NEM Amateur Esports Club?


Emails are out, unfortunately took a little longer, check your spam folder in case of doubt.


Sorry I was busy with personal stuff… Is the competition still going?


Hi, well it did not come about unfortunately. I have not heard much since the initiative. as promised, I raffled the game keys. I have notified the winners of the enamel list. Even the non-winners received an email with the Telegram group link so that we could start. Unfortunately, none of them have joined the group until today. I think you got a key, too. At least you were under the ones I pulled.


if you like to join, here is telegram link:


The poster is really nice!




What do those two grey lines on the light-blue background mean?


its a snes controler, so it would be start n select


Thank you for TG link, will gladly join it!


I’m not a big gamer, but would like to join, thank you for the link!


Is this still true tho?


true ? what exactly?