NEM Beta 0.6.28


I've not run NEM in 2 weeks now, waiting for a version upgrade that might fix the bugs I found that stopped it from working properly on two different computers, 1 the .zip version, and one the .exe version.

Have you reported the bugs ?


No, I was waiting for an answer here how to go about it, if someone on the forum didn't know from the description I gave above.


Thanks, I've not used Github before, I hope I report it correctly.
It's been a few weeks so will have to refresh my memory of what went wrong. I reworded the steps and problem found.

I've encountered a bug in the latest installer version, and wonder how best to report it so someone can identify what happened.
I installed Java 8 64 bit
downloaded exe installer.
ran exe installer.
Opened NCC in browser and created new wallet (this computer is windows 8 and hasn't run NEM before).
Exported wallet from menu in top right of screen. With 0.00 in coins.
Closed program from menu where I exported the wallet.
Reopened NEM, clicked existing wallet, and 0 wallet files were found. The .zip file I exported the wallet to had 2 files that were not 0bytes.

I tried to upgrade the folder on another computer using the .zip extraction method, and it didn't work properly either, and gave up for now until there's another version to try.



I noticed a waring message after starting NCC
which i do not recall to have it seen before.
Can you explain what does it mean?!

<br />WARNING no certificate found for <br />(file:/home/myuser/NEM/ncc/nem-deploy-0.6.28-BETA.jar &lt;no signer certificates&gt;) (org.nem.core.metadata.CodeSourceFacade &lt;init&gt;)<br />

I have changed the user directory name here to "myuser" :wink:

SO what does it mean ?
Is it something to worry about?!

BTW I have started the NCC yesterday but have not opened the wallet and I exited with CTRL + C  from console.
I have the standalone version on linux.



@freigeist, since we are not using java web start any more, it's not mandatory to sign the jars any more.