Misha Granin for Vice President (at least for a day, so we all can create NEM Foundation 2.0)

It seems to be a good way to introduce developers to Catapult.
Are there good tutorials other then in NEM developers center?

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I’v tried to register as voter but there was an unspecified error when I’ve submitted reg form.
Some one made registration impossible?

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Thanks for the kind words.

I also feel like we need to double down on Catapult development. The core of it is great, but it would be nice if we had more people contributing.

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@granin You mentioned in the past that you have a developer team under you which is already familiar with NEM.
I forgot, … was that for application development only or even for core blockchain dev support?
IMHO, there could be even funding for professional (hired) core devs out of NEM’s reserve funds. It’s a waste of time not to invest and speed up Catapult development and public chain migration plans now.


My favorite one for introducing it both to developers and non-developers who want to study how to create prototype/blockchain apps or even to tinker a bit is https://craftain.com where you can find free beginner level tutorial for real use-case, blockchain technology applied to the ticketing industry. Very similar logic can apply to many other use cases, more complex marketplace models and less complex automated processes such as users reputation/karma on websites.

In essence, it’s an in-depth and very patient and detailed explanation of content available in NEM developer center and a bit more, but that’s a nice bit :wink:

Best almost thing is that the author shows how to do almost everything with NEM Prototyping tool so people with zero coding experience can accomplish not only tasks in the tutorial but get the skill to move further.

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Many people contacted me telling the same after my youtube video on cryptodealers channel to register as members. I don’t want to say that I have proves that someone had the intention to make it hard for people to register. What I know that it was especially hard toward the end of the registration period as if someone didn’t want random voters, but only those who got instructions to register early on. I experienced the same problems for many days in a row and could finally register at last moment only when I’ve got an alternative link directly to form on the mail list server. Even that didn’t work out, so I ended up registering and paying twice for my membership.

I am sure that the whole process starting from opening free membership in spring, and now finishing with a short window for registration was complete chaos for a specific reason. It’s such an incredible mess compared to other activities of NEM Foundation that it’s obvious that someone wanted to have an unfair advantage in this elections and we have little chances to do anything about it. The only way is to see who these people are, what are their intentions and take strong actions if needed. That’s why I, again and again, remind that whole elections process is a show with a couple of hundreds of selected voters who are funded by a group that even doesn’t want to release Catapult on NEM public chain anytime soon. Most amazing is that their leader is not even trying to hide such intentions, see his last quotes here:


Rene, I’d like to repeat that I don’t see it as your fault but I think you should see what @schia is writing to me instead of answering why he is the only regional leader who is giving instructions to people how to vote.

Across the world, it is unethical for bosses to send messages to their employees about how to vote.

I’m posting a reply here as I asked readers of original thread to see details of my opinion here not to derail conversation there from the critical topic :slight_smile:
Getting from @schia explanation about his message with candidates lists he’d like us to vote for.

Here is what @schia replied to me:

  • I’m not blaming current Interim President Kristof (@Xpedite), in fact he did his best to get fair membership process and elections, yet we all know that some council members, and first of all you created a real hell for him and drowned him in swamp of problems that you carefully prepared for him long in advance to make sure he can’t focus on critical questions.

  • I am ok with removed “sponsored” accounts, I’m greatful to @getcointoday with everyone else who did research and @Xpedite with council members for making that decision:

As you didn’t read my opinion here in spite of my invitation I’ll quote just essential parts of what I’ve said above so it’s clear that

  • I don’t speak about votes that someone sponsored, with the help of our community that’s resolved, I speak about votes of people to whom someone commands to pay 500 XEM and then vote per your list.

I don’t state it as fact, I only express my opinion. I’ll be happy to hear other explanation of this mess that is by big mistake is called elections where 10 people selected by one individual make sure no other candidates have a chance. They play the game of winning so-called elections where just a couple of hundreds of carefully chosen voters represent an organization that just recently was worth $17 billion and under their careful supervision have to go down to zero. Don’t waste time replying here, give us an answer to the original question in the original thread:

And yes I’d like to express gratitude to you for help with MOU:

People here asked to stay away from politics, so I for everyone but @schia:

  • TLDR: Rene already replied about it above, and we all know the truth, yet now @schia says that Lon’s mistake is my mistake now.

  • It is so funny you blame me for the MOU not going through, we’ve got details from @r3n3 above on whose fault is that.

  • Almost everyone who were involved in the process is in this conversation, and anyone can confirm that you didn’t argue over content really but that the “English” wasn’t good enough or needed to be cleaned up.

  • I had an MOU ready to go and proposed to review it and postpone signing, so Stephen, your hunger for gratitude surprises me. Maybe you should ask Lon to thank you as he created all that work for you by rushing too much to get a nice PR for his name? He asked us to get a document signed even without showing it to you or even some lawyer or person who could simply proofread it. See messages below to understand the root cause of all efforts you had to take:

Misha POI vote NOW Granin, [21 Nov 2017 at 14:32:47]:
We think it’s best to postpone signing of any documents in Kazakhstan and I made sure that all local parties are happy with this. Let me know if it’s better to call or message you details?

moreover, next day:

Misha POI vote NOW Granin, [22 Nov 2017 at 00:27:20]:
I can call now or tomorrow morning. Results are really good and no rush in signing anything here. Yet we will get all we want here.

Once again don’t waste time, we know how good you are in changing topic of conversation from inconvenient one, give us an answer to the original question in the original thread:

It’s not just double; in conversations with @Xpedite I’ve realized that we need another order of magnitude of developers hired. It should be our top priority, our north start metric, our critical path, and our most important daily task. Other ecosystems involve thousands of developers and no surprise that some dev tools or, e.g. metamask some platforms become popular for ICO’s. With such potential of Catapult core only thing we need an excellent extension to developers team with people who already have a right skill set and know NEM and precise hiring strategy, that why I’m coming in this elections to position you, Jeff took from day one of NEM Foundation. You’ve shown me how to focus on key metrics and give your 100% to growth. You know my vision, and you know my experience, I value that you speak it out while so many people keep quiet.

We should end this circus of elections where half of the candidates

  • don’t give another half other option than to join against them
  • prefer to postpone catapult release on the mainnet and make sure that a maximum number of projects has problems with upgrading.
  • prefer that projects other then NEM show more progress in Catapult development

We should focus on the ecosystem as complete product almost exclusively. We are so much ahead of the competition in what we potentially can do in the nearest future and at the same time so much behind the competition in what we actually can offer right now. It’s time to get this gap to zero fast.

Probably no one did a proper business strategy for NEM ever as I understand and as soon as I got into the process, I instantly understood that NEM is breaking all most critical compromises of blockchain technology yet now we’ve is almost lost this unfair advantage. If we don’t act now, our game is over.

Clones, copycats and now even own forks are eating us for breakfast lunch and dinner. If we don’t wake up now, parts of this tech may serve to someone but for sure not to NEM community.

We have to remember that NEM != NEM Foundation, but I consider the worst scenario when there is no alternative, then losing NEM Foundation (that’s what’s happening now in this elections) is throwing us quite far back in time.

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It was both; we have experience of building blockchains and of course, working with code of NEM core and we carefully studied code both of Alpaca and Bizon, hope we can see Cow before the end of this year there real game will start.

These elections are merely a distraction from the actual top priority of doing what you propose.

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@r3n3 I’ve heard that you already have good experience with current code of Catapult at LuxTag, can we create chat with your developers to exchange experience of building Catapult based solutions?

We need to move forward, yes that’s the reason with Misha NEM will go to the abyss.

This arrogant Bolivarian socialist friend of communists has damaged NEM on purpose almost as much as Coincheck’s hack. (Check his trip to Venezuela and Uruguay) . A person who has been removed or fired from a company for crap would not have the right to return.

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Please talk about facts but not your personal fictions.
Your words about communists are really ridiculous

The facts are in front of you, but it seems you are not smart enough to see them.

  1. Your friend Misha traveled to Uruguay and Venezuela (It’s on his instagram and twitter account) and met this guy, Fyodor Bogorodsky.
    The rest is history.
    Misha was banished and now intends to return as the savior of NEM. God help us.
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Oh man! That is so boring…
“russian hackers” or “russian spy” in Trump’s sponsored news are last stupid arguments used when there are no more realistic arguments. Are you in opposition to Maduro?

I have stop to feed another political forum troll.

Hell is little punishment for anyone who supports Maduro and his criminal government.
Again the facts are there. No one at NEM was happy with Petro Coin. Nobody, except those who made connections with Fyodor, guess who, your friend Misha. And that’s why he was fired from the Nem Foundation.
Like you, Misha apart from being a despicable who supports the annexation of Crimea with Russia, and the Maduro government and all the socialist garbage of the extreme left, he is not very intelligent, as he leaves traces in his social networks, so anyone who is a little clever discovers the mystery.
до свидания товарищ

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Wow! Real political TROLL !!!
I told you guys…

А вот Крым лишний раз не надо трогать вообще.

So when do you think we can have Catapult testnet?

I’m pretty sure this month

We will have Catapult testnet released next week as @Inside_NEM just revealed to our community. Watch her speaking about this in todays interview starting from 9th minute:

Thank you @Inside_NEM! Finally we have most important step in Catapult roadmap announced to public. Please share this video, it’s really important news for whole community and industry.