NEM BAR in every major city Bounty

Idea to spread xem as a currency. Encourage meetups. Grow Community.

There are a few Nem-bars in the world, BUT what if there was one in every city?

I live in San Francisco and I am sure I can get at least one bar to accept XEM. I’ve already spoken with a few bar owners and they are open to the idea and some have accepted crypto in the past.

If we organize a bounty for community to get a bar onboard in their cities we could have a nem-bar in every major city in the world.

There are a lot of possibilities and incentives that can be created.

The bars can also be official post meetups hangout locations for Nembers to mingle.
Drinks paid for in xem could be subsidized 10-20% giving users an incentive over cash. This can be done over some period of time to encourage usage and adoption.

BAR Owners will get on-board as long as you fill the bar on an off-night.

Suggested bounty 100-200 USD worth of xem to the person who gets a bar to accept xem , payable after minimum of 6 months of xem bar support and 100 drinks paid in xem. That’s about 20 people going to the bar and having a drink each 5 times. It adds another perk community organizers can earn while spreading NEM love.

This could be combined with NEM 101 Bounty!


very good idea !!! yes of course :wink:


Where do Nembers meet?

They meet at NemBars :slight_smile:

Interesting, would be good to see this once crypto goes mainstream. Good mechanics behind it too, One thing that needs momentum is in getting enough Nembers going to Nembars regularly, we should have NemCafes too :slight_smile:

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Nice initiative, but what will be customer advantage for paying bar fee in xem?

Just to buy xem is not straightforward process for average Joe, and with daily
unit depreciation and volatility things become even more difficult.