Missing XEM attached to TX as a Mosaic [SOLVED]

Hi, I sent 2000 XEM to shapeshift yesterday on two separate occasions and both transactions failed. I contacted shapeshift and they said they only received 1 XEM, yet 4000 are missing from my account. When I check the transaction in my DepotWallet it shows the XEM as an attached Mosaic.

You know, I don’t even know what a Mosaic is. I haven’t been able to locate any information regarding Mosaics either. I’ve sent XEM successfully in the past without issue, but this latest upgrade to DepotWallet doesn’t give any options about Mosaics like the last version did, so there is nothing I could check or uncheck. Can someone please tell me what has happened to my XEM? How do I get it back? Is it somehow attached to that one XEM shapeshift received?

Hello @M1yman ,

Could you give information about:

  • your public address
  • client (wallet) you are using (please give a link and version)


Sure, I appreciate your responding, my public address is:


And I just sent them yesterday using what I believe to be the latest version at DepotWallet.com. I know it just recently changed in design. It says:

Version: BETA 1.3.59

Here’s the link:


I’ve attached screenshots of the two transactions from within DepotWallet.

I know 4000 XEM doesn’t just disappear, it must be around somewhere. Thanks for any assistance you might render.


In my opinion you must provide shapeshift more precise info…
First of all you should use nanowallet not deptowallet if you want sell/operate on XEMs.
Now about transactions:

First transaction:

  1. http://chain.nem.ninja/#/transfer/ef59aea3e324b5064bcf5e44b6c15ed8d815f765dcfaade98d8814c4cce6cc83 - 1 XEM + 2000 XEMs (as nem.xem mosaic) was send by you to address na366x-e76m32-cc4y4o-3g5xui-tueufc-v32f6q-jgua (shapeshift)
  2. After couple minutes from address na366x-e76m32-cc4y4o-3g5xui-tueufc-v32f6q-jgua (shapeshift) 1999.500000 XEMs was send to address nckv5i-mpu633-zsoupw-esfwpe-d5hz5q-onpyt5-frzo (transaction http://chain.nem.ninja/#/transfer/781b8dfb68274dfe66dccfce9e1e3660c72e80ffb277a35fadde158d60a232ae)

Second transaction:

  1. http://chain.nem.ninja/#/transfer/c82b0218bdb3e9f0b1badca4ff4b17f0ee72e2b0c03bf2864c080472bcab4b5e - 1 XEM + 2000 XEMs (as nem.xem mosaic) was send by you to address naiidf-tmkat4-375zrt-raqk42-xdjbmi-3kuxln-fsie (shapeshift)
  2. After couple minutes from address naiidf-tmkat4-375zrt-raqk42-xdjbmi-3kuxln-fsie (shapeshift) 1999.500000 XEMs was send to address nckv5i-mpu633-zsoupw-esfwpe-d5hz5q-onpyt5-frzo (transaction http://chain.nem.ninja/#/transfer/0bfc3cbd6d76bd283716d20c00429c6f1c569e14d6e5397c4228ae618df37043)

Now almost all from 4000 XEM (minus fees) are on address nckv5i-mpu633-zsoupw-esfwpe-d5hz5q-onpyt5-frzo with I belive also belongs to shapeshift. Probably this address is used by shapeshift when something goes wrong like in this example.
Please provide all informations above to shapeshift support. If I’m right they return your money.

Let me know if you have your money back :wink:

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As far as I can see all your XEM have been sent.

Mosaics are “assets” on the NEM blockchain. XEM is one of them.

Maybe your transactions failed, because you didn’t meet the quantity you wanted to send originally?


@Ineff problem is probably with automatic transaction processing on shapeshift because they said only 1 XEM was send. Automat probably doesn’t see this 2000 xem sent as mosaics.
We should wait what shapeshift support response.

Agreed, shapeshift is probably not set up to receive v2 transactions. Most exchanges have issues when receiving XEM as a mosaic.

Thanks for your replies. I meant to answer sooner but I’ve been dealing with internet issues. My service provider was just here a short time ago to repair it.

pawelm, thanks for your quick, exceptional response, which I only saw immediately after I had dug deeper myself yesterday and then sent the follow response to shapeshift (SS):


These are links to the two ShapeShift wallets I sent the XEM to as seen on the NEM blockchain.

NEM Blockchain Explorer v3
tip: You can use arrows to navigate on pages with paging. fork: Blocks; Harvesters; Transactions

NEM Blockchain Explorer v3
tip: You can use arrows to navigate on pages with paging. fork: Blocks; Harvesters; Transactions

It sure looks to me like they show that indeed the shapeshift wallets DID receive the XEM tokens I sent after all. Please research this further and discover where they went. They are in the possession of ShapeShift.

Thank you.

Ha! Both of our responses are timestamped 4:37 pm!

It’s been over a day now since my last email to SS and I’m still waiting on a response. However, I did receive an email a few hours ago asking how I would rate their service. (I really don’t think they want me to answer it though, at least not yet.) I’ll patiently give them their stated 48-72 hour window from my last email to look into it, before I take further action, as I really like their service overall and spend a lot of time there; plus, as I understand it, every email sent on the same issue restarts the response clock.

I’ve dealt with SS similarly before. I’ve had transactions expire, as I sometimes wait too long to send my crypto or sometimes one blockchain or another is just too slow no matter how quick one is, and I’ve had to contact them to recover my resources. It can seem like it takes forever sometimes, but I think they are getting better at it and they’ve always eventually stepped up to take care of business and I respect them for that - to a certain degree.

However, this is the first time I’ve ever had transactions fail. So this is new in my experience. But at this point, now that I am certain my XEM went to them, I’m confident they will eventually make me whole. Time will tell. I’ll return with news when I can.

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I agree you should wait a while and if they don’t respond create another ticket.
This is not the everyday situation (probably they support guy doesn’t know how in details mosaics works) and you must describe to support all details (what I have written should be enough) but I think they should return your tokens. Good luck and keep us informed :wink:

You know, I got tired of waiting and wanted to light a fire at ShapeShift. So I gave support a thumbs down and a comment.

Did you also provide to Shapeshift explanation what happen which I attached in my comment?
Maybe also you can link this topic in communication with Shapeshift.

The rating and my comment were internally to the ZenDesk at their website, another avenue of contact. I’m waiting for the 72 hour window to close before I send them another email. Have a few hours yet. Then I will send further data to them, but they already have enough information to take care of this in an instant if they really are crypto specialists. Pretty simple, just look at the blockchain, say, ‘Aw, yeah, there it is!’ and return it to me; in my estimation it’s not something that should take days long. After all, they’re the ones who decided to accept XEM at their website as a tradable crypto. They set it up, they should know what they’re doing when they go live, or if they don’t, then they need to make people whole. Last chance to hear from them/get my crypto back before Thanksgiving weekend I figure, so I struck a match - because this sucks.

I didn’t get a response or a refund yet so I sent another email. Then I forwarded your response to them as well including a link to this thread. Not much else I can do at the moment.

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Finally received word of a refund of my XEM, expecting it any time now.

Great:) waiting you get a refund.

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OMG. They sent me 2 XEM, 1 at a time. They sent me 1/2 a dollar worth of XEM. I’m stunned.

EDIT: Okay, they said more is still queued up. So I continue to wait.

Woohoo! I got paid!

It took awhile, but ShapeShift finally refunded my investment - they made me entirely whole. I actually have about .85 XEM more than what I started with, about 20 cents.

So at this point, I have no further complaints with ShapeShift at all. I think this may have been a learning experience for them, I know it was for me!

Overall I have had great experiences with ShapeShift and recommend their website to those who may not have come across them yet. I always use the ‘Precise’ option when trading there. They may very well be the best at what they do. But beware! I would think twice about sending XEM to them! I don’t know what the problem was exactly, but I know I’m not going to chance that trade again. Other than that most of my transactions there have been flawless, and I use them almost daily, sometimes trading many times a day there.

Thanks to all who have responded. Take care!

Next time please use nano wallet for sending xem to exchange. Not dimcoin wallet. There will be no such a problems when sending from nano. Glad you have your tokens back. Probably every exchange will have problem with auto process transaction when sending xem as level 2 mosaic as dimcoin wallet do.
Glad shapeshift support return your money manually. If this will be poloniex instead of shapeshift you may wait months for answer.
Good luck

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I’ll keep that in mind. DepotWallet used to be more like the NanoWallet, but changed just recently without warning to a new design. But I will definitely be using the NanoWallet now to send any XEM! I have sent a few transactions with the DepotWallet in the past and they didn’t go out as Mosaics. But then at least I had a choice, now there is none, apparently everything must ship out as a Mosaic from there now.

So, DepotWallet I probably won’t use much anymore, but it does show $ values for tokens within it whereas I don’t see that in the NanoWallet (except for XEM), so I may use it for that every now and then. But in general I think your advice is sound and reasonable, and should help those who follow it to avoid this pitfall in the future.

My guess though is that others will soon discover this pitfall on their own because, unless ShapeShift adds a popup note on their website warning against sending XEM from DepotWallet, or figures a way to recognize Mosaics in their system, there’s nothing to prevent the next crypto-trader from sending their XEM to the same black hole I did.

Whew! I’m just glad this is finally over!

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HI everybody!

I found out this discussion about Mosaic and hope that you could help me too.
I sent XEM from one exchange to another but failed!
The target exchange refers to a not supported type of transfer (Mosaic) and say sorry. The sender says sorry too.
So is it possible to get my tokens back?
The think there was no mistake from my side - I used exact right address and tag. Can’t undestand who is wrong and what to do?

TXID : 231abe3b46f27e8073225d24a76905330fa517231b33578bcbb05a0081389b50
Перевод был с биржи lykke на Okex.
XEM Tag: 13465
Amount: 496

Please Help!!
OKEx-2.pdf (149.8 KB) xem-okex-deposit|686x500 OKEx.pdf (111.6 KB) OKEx-2.pdf (149.8 KB)