Migration Committee Community Update #2

token economics


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I understand the meaning of the tokenomics word. What do the committee specifically trying to do with tokenomics? What do they agree on? please tell me in detail.

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I can’t understand "tokenomics ".
Does tokenomics mean to token specifications such as the total amount of catapult XEM issued?

Token Economy may be easier to understand. It’s all about the economics of Catapult. The tokens, the rewards, nodes, etc and how they work together.

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Are you trying to hide details from us and make some important decisions and agreements below the surface?

No, this is why the updates are being posted to the community.


Thank you for your reply. Wait for the detailed report.
I agree with any reviewed plan by economists.Maybe That is correct.
I have no idea Because I have no economic expertise.

However, I pray that old stakeholders will not loss.

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Thank you very much.

And sorry.

My post was delayed after being approved by the moderator, but I was convinced by your post.

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I would really like to have the following things mentioned asap:

  • How is the supernode rewards going to be done on the new chain and on the old chain?
  • What will happen to all of the funds? If you want to be a serious blockchain the funds will have to be named and said how the will be used. For example the silver coin fund, nobody knows what will happen with that. Is there going to be a coin burn or a redistribution?
  • How is the post distribution of the coins going to work, will it be done in a decentralized way?

Please clarify the team’s current decisions.
Will the team consider Tokenomics Public Proposal in the future?
If there is a possibility that the number of XEM2 issued will change, I think that the content of the FAQ is not a decision.

Please clarify the team’s current decisions.

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Exactly. I have a little confusion.
The migration committee should explain who has the final decision and what process will be decided.


in Japan, There is no tax on token swaps when migrating to the mainnet.

Could you please consider the SWAP method again to avoid dilution of tokens?

If anyone wants to use NIS1, they can just use it.
XEM2 must be a stable coin of XEM1.
This can be achieved by using the COMSA HUB mechanism.

Can your team make it so that you can move freely with swap?

I have something to check

Opt-in is done with the current NIS1 account
Is to say

The opt-in account will be created in the catapult chain with the same address as the NIS1 account.

Is my interpretation correct?

Same public key, but the address would be different ie. NEM acc starts with N, catatapult address would start with something else probably

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I understand
Thank you

When the xem balance of nis1 is reflected in the catapult nem
At what point?

(1) xem balance at opt-in

(2) xem balance when generating nemesis blocks

(1) or (2)?

At time of snapshot-the XEM balance will be recorded and then reflected on Catapult.
Opt-in is a separate event.

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Apologies for the delay but we don’t have the concrete decisions to share just yet. This is very important, we understand that but we cannot share until it is done. Appreciate the patience and understand the frustration.

Unfortunately it’s still looking like two coins and two chains. We encourage everyone to look into their localities tax requirements.

Thank you