Missing XEM attached to TX as a Mosaic [SOLVED]

Coins are now on Okex exchange address so only they can send it back.
Partialy is fault of Spectrocoin because they sending NEM in non standard way which is not supported by all exchanges. If you will send directly to your NEM wallet (and not exchange directly) it would be no problem.

Hi Dear,
Thank you very much for your response!
I understand that the sender partially faults but how do retrieve the tokens now?
The first to whom I was talking about was Okex support - and they said that they didn’t receive the tokens due to “unsupported transfer” (meaning Mosaic) said sorry and suggested checking the sending platform to retrieve the token.
But the sender (Lykke exchange) after the request said that tokens left my wallet and reached the blockchain.
I attach my conversation with Okex and XEM adress screenshot from my okex page. Please be so kind to help me understand what is the matter and how to retrieve the tokens? Is it possible now somehow?
Looking forward to hearing you.
Kind Regards!

OKEx.pdf (111.6 KB) OKEx-2.pdf (149.8 KB)

Okex received coins and coins are available at the address.
But the deposit server code failed to process correctly such transactions where XEM is attached as a mosaic. This doesn’t change that coins in NEM blockchain are on Okex address.

Do you think that Okex could find out the coins? Is it possible? How I should talk about this to support? Please advise what should I write to them?
Thank you very much

It will be hard but you can tell them that transaction is done (NEM - BlockChain Explorer) and if they don’t supporting XEM sent as mosaic then you asking to send coins back.
If they agree to send back you need give them memo for Spectrocoin

ok. I will try again.
The problem is that the sender exchange delisted XEM and does not accept it now. May I ask them to send it to another address or this is not allowed? And what is Spectrocoin ?

You can ask them but not sure if they will agree.
Spectrocoin is an exchange. I thought it’s owner of NAFSSJLNTIEI5ISMWKEY2BJFH5LAUSHP7JVQLWGT but maybe you used other exchange :slight_smile:

Ok! Will try. Sender exchange is Lykke.com
Thank you!

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Hi CryptoBeliever

I spent a lot time connecting Okex support but still not positive.

They continued to repeat « Upon checking, you have deposited the XEM with mosaic channel. However, we do not support this deposit. Please kindly check with the sending platform for the issue».

Аfter my words “

«Yes I understand that sender exchange send coins as mosaic (instead standard way) and that okex exchange probably don"t support such transfer type. But sender sent coins and they left their address what is seen in blockchain. How they could help now?
Instead I was consulting with NEM support- they said that Okex did receive coins and coins are available at your address. I understand the deposit server code failed to process correctly such transactions where XEM is attached as a mosaic. This doesn’t change that coins in NEM blockchain are on Okex address. If you don’t support XEM sent as mosaic then please send coins back. Please help»

They shortly reply :

«We sincerely apologize that we are unable to return it back. It is because we do not have this technology» and close the case again.

I can’t understand – you said that coins on Okex echange. That is evident under blockchain?


If it so – that is okex bug. Who should care that they do not support smth? They give info for deposit – I used it (correctly) and there was no additional info or warning about type of transfer or any. Should I be the victim of the situation? The normal exchange should compensate my coins and more over give me the reward that I found out the bug, that is my view.

The problem appeares after sending from exchange to exchange if transfer is using mosaic. But who knows it and who should care about this? Customer even do not know what type of sending would be. So next time when other user will do my scenario and send 1000000 coin he will lose it too? and Okex will say «sorry, we are unable to return your coins back. It is because we do not have this technology.»?? Ha! Seriously? For such a rated exchange like Okex or this is a low-grade scam?

How could I affect them? Whom can I complain to?

If coins on their side who cares about what they support or not. They should refund coins any way any how without wasting my time. Am I right?

Dear CryptoBeliever
May I clarify some moments by asking these questions:

On the basis of which you made a conclusion that coins are on the Okex?
Could you tell that coins 100% on Okex and they have access to them (owning them in fact)?
Could it be that the mosaic type of transfer could be the reason for the loss of coins, that the recipient did not get access to the coins?
Why did you say that “You can ask them but not sure if they will agree.” ?
I can’t understand - maybe Okex is right and they do not have access to coins? But in this way this is a bag of the system - and bag on their side again.

Thank you

It appears to me that you have a situation where okex personnel do not need any software upgrade or special product installation to process your transaction, they need wetware upgrades or put simply they need to educate themselves on certain aspects of how the NEM blockchain operates, read and verify your specific NEM transaction on the blockchain and then process your transaction immediately, provided they hold the private keys to the address you sent your coins to. They must understand they are obligated to read another layer deeper into the transaction to make sense of what has occurred and that there is a mask or façade covering the underlying transaction that needs to be removed so the facts beneath can be properly inspected. That is what is required here.

A mosaic it appears to me, I am no expert here but as an observer, is just another way of looking at a transaction but it in no way changes the underlying fact that coins get transferred from one blockchain address to another address, in this instance from you to okex. The transaction has obviously occurred. Yet confusion has arisen because on the surface it appears you have only sent one coin, 1 real XEM coin, to the receive address. But that coin was actually just a descriptor coin designating 1 bag of coins called a mosaic and inside the mosaic is a description of the contents of the bag of coins, which in this case attached to the transaction itself it states 496 XEM coins.

It’s like on your shopping list you write down 1 bag apples or 1 bag chips, instead of 12 apples, or 10-15 apples, or 5 double handfuls of chips. But when you buy the bag and open it up you also get the 12 apples, or the 10-15 apples or your chips or whatever, you don’t just get the bag.

So I believe you actually sent 497 coins, the 1 real XEM descriptor coin plus 496 XEM coins inside the mosaic. Check your balance, you probably didn’t even realize you may have sent an extra coin. Make sure you get that other coin back as well, if possible, and you also want all your coins back before March 12 for the NEM blockchain snapshot or technically okex will owe you 1-for-1 for the free Symbol coins on March 15 too. 497 Symbol coins could become a substantial benefit and every one will count.

Without doubt your coins are there on the okex website right now and they must return them to you but they must first go here to research the transaction if they don’t understand what happened yet:


Beneath the transaction it shows 490 000 000.000000 XEM coins in the mosaic, but it is actually only 496 coins, just as the 2 transactions I had issues with of 2000 XEM showed 2 000 000 000 each, it was still a transaction for only 2000 XEM, it must convert the decimal point automatically by 6 digits but still shows accurate numbers regardless. The 496 coins are real coins that were certainly sent as part of the transaction.

Upon okex’s first glance I imagine your transaction likely showed up looking like it was only 1 coin, but under this disguise in fact the entire 497 coins showed up in one fell swoop. The personnel at okex need to inspect this closer and realize that there can be additional layers of information that they are not necessarily aware of in quick glances at NEM blockchain transactions which obscure the underlying transaction and take a little longer focus than one mere quick glance to figure out, but put in the time they must if they choose to deal in XEM at all. Otherwise their ignorance simply amounts to them padding their accounts by theft of funds from customers whether they realize they are stealing them or not, neither scenario of which lends them any credibility, both of which instead quickly earn them contempt and loss of business.

I would not tolerate anything less than a full reimbursement in a timely fashion. You are not obligated to fund their ignorance. It just matters if you can make them pull their heads out of their arses long enough to take a close enough look at it or not and then accept the education. Be persistent, teach them and make it happen.


Thank you very much for your response and your words of support.

I really was surprised wis okex reaction. Three time I tried to explain that there was not my mistake, that I used info given on their deposit site correctly. After that I was sure they should try find out how it could be, because anyone can be in my situation next time. And I think they should care about that because it looks like a bug in case they really have a problem with accessing transferred coins.

As I understand Mosaic is not a standard, but a valid method of transmission on a NEM network. For a regular NEM wallet is absolutely irrelevant what type of transfer was used. Maybe there’s a partly fault of sender exchange that used non-standard way, but it could be and coins left their wallets. On Okex deposit page no word about type of transfer. I think if it is so important they should mention about this, but they don’t. I admit that technically there could be difficulties to deposit coins on my okex account but I am sure that private keys from recipient addresses in okex hands and they could retrieve coins and send it back or to any external address.

But unfortunately the Okex support always insists they don’t support technology and they can’t return coins and can’t help me anyway. I definitely agree with you that it looks like theft of funds from customers and I can’t understand how it could be from respected exchange like Okex I supposed.

I still believe that Okex is highly rated exchange that value customers but I can’t find any other contacts on site except this help desk with regular answers. There is no chance to make sense with them.

Abstracting from the moral side, I want to define the technical side. According to you, I should get at least 1 coin on my account? – but I don’t. There is still 0 on my account. So I was wondering :

Is that 100% that coins on Okex and they have access to them (owning them in fact)?
Could it be that the mosaic type of transfer could be the reason for the loss of coins, that the recipient did not get access to the coins? Why CryptoBeliever said “You can ask them but not sure if they will agree.” ?

Thank you!

Sorry for the late reply. 496 XEM (not 497) is now on the Okex wallet. That’s true.

“It is because we do not have this technology” - not sure what they mean. I can only assume that they haven’t automated the process to support such a case and if they would want to return your coins it would involve using a directly private key and potential security risk. This could be a reason why they don’t want to do it.
Could be also case that they are not sure how such transfer type works and it would involve research and development.


the okex NEM deposit address is the same for all users (I tested new registration to check), only Tag is different. So, I don’t think that private key is special. Moreover if coins on their balance and they could owning them it is not necessary to regain me the same coins (from same private key). I will be ready to get compensation in any equivalent. The problem that they continue to talk smth strange and do not want to admit their mistake.

You talk «they could worry about potential security risk or maybe not sure how such transfer type works and it would involve research and development» but what about worrying the reputation? And how about this case – is it so unique and extraordinary that could not happen again with any other customer? I can not believe that it could be only my idea to send coins from exchange directly to exchange. It should be as a bug report. I think this situation can happen again with someone else with a high probability. And if they do not worry about that – it means they are interested in it.

In my opinion, Okex is serious exchange and this case is just a misunderstanding, but I can’t find contact to be heard. Okex support is definitely disappointing.
OKEx-3.pdf (129.5 KB)

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