NEM 101 Bounty!

SPECIAL BOUNTY: get rewarded for organising NEM 101 in your local city.

This is a special bounty open to NEMbers (you must sign up to be a NEMber first:

  1. Up to maximum USD200 in XEMs in sponsorship food, beverage and venue to host a NEM101 (on a claims basis, receipts required - you can raise external sponsorship)

  2. USD200 in XEMs to be shared between organiser(s) of event (minimum 20 people to attend, simple report with pictures to be completed)

  3. USD100 in XEMs to speaker to present NEM101 (Organiser(s) and speaker can be the same person)

  4. Organiser to organise events via Meetup platform - (admin rights will be given)

  5. Max of one (1) NEM101 per city per month.

  6. Materials on how to organise event present NEM101 will be sent to organiser(s) to coordinate with speaker.

  7. NEM101 can be held in conjunction with other meetup events held in your local city.

HOW? Send event proposal with date, time and location to and Event must be within 30 days of proposal. Not all proposal will be accepted, it would depend on how active you are in the NEM community, whether another organiser is hosting something already and other factors.

  • To those interested, please join this group: @NEMmeetuporganisers for further questions and support!

Let’s build the NEM community together!


you think thats the way to go? i mean long will come to germany a very conservative country what the financial sector reflects. if i do some improvised events i will more harm the product then i would help. also we expect a certin presentation from a company that raised 2.something billion. hire more ppl first. can we vote on this point of marketing…myn is no. and also could we have inside on what those marketing materials are.

We’re do our best in making sure that every country has a NEM101 going, we’ll have to see how it works everywhere else, as for the marketing materials, will be sharing soon too.

Yes, I think this is an excellent idea. Especially using the Meetup platform to reach out to local communities. For sure I will be looking into this seriously where I live in Paris and London. We cancreate regional contacts links so members can collaborate to create really interesting events. Cheers, Jiro

We org. ourselves in germany if we like a product, like beer n bitcoin in munich. if we believe in a project we will start doing meetups without a need of organisation from the developer. the only company who made such events was Onecoin and we all know where that went. this is affiliate marketing thats bs. plz go n vote on this topic i set up a voteing poll right now we have 8 no s and 5 yes but the yes has more weight…plz go vote on that topic i would love to see the outcome.

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I like the idea and thanks to this I might even organise a meetup myself.
Bounty is not really to profit from, but it covers various expenses that arise from organising such event.
Informative campaign in small groups is where NEM feels good at. If you want to see marketing spent on facebook ads and pop-up windows, you most probably won’t see it with NEM.