NEM Apostille Application for Funding Procedure

##Edit: Vote has passed. Thanks!

NEM Apostille is applying for Community Funding for its project. This is the second such request since NEM opened up the Community Funds for projects which are likely to help the growth of NEM and expose NEM even more to the public domain. this link gives a general layout of the core members’ guidelines to Project Proposals

The Community and Core inner team seemed to have no objections to the procedure laid out with the first Fund Application with Crypto Apex so there does not appear to be any reason to change it. To remind you , it had a 5:5:5 timescale. 5 days for community discussion, then 5 days of voting and if successful , then 5 days to submit further, more private details and information to the Core team as described in the guidelines.

  1. The 5 days of discussion can start as of this announcement, comments can be made here NEM Apostille - A NEM Notary System - Community Fund Proposal
    any comments on Proposal Procedure can be made on this thread below.
  2. 5 days from now the voting will commence… as in the last application ,there will be a simple YES or NO vote and results will be determined by the IMPORTANCE scores to see if the Community wants to give NEM Apostille the requested funding.
  3. If NEM Apostille meets the minimum requirements on the voting then members will have 5 days to submit further information to Core team.

I ask all members to familiarise themselves with this project and take an active part in any discussion and PLEASE VOTE when its time , thank you !!!

I support this project.

Good idea.

##Voting Has Started

There will now be 5 days of voting on the NEM Apostille Project.

Please write a “yes” or “no” message to the following account if you support/reject this project:


Thanks for Voting!

You should send 0 XEM when sending the message.

I am sending 0 XEM, but it tells me the fee is 12 XEM. Is this correct?

Yes that is correct.

This community needs more projects like this one. I would like to contribute more but I don’t know much about the coin behavior and core, so I will contribute with my vote. Thank you.

Thanks for the vote. If you have an idea yourself. There are developing guides on the OP of BTT now, and we have lots more left in the community fund to kick start projects.

Don’t know if I was still within the deadline ( a little later due to holiday) , but voted anyway.
Obviously voted YES ! :slight_smile:

Vote is over. Thank you all who participated.

I’ll try to give more updates soon.

Final count was the following:

COUNT: (‘108 voted’, 0.05743605546756523)

COUNT: (‘0 voted’, 0)

Which gives 5.7% in favor of allowing this proposal to pass the first round.

Congratulations :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

CONGRATULATIONS !!! to Jeff and all at Apostille for passing the first stage on Community Funding with a very clear approval by the Community.

Thanks. We look forward to making this project work.

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