NEM Amateur Esports Club?

Something completely different. I noticed that some members are gamers. I wondered if you would like to start a NEM Amateur Esport Club. We could play together, organize community tournaments and challenge other Blockchain projects.

Should be enough interest, we could start a group.


Oh this would be great fun! What games are you thinking of in particular? I’m more of an Overwatch person though I would pay good money to see council members duke it out on Fortnite.

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So I thought of the common titles, like:
CoD …


I don’t know if the council will ever duke it out on fortnite but some members might find joy in this.


Hey mate, I was talking with at least 3 projects who want to launch ICOs (or token sale) involving Esports. (actually one is from German, I spoke to them just in case they are interested in NEM, but They only want funds).
The market is huge. I was thinking to myself If NEM has to be sponsor or create a department of Esports but you know I was waiting for the elections to propose that to the new council.

The gaming list you propose is great. I just bought the new valve game card Artifact and now learning to play.

Anyway count with me with that NEM Esports Club!


What’s up guys. I’ve been ranked as high as 15 in NA for PUBG. I’d love to get. NEM esports club going.


Sounds like a good idea. My favorite games:

  • Dota 2
  • PUBG
  • CSGO
  • BO4

I can also provide a dedicated teamspeak server

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I thought once people hit 18 their brain was too calcified to succeed at esports. That’s the age where many professional players seem to be sent to convalescent homes to live out their remaining lives.

I’m up for Pong.

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Well its not professional esports. And yes you get a bit slower over time but you still can outsmart your opponent. Most times these kids don’t even know what hit em.

Dota and PUBG are games where good decisions are rewarded more than split second better reaction times


OK! Let’s set some goals.

  1. A group of about 10-30 participants.

  2. Choose team names, for example: NEMtastic, The Neminators … make some creative suggestions.

  3. Create games selection. Per choice in the Nanowallet.

  4. Create a small and simple website.

  5. Set up a team server or use existing ones from Theo.

  6. Build teams, have fun.

Should we achieve the above mentioned goals, we can certify the members over Apostille service.

All club members receive a club token which legitimates them as members.

This allows them to participate in small tournaments organized every 3 months. As a prize, there are a few xem and special winner mosaic that can be admired by everyone in the Wallet.

It would also be fun to do a monthly live stream evening for the community. Or every second month?


Sounds good.
Hunt: Showdown - Nice shooter. (Taking up most of my time)
I do have StarCraft2, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo 3.
Total War : War Hammer 1 & 2.
Some others.
Steam and Blizzard tag : Ravenfields

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I have created a Poll in the Nem wallet. Please choose your top 3 games of the list. I know there are more games but there is limitation in the wallet. I added artifact because is new, Valve wants to compite on 2019 with Blizzard (Hearthstone) in the card games category.


PS Should we need to create a Discord Channel?


If you like the idea and have some time, join the list!!!

I’m slow, but I would like to join for fun and learning.

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Hello friends, we have 9 participants in the group so far. I would be happy if we reach 15 players. On this occasion and to ensure that we all have playable titles, I will give away at least 5 game keys for PUBG and CS: GO over the Christmas holidays. The winners will receive an email with the key as long as they have registered via the list. I’m looking forward to. Nice pre-Christmas time !!!


Hey I wanna join my games are:


Would like to join in the fun :slight_smile: I play CS:GO, Dota2, PUBG, Rainbow six siege, LoL

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I’m using PUBG Mobile because my laptop can’t run fast enough CSGO and PUBG. So if we are 3 more we have a team :slight_smile:
I’m also ok with Heartshone, even it is a 1vs1 game we can make a tournament as well if we are at least 4 people and play.

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Let’s go I’m using ipad to play pubg mobile

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Merry Christmas to you all, let me wish you a healthy and blessed year.

All list participants will receive an email tonight / tomorrow morning. Some will be happy about a game key.

We may even manage to play Hearthstone, CS: GO or PUBG together over the holidays.

Have fun, see you,