Migration Committee Community Update #11

This is a joint message for our community on behalf of the Symbol Migration Group, comprised of The NEM Foundation, NEM Studios, NEM Ventures, and Tech Bureau Holdings.

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Community Message: Due to further feedback received from the community, we are restructuring the content of our updates. In the hopes of simplifying migration updates, all standing and previous updates will no longer be included in every post. Migration updates will now solely include milestones reached and/or updates to timelines. Our aim is to produce shorter (but more frequent) updates for the community.

Project Timeline update

During recent weeks, our team has identified a few bugs in the network. There are currently a set of updates and fixes coming to the core server code base, which will require a reset/restart of the network. If there are no major issues, we are currently targeting Q2 2020, and there will be more scheduling updates as testing continues.

This is not a hard launch date and the snapshot date will also be dependent on a number of factors. Over the next couple of weeks the core development team will be prepping these updates while finishing off some scoping and estimates for implementation and testing timing. As we progress on development more updates will be provided on scheduling of any future test network updates and resets.

Thanks for your continued support,

Migration Committee


and if there’s trouble again? Q3/Q4 . is crazy, every delay in the launch of symbol( old catapult) is a loss of confidence and time for investors, companies and alliances, it is very complicated to keep waiting more than two years for something that if not perfect will be a great scam


Testing takes time, bug fixes take time. The goal is to have a fully vetted product that is solid and won’t have problems at launch.
It is in no way a scam, even though delays are of course frustrating, we are all working towards the same goal. Symbol will be here before you know it.


Each development personnel, was laborious.
Continues to refuel.

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You are now “targeting” Q2, and only if everything is perfect.

You released a roadmap in late March 2019 saying “Catapult in end of Q3 2019”

Witch means arround 6 months after roadmap release.

Now you are “targeting” Q2 2020, witch means catapult more than 1 year after roadmap release.

From 6 months to (a target of) more than a year. It takes More than the double of time you said in your roadmap lol

You made a roadmap without any clue of how long it will take. Looks pro.

Epic Foundation Fail. Can’t wait we can vote for new elections


Oh nice to hear this. You didnt know that “testing takes time” when you made your roadmap ?

Even though I’ve never been a fan of a rewrite from scratch, now that we’re nearing the launch, I’d rather have it postponed a bit and have a flawless launch than a rushed launch on schedule plagued by faults.

I hope I can soon say that the rewrite was the good decision :crossed_fingers:


So now that catapult has been delayed once again “targeting Q2 2020”. Can I get an answer about how this will effect the Silver Coin fund? What will happen to these funds? I’ve asked about it several times and haven’t seen any official announcement. This is a major issue for the future of Catapult.

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To increase the number of test nodes, I would recommend that NF establish test node rewards. If NF don’t do this at least, I don’t think we can do large-scale network testing.


Foundation can’t make a statement about these fund(s) because they are not under Foundation purview. Foundation controls only its own operating budget. It would be presumptuous to comment on any plan in regards to that fund.

What could possibly be the dependent factors for a snapshot date?!

My suggestion would be to set a snapshot date a.s.a.p and exclude exchanges from the snapshot; let it pump, snapshot, let it dump. And we all can continue with our lives. Devs can continue developing, testing and polishing as they wish. NEM Foundation can continue doing whatever it is they are doing. And all will be alright.

For the love of the universe, Please don’t hold our precious investment and time hostage for something with vague promises while a new alt season is only beginning. What could possibly be the purpose of holding back a snapshot date? I’m very curious!


Good idea, I think. It will be stimulus for testers, and better for whole system because of increasing of testing nodes.


Agree with this! Now it’s a bull market, but only XEM is falling on news about postponing of Symbol launch. It seems, that when bullmarket finished - Symbol will launch, but who will need it then. And now we can’t to take advantage of bull market, because we need to freeze our XEM’s for future XYM.


I think the delay will cause serious consequences for NEM. Interest in the market was affected because investors were disappointed and expected to continue.


Don’t worry about that.
Investors who are disappointed by this are always fail to invest :wink:

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Generalisation and absolute words. Lovely!

You should write a paper about the correlation between the things you mentioned. It would make a great academic contribution!

I, sometimes, agree with your view. But I just don’t follow you on this one. It doesn’t make sense to me.

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Nov 2020 sure ( 2 years for candidate)
I think it will be better to rewrite again from scratch and undo all the unfulfilled promises, so we will stop protesting once again for a bad management of the product catapult

the problems are in NEM since 2017 and yet we continue to rely on every postponement


I have always believed that the foundation was originally released from the third quarter of 2019, but it was postponed to the second quarter of 2020, and now it will become the second quarter, and will it become the third and fourth … I do n’t have any complaints, because I want to do something for the foundation, but I feel disappointed after looking forward … The price will have a profound effect because of this .
I will continue to wait for the good news.

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Your foolish opinion doesn’t make sense to me.
Thank you :rofl:

Oh, don’t you worry about that. I don’t expect you to understand. Have a good one! :ok_hand: