MyEther Wallet is it good and stable?

Is this wallet usable and stable enough to use with Trezor?
I want to save some alts in Trezor.

Why you asking about ETH wallet here? Moved to offtopic. I used it only to generate paper wallet but works without problems.

General discussion?
Just looking at Trezor alt coin support, most alts are supported on Trezor with MyEther wallet (a lot), so it is not just an ETH wallet.

MyEtherWallet supports mostly ETH tokens (ERC20 and so on). It’s good wallet.

It could be that you dont know that MEW doesnt support NEM. NEM is not an ERC20 token, it is a blockchain that supports its own coins and tokens. Maybe someone can suggest ways to hold nem with a trezor? I would like to know the answer myself

By the way, MEW split into two websites a few months ago. A new website called mycrypto was created as a copy of mew, and has been developed separately. While they didnt keep the domain they kept the staff and (i would say) mycrypto is a better site, it has developed more and has a better feel.

You can use Trezor with nanowallet to store all NEM tokens.

oh - ok. I am using nanowallet, but I can’t see a feature for trezor or ledger. How do you switch it on?

You must use Universal client to be able connect with Trezor.

Very good tutorial by @tongokongo