Migration Committee - Open Letter to Supernode Owners


Dear valued Supernode owners,

With the impending Catapult network release on public chain, the migration committee is inviting all verified Supernode owners to participate in a short survey based on current recommendations the migration committee has outlined for the core team.

Please note: The migration committee is not a legal entity and the recommendations are not binding. The migration committee consists of representatives from NEM Foundation (Alex Tinsman, Greg Saive, Jeff McDonald, Jian Chan), NEM Studios (Kailin Odonnell, David Mansell, Victor Ruscittio), NEM Ventures (Iain Wilson, Dave Hodgson) and Nate D’Amico (Tech Bureau, Open Source Lead).

The process for participating in the survey is as follows:
1.) On advice of Supernode owners, there will be a private Supernode Owner Telegram group.
2.) Instructions on how to join and verify you are a Supernode owner is posted below.
3.) A survey for Supernode owners only will be linked to the private Telegram group.

Thank you for your support.

The Migration Committee

Instructions for SN Owners (non-multisig accounts) on how to participate on the Catapult migration survey

  1. Open your Wallet.

  2. Prepare a 0 XEM transaction to NATXY3YZX5M4R2QDRFNHSENZ62MVEY3FHXVVYWDU from the account that owns a Supernode.

  3. Write your username from Telegram and the name of the supernode (example: @jabo38 NemsterNode1) as an encrypted message. WARNING: make sure the message is ENCRYTPED

  4. Click Send.

Note: In the case that your account is a multisig, you can NOT send an encrypted message from the Supernode account. In that case you should do the following below.



2.スーパーノードを所有するアカウントからNATXY3YZX5M4R2QDRFNHSENZ62MVEY3FHXVVYWDUへの0 XEMトランザクションを準備します。

  1. Telegramのユーザー名(例:@ jabo38)を暗号化されたメッセージとして書き込みます。警告:メッセージがENCRYTPEDであることを確認してください。

  2. [送信]をクリックします。


Instructions for SN Owners (with multisig accounts) on how to participate on the Catapult Migration survey

  1. Open your Wallet.

  2. Prepare a 0 XEM transaction to NATXY3YZX5M4R2QDRFNHSENZ62MVEY3FHXVVYWDU from the account that is a cosigner of the account that owns a Supernode.

  3. Write your username from Telegram, name of the Supernode AND the address of the Supernode that a person is a cosigner of as an encrypted message (example: @jabo38 NemsterNode1 nalog6-daij7l-ywlgy7-3at3ow-s5oryj-27wnbi-6mhp). WARNING: make sure the message is ENCRYTPED

  4. Click Send



2.スーパーノードを所有するアカウントの署名者であるアカウントからNATXY3YZX5M4R2QDRFNHSENZ62MVEY3FHXVVYWDU への0 XEMトランザクションを準備します。

3.テレグラムからのユーザー名と、暗号化されたメッセージとして人がコサインしたスーパーノードのアドレスを書きます(例:@ jabo38スーパーノード:nalog6-daij7l-ywlgy7-3at3ow-s5oryj-27wnbi-6mhp)。


  1. [送信]をクリックします。

Please note, in the previous post (since updated) there was one piece of information missing. Please make sure you include the name of your supernode when you send your encrypted transaction. The instructions above have been updated to reflect this.

We thank you for your kind cooperation.


Could we also note, that this is for SN owners, kindly do not send the transaction from your node, but from your SN account please. Please also remember your SN Name and Telegram handle. Otherwise we cannot add you to the Private Telegram group.
Thanks in advance.

You will need to find some other solution that does not use Telegram, as some of us refuse to use proprietary platforms that require you to link your account to mobile phone number.


Sending an encrypted NEM transaction containing an email address is fine for sending of the survey link, but if you require further discussions then other platforms of communication are needed.

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I hear you, and would propose Keybase - https://keybase.io/.
However guys, we must try to make the job more easy for the “Migration Committee” and keep them focused on the migration itself and not implement for them new communication tools.

Keybase is fine, just need the Migration_Committee to confirm.

my tg account is @mydoorstep (https://t.me/mydoorstep) and sent my transaction nodes to NATXY3YZX5M4R2QDRFNHSENZ62MVEY3FHXVVYWDU but nothing happened . could you please add my account to TG group

tx: 086c610309d4f56c8cf88fce7c4ae75fd47dac398dc7f43c7b432a021c324996

This transaction doesn’t exists:

sorry… please check http://explorer.nemtool.com/#/s_tx?hash=b67e4601b4b178fa9eb33a2ac93b46398cc1360942c0f2b56014bafcf3acbb34


Apologies for the delay. You are verified and should be added to the group.

Thanks. Please pm me the join link

You’re already added to the group. Please confirm.