Mosaic levy fee at a particular blockheight


Is there any way to get a mosaic levy fee at a particular blockheight?

Hi. You can’t change levy for mosaic (only supply). But it’s possible such scenario:

  1. Create namespace and mosaic under this namespace
  2. After one year if root namespace will be not renewed it will expire and also mosaic
  3. Create again namespace (after expiration time and one month grace period) with same name and create new mosaic under namespace with same name as before.

In such solution you could have new mosaic with same namespace and name and other properties (also leavy).

That’s why you have do with namespaces and mosaics same as described here: - Feedback - #85 by gd_kuaile (during synchronization block by block save state into db).

But if such happens, I can see namespace provision type of transactions only, not mosaic definition creation transaction. Why? Which type of transactions will exist while creating new ones after expiry?

Can we get such info from explorers api’s then? If they are storing they should have information on mosaic definition at a block height. or not?

There is no API exposing by explorer as far as I know.

Transaction will be as follow:

  • namespace creation
  • mosaic creation

—namespace expired—

  • namespace creation
  • mosaic creation

So basicly when you process block by block you have to keep the current (for processed block) mosaic definition and use it.