invest in projects from the NEM community and will ask the NEM community for feedback on possible investments.

With a strong founding team of graduates from Oxford, Harvard and leading Chinese universities, MiCai has put together an exceptional team of wealth management experts and knowledgeable blockchain advisors to lead the successful development of the MiCai protocol.

In 2013, we launched the first robo-advisor of China, and today our solution is utilized to manage a combined assets under management (AUM) of USD 60 billion, with over 200,000 of the world’s most wealthy clients. We sell our current product via global consulting firms such as Roland Berger, Bain and Accenture, and hold notable business relationships with private wealth management firms including Noah Holdings Limited (NYSE: NOAH), Quark Finance, Phoenix Finance, Pang Mao Bao, and Allenbridge.

To date, MiCai has raised over USD 5 million from leading venture capital funds and significant angel investors including the CEO of Morgan Stanley Bank AG and Hillhouse Capital. We are also one of 16 firms from 1,500 candidates that participated in China’s number one accelerator program, the Microsoft Accelerator in Beijing.

We are registered with FINRA and the SEC as a Registered Investment Advisor[5] and have become a gold seller within the global Microsoft partner network.



Gregory Van den Bergh
The inventor of China’s first robo-advisor system, Gregory worked at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management and for MAN-GLG, one of the largest hedge funds in the world. Greg graduated from Oxford University, studied at Harvard and has an MBA from the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.


Eagle An
Formerly the acting Head Wealth Management at CreditEase, Eagle built out the team at CreditEase to become China’s number two private wealth management company in three years, managing 1600 wealth managers. He spent nine years at Standard Chartered China, building out Standard Chartered into a top-three foreign private wealth management firm in China. Eagle previously worked four years at the headquarters of Agricultural Bank of China, one of China’s largest state owned banks. Eagle graduated from Peking University. He is a CFA and FRM.


Prof Geert Bekaert
A professor of Finance and Economics at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business, Geert was an investment Director of Betterment, the largest private Robo Advisory company in the world. Geert was an early team member of Financial Engines, a technology-enabled B2B portfolio manager and investment advisory company (NASDAQ: FNGN - 2Bn USD). Geert published over 60 articles in the Journal of Finance and other academic journals and research associated to the USA National Bureau of Economic Research and consultant to the European Central Bank.


Prof Ouyang Hui
The former head of Big Data and Quant at UBS Asia, Prof Hui built the Big Data models that support UBS Private Bank. He was also the former head of Lehman Point, a leading portfolio and risk management company (currently Bloomberg Risk), and the Dean’s Distinguished Chair Professor of Finance at CKGSB; Director of the CKGSB Internet Finance Research Center and the Financial Innovation and Wealth Management Center. He has a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley and a PhD from Tulane University.


Stephen Kade
Stephen Kade is a blockchain technologist and market designer. He is a co-founder at TrustToken, a platform for decentralized asset management and tokenization of real-world assets. He studied computational neuroscience and economics at UC Berkeley.



Lon Wong, President NEM Foundation
Lon Wong is President of NEM.io Foundation, CEO of Dragonfly Fintech and an equity investor in MiCai. A serial entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience, Lon is a blockchain thought-leader and heads the NEM blockchain project. He is particularly interested in designing blockchain solutions for the financial industry at large and helped to develop NEM into a leading financial blockchain solution. Lon is an equity investor in MiCai.


Chris Van Aeken
The former CEO of Morgan Stanley Bank AG—one of the largest private wealth management companies in the world, with over 2 Trillion USD under management—Chris was also the vice-chairman for Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management Asia. Chris has a B.A. and M.A. from the KULeuven and an MBA from Chicago University.


Sebastian Quinn-Watson
A partner of Blockchain Global, a leading blockchain advisory, and an expert on capital and token sales, Sebastian Quinn-Watson has supported and advised on more than USD 310 million in ICO token sales this year for leading companies such as Bankera, Powerledger, Etherparty, PlayKey, Airswap, and more. Sebastian also sits on the advisory boards of a number of successful blockchain companies.


Benjamin Le Roux
Benjamin Le Roux (Bright Block Marketing & Google) is an Executive Marketing Token Sale Advisor with a wealth of experience delivering powerful marketing strategies for blockchain companies. Benjamin was the acting CMO at Status.im and provided marketing leadership for their USD 100+ million raise. He has also provided marketing token sale advisory services for AirSwap, Simple Token, PlayKey, and more. Additionally, Benjamin is the product marketing lead for Google Drive.


Georgina Tan
Georgina Tan is a marketing and sales consultant with 10 years of international expertise. She has a degree in Marketing from Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia where she was awarded the Vice Chancellor’s scholarship and graduated with the highest honors in her class. Georgina has worked with reputable companies including Google, The Walt Disney Company, Barclays Bank, Mindshare Worldwide and NMPi (formerly known as Clicks2Customers) to provide strategic advice and management of marketing initiatives.


Roger W. Kirby
Roger Kirby is founding partner at Kirby McInerney. In 2013, Kirby McInerney won a USD 590 million claim against Citibank for investor fraud. Mr. Kirby has enjoyed considerable success as a trial attorney, and cases for which he has had primary responsibility have produced landmark decisions in the fields of securities law, corporate governance, and deceptive advertising. He has been perennially listed as one of New York’s Super Lawyers. Mr. Kirby is a Visiting Law Fellow at the University of Oxford and is researching the legal framework for tokenization of assets via smart contracts. Roger has degrees from Stanford (B.A.) and Columbia University (J.D.).

[1] https://www.reuters.com/article/us-global-wealth/millionaires-wealth-reached-record-63-5-trillion-globally-in-2016-study-idUSKCN1C30L2
[2] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqmKJMkOZsw
[3] http://cn.wsj.com/gb/20160104/mkt122432.asp
[4] http://www.ftchinese.com/story/001064538
[5] https://www.adviserinfo.sec.gov/IAPD/IAPDFirmSummary.aspx?ORG_PK=281836


which is the % of the development related to NEM?the IA you want to develop is why you’re asking that much? 22M XEM (22M $ today).??? NEM is simple, it shouldn’t cost to implement it that much IMO. IA seems to be the most complicated thing here, but should be independent from nem assets management, don’t it?

I’m not an expert in this area, but I think I need more info about the project roadmap. I would like to read the White Paper before funding this project (first milestone). Have you a more detailed roadmap?

Open source on API code to big WM firms and white label to small firms and HNWIs.

Under which licence? do you plan to release other software made by you that could help NEM grow faster?

Pre-sale and Public ICO Event

Will be an ICO? Will NEM holders have some kind of discount? Or you plan to return the XEM used to XEM Community funds once you get the ICO?

Does the voting started?

Seems like you’re already involved in nem and you have good advisors! that’s good! I hope you make this project a success :slight_smile:

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So you want nearly 5% or 10% of the ENTIRE community fund for a private enterprise should it go all the way?

I’m sure it’s all way above board but this is an insult to the idea of what the community fund should be. An operation like this has a million other avenues than irreplaceable funding from NEM funds.

It should be going to ideas that would otherwise not find funding elsewhere, ideas that may not necessarily start off looking commercial but will eventually open up.

No doubt this will get voted in just because it sounds cool and the magic airdrop concept is in there, but it feels a little bit like people are starting to cotton on to the idea that they can get free money with little to no obligation just by exciting people.

For fully commercial applications there should be the obligation to pay back community funds and even then it’s an insane risk.


I agree. I don’t think that much funds should be allocated to a single project.


I agree that this amount is way too much, plus why do an ICO + community fund? And why should the community fund match the ICO? It sounds like a great project but that doesn’t make any sense to me.

As it stands right now I would be voting no, because that’s not what the community fund is about.


What is this?
I can not understand.
Do you wish to do ICO?

It is strange to use the financial resources of the NEM Foundation.
Currently most of NEM/XEM investors are Japanese.
I think that many Japanese oppose this proposal.


Hi lily,

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on our proposal.

Our initial funding request is for 2M XEM which is to help boost our existing fundraising efforts to cover all areas of our business. Since 2014, we’ve been actively raising capital through personal and Venture Capital investors, raising over USD 7 million independently. This money we’ve raised has funded the highly successful technological innovations of our platform and our operations thus far. However, as we look to launch our ICO event in Q1, 2018, we are really expanding outside of our normal network of private wealth management to really engage a much more global audience, and as a result, we need significant funding to scale our operations and promote our partnership with NEM globally to ensure our community benefits can be realised.

The Accelerator Program we are establishing will be funded by money from the NEM fund and our own fundraising efforts to drive more collaboration and growth on NEM projects outside of our own business. We will also contribute our own expertise and resources to help support this program, which will in turn enable us to reinvest even more back into the NEM community fund.

In terms of licensing we already have direct partnership contracts with some of the leading private wealth management firms in China including Noah Holdings Limited (NYSE: NOAH), Quark Finance, Phoenix Finance and Pang Mao Bao, but we are looking to expand this client base with our global expansion. As we continue to develop the platform and help grow the NEM community there are certainly other areas we can look to release new software, but our primary focus now is making sure that we do our best to capitalise on the missed opportunity and resolve the problems that we currently see in the private wealth management sector we operate in, and go forth from there.

In terms of discounts, we have 10% of our MIC tokens that can be claimed by XEM holders that have over USD 3000 equivalent of XEM, which will be part of an incentive program that drives support across social channels for our ICO event. These tokens are free for NEM holders who participate. In addition, supporters who want to use the MiCai platform themselves have a discount of 50% off all the fees we charge for transactions made.

Regarding roadmap plans, what particular details were you after?

I hope this gives you a bit more insight on our plans. Voting will commence later this week. Let us know if you have any more questions. We’d love your support!



Hi gentlemand,

Thanks for your feedback on our proposal.

An important part of our development as a company is not just the growth of our operations, but also to promote the NEM community by showing the many ways in which they helped us develop our world-class platform.

We do not see this partnership with NEM is a transactional one where we just take funding and do not provide anything to the community in return. As you will note from our proposal, there are several benefits supporting the NEM community with as part of the work we are doing to expand. The key one being the Accelerator Program (supported by ongoing project funding), which I’m particularly excited about because we have a commitment of support from China’s second largest e-commerce firm JD.com to really make this program a success for developing NEM projects in the future.

We are reinvesting USD 8 million to this program and additionally are funding it with money that we will raise from outside investors. We believe that having an Accelerator Program backed by NEM will give us unparallel access to people who are working on the latest technologies and business problems, but may not have known that the NEM blockchain could be the right foundation for their product. We were once in an Accelerator program ourselves (Microsoft), so we know there is a huge opportunity for us to influence and educate innovators about the NEM blockchain, and guide them through our positive experiences working within the NEM community. Furthermore, once these NEM projects come to fruition and enter the market, the value of the NEM ecosystem will increase far beyond the amount of funding that we have asked for. We also would like to give the NEM community the chance to vote on which projects to admit/fund.

I think the premise for the NEM community fund is to help support businesses that genuinely want to help build up the NEM ecosystem and show the power of the NEM blockchain through developing relevant use cases, solving real world problems in a large scale. By no means do we take this support from the NEM community lightly. We have always been committed to supporting the NEM community and driving efforts to support its growth, and reinvesting XEM funding back into the community that has helped support us in our journey.

We are an established business that has successfully operated in a challenging market like China and become significant and valued partners in the value chain for private wealth management. Like any business that is growing we seek the support of our peers through a combination of resources, knowledge and funding to help us achieve our ambition, which will result in significant benefits not just for us, and the private wealth management industry, but more importantly the NEM blockchain and it’s community most of all.

We hope you will support our partnership efforts with NEM.



Hi Greg.

You should do ICO.
Why do you need NEM Community money?



Hi Mexxer,

Appreciate your feedback on our proposal.

The reason we’re seeking community funding in addition to the private funding is because we have ambitious growth targets that we want to achieve within very fast timelines. This initial funding is being used to generate significant awareness around our token sale globally, which in turn will generate more funds to support our project and our NEM initiatives. Global awareness requires a very large marketing budget to make an impact, especially if you take into consideration that 2017 total ad spend globally is estimated to end up at around USD 547.37 billion*. If we relied purely on private funding or just NEM community funding alone we could see some of the technology developed, but we would not be able to spend on marketing to drive awareness and interest for our business to achieve significant growth.

As you know, the paradigm for blockchain is changing fast and it is now that many industry leaders will choose the standard on which to work on. Once enterprises choose a blockchain to work on, the chance of changing to another blockchain is very small. We would like NEM to be known by the financial world. This is why we need to have several funding streams. As much as we need lateral support from our partners we also acquire capital to action our plans effectively. We have been largely focused on China since we started our business, but now that we are going global, we need to back ourselves with capital to ensure that we can make a big impact within the market.

We’ve had a lot of consultations with members of the NEM community on how we should approach fundraising, and seeking the help of the community fund was shared with us as a way to get the NEM community more involved with us and help us to contribute more back. 10% of our token can be claimed by XEM owners and 8M goes directly into the Accelerator fund that will focus on NEM based companies. At the same time we fundraise extra money into our Accelerator. Whilst NEM is providing us with funding, our aim is to deliver increased value to XEM, and use the resources, business partners and knowledge we have cultivated for our company to further NEM developments outside of our business.

I hope that I’ve answered your concerns. Please feel free to share any other thoughts you have, I’m happy to discuss.



Hi GodTanu,


Thanks for your interest in our community proposal.

We will be launching our ICO event in Q1, 2018. The financial resources from the NEM community would help support the development of our platform on the NEM blockchain, and support existing funding efforts for our company’s global expansion. In return, we aspire to be a leading innovator in NEM blockchain and help influence other businesses to realize the benefits of partnering with NEM to develop their own products to take to market as well.

In terms of our relationship with the Japanese, we are actually a partner of Japan’s leading global investment bank, Nomura. We were recently invited to give a keynote speech at their global Nomura Investment Conference in Tokyo back at the end of November, which was attend by 1500 of the top Japanese and global business leaders (see image below). We provide them with education on blockchain technology and how we use NEM specifically as a use case within private wealth management. Nomura has also invited us to do a roadshow and speak at several of their other conferences based in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai, to promote NEM and us as its business case in Finance, further.

Hope this provides you with a bit more context to our presence in Japan despite being a company not based in Japan yet. We hope that you will support our proposal, and please let me know if you have any more questions?

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The Accelerator Program we are establishing will be funded by money from the NEM fund and our own fundraising efforts to drive more collaboration and growth on NEM projects outside of our own business. We will also contribute our own expertise and resources to help support this program, which will in turn enable us to reinvest even more back into the NEM community fund.

We also would like to give the NEM community the chance to vote on which projects to admit/fund.

Why do you use this money to create an Accelerator Program, you are asking this fund to create MiCai. I don’t like this…

Seed companies (10%)
These companies will help support the development of NEM and MiCai in the longer term. By using funds to establish our NEM-MiCai Accelerator program we hope to continue driving brand awareness for NEM and MiCai, whilst also generating ideas and best practices for NEM, the MiCai platform and ecosystem, and being a mentor for other NEM community projects.

I prefer those seed companies do a project proposal here, and then let nem community decide if they invest nem or not.why add another step in the process? + which will be the voting process? I think it’s not needed to fund this part of the project

Discounts and licensing are OK :slight_smile:

which is the relationaship with microsoft?

I think is a good market oportunity, but it’s not woth 22M XEM if you do an ICO. Do an ICO directly or just ask for a liitle xem fund for a bootstrap. Seems too much money to me.

about the roadmap, you have something more detailed about each dot doe? hard to guess what you want to do in each step or at least too open definition…

about the team, i don’t see any developer, have you a team or you will outsourcit?

osrry, too much questions before have a good opinion about! Vv’

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So you want nearly 5% or 10% of the ENTIRE community fund for a private enterprise should it go all the way?

lol that’s a lot of money to bet just in one project.

For fully commercial applications there should be the obligation to pay back community funds and even then it’s an insane risk.

totally agre

Hi Peter_Uliano,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on funding allocation.

The funding support we seek is to not only support the development of our own business but will enable us to have the resources to support other organisations that are developing innovations based on NEM blockchain technologies through our Accelerator Program. At the moment there is no such program that offers a structured program by which innovators can learn more about NEM, interact with other NEM innovators and proactively develop their project with several resources provided by us and NEM at their disposal. In Malaysia and Melbourne, there have been some Accelerators that are being developed, but these act more as co-working spaces for the NEM community. We also commit external funding that we raise from private investors to this program, so we aren’t just relying on NEM funding. We want to be the first to create one because we really feel passionate about how much NEM and its community can contribute to solving problems through blockchain technology.



Hello NEM community.
I see comments like these every time there is a Project Proposal. The choice of creating a fund to support starting projects is the choice of NEM foundation. MiCai is just a regular applicant to this project.
If we don’t like how community fund works, we should address NEM foundation, not MiCai.
I like the project and like the benefits that NEM community gets like Airdrop for NEM holders (hope I understood correctly that there will be an airdrop?) and NEM Accelerator.
The company seems legitimate and is already spreading good word about NEM. Supporting it gives us direct and indirect benefits. It is supported by NEM foundation. I don’t see any reason not to vote YES on this project. My 1000 vested XEM will vote YES :smiley:



This is plain stupid. If I was a scammer and wanted easy money, I’d just buy all of my ICO coins by myself. Voila!

The foundation has nothing to do with the community fund. The only people who can change the rules is the community itself. But I don’t see your problem with raisings concerns like this. 5-10% of the entire fund is a huge amount and we should think very carefully about voting about this. We should not downplay concerns with sich an amount of money.


Hi lily,

Nice to hear from you again! I’m more than happy to provide some further insight for you.

We want to help set up an Accelerator program because we have experienced first hand being part of one as one of 16 firms chosen from 1,500 candidates to participate in Microsoft’s Accelerator program in Beijing. Whilst we were in this program, we were actually being advised to us Ethereum, but it was lucky that upon meeting one of our valued advisors that we were educated on the NEM blockchain and how it would be a much better fit for what our company aims to achieve. At the moment we see that much of the promotion of NEM outside of the core foundation happens at a very grassroots level, based on individual projects. Whilst this has been great to develop the solidarity of the NEM community thus far, if we want to really drive up the value of our XEM investments we should be working to develop much bigger and influential partnerships that really show the world what NEM is all about. But obviously we can’t just fund an Accelerator without having our own strong business to provide resources, knowledge and experience to the program, and that’s why the funding is working to raise capital for development of MiCai, as well as the community incentives like the Accelerator program as the goals we have for each compliment each other well.

In addition to this, seeding companies also need support to back early establishing projects. We’re lucky enough that we’ve been working together with NEM for some time now and we have industry connections, knowledge and resources to help guide seeding companies and their associated ventures when it comes to NEM, because at one stage we were in the same position and didn’t know much about NEM blockchain technology either. We don’t just want to ask for a little bit of funding and only be able to use it for a fraction of what we want to achieve. This does nothing to put NEM into the spotlight that it needs to grow. We need to go big, be bold and step out of the comfort zone of using grassroots activity to make NEM big because unfortunately that’s not how market demand is generated, and ultimately we want to drive demand and value to XEM.

If we do reach our hard cap goals, we are going to need significant funding to ensure that we can support the demand for our product. With less funding we can definitely do a good job to build our platform, but with more money we can really tap into other avenues of product development that we wouldn’t be able to without more funding. Think about a motorcar being MiCai for example, you could just have a standard engine (ie. private investor funding), and the car would perform at what you would expect normally, but if you add in a V8 engine (ie. ICO campaign), you really change the dynamic of how the car can perform with the extra horsepower. Then if you use performance enhancing petrol (ie. NEM community funding) to fuel the car even further you’re giving the car the best chance that the motorcar can give back to the driver in terms of performance if they were in a race. That’s the way we feel about investing in MiCai, the more we have invested in us and the activities we want to achieve, the more we can positively contribute back to the NEM community far beyond what has been invested.

In regards to our team, we already have a team of 20 full-time developers and have been in operation close to 4 years now. We currently have offices in Beijing, Shanghai and London. I’m incredibly proud of the team we’ve built and how hard they’ve worked to help us achieve what we have so far.

In terms of our Microsoft relationship, I mentioned we were part of their Accelerator program, but we also are a Gold partner, which means we have been selected by Microsoft to co-sell globally alongside their sales team. Therefore, 10% of the contract value we have count towards the bonuses of Microsoft sales representatives, and thus is an incentive for them to partner with us because we have well established relationships and we can contribute to their bottom line.

Regarding the roadmap, it is hard to be too detailed, just because things are always changing as we continue to improve on our developments. We have hard goals in terms of when we want things to be completed by to ensure everyone remains accountable to deliver even when things change.

I hope that gives you a bit more understanding of what we’re trying to do and why we’ve taken this approach. As always ready to answer any questions you have and very much appreciate your interest in MiCai.



Could you please explain why you chose the model of 1:1 funding between ICO and community fund?

Why not just a set amount?