NEM Beta 0.6.84

NEM Beta 0.6.84

##There will be a fork at height 1025000 (which is roughly march 15th) where the message size for transactions is increased to 1024 bytes and there are some additional changes that will be explained after the fork will kick in.


1) Fix for the fork we are experiencing in mainnet:
The fork was due to incorrect handling of mosaic levy when more than one block was processed in a row. This was the case during startup but also when syncing.
The forks was (probably unintentionally) produced by user mizunashi who was experimenting with mosaics. He will get a good bounty for it.

2) Maximum message is increased to 1024 bytes.
This is part of the upcoming fork and will be available once we passed the fork height.

3) One bug fix for NCC.
NCC was incorrectly displaing a fee of 1 XEM for activating/deactivating remote harvesting. The real fee is 6 XEM.

This upgrade is mandatory.

If you’re using the installer, make sure to stop running NCC and NIS before running the installer!

NEM requires Java 8
Remember the installer requires 64-bit Java
You can download Java from official page:

You can start NCC and NIS with an installer from the following link:
Standalone version:


For your convenience we have uploaded a recent db to bob:

Great news, gonna install this fresh version ;).

Just please, BR, give us here sha256 sumcount or say, in which block is this signature included (by apostille) … thanks.

Ok, I found it, here is it:

Updated from 83 to 84, still having sync issues. So tried and downloaded the chain from the link and everythings smooth now. Thanks.

I was very sorry.
If I was testing the API, it seems that the chain branched out as a result.

Thank you for finding the problem. :slight_smile:


Is this just a matter of replacing the old jar files with the new ones, or does the contents of the lib folder and the files also need to be replaced?

This is in relation to upgrading the supernode.

replacing the jar files should be enough. In case your node was on a fork and can’t sync after restart you might need to either replace the db with the one from the above link or simply sync from scratch.

Thanks BR, updated jars, does the server need a reboot after replacing thejar files?

the vps doesn’t need a reboot, but NIS needs to be restarted of course.

Thanks BR, all done. There were no sync issues, I rebooted the server, as I didn’t know the command to restart NIS.
Appreciate your assistance.

As this is a mandatory upgrade, at some point in the future, is the minimum expected version requirement on a supernode going to be changed from to 0.6.84 BETA or above?

Yes, next monday.

docker-nem has been updated. See and

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to upgrade supernode
I am replace thole package directory and upload new db file

now got an error
{“timeStamp”:60870970,“error”:“Service Unavailable”,“message”:“NIS_ILLEGAL_STATE_LOADING_CHAIN”,“status”:503}

Upd: looks fine now, sorry, false alarm :slight_smile:

so your nis is loading the chain, wait until it finished loading.

@gimre Kindly provide the hash for the windows .exe installation file. I have been trying for last two days.
And the hash uploaded here -> is for which file? Thanks.

  1. THIS particular tx, is for TGZ file, so this one
  2. keep in mind it’s not a hash it’s result of Apostille, so it’s actually:
  • FE - hex marker, nembex marks this with a hex word
  • 4e5459 ‘NTY’ - apostille marker
  • 03 - hash type, 03 == sha256
  • hash follows
  • for more information see section 3.5
  1. we actually never made signatures for installer (but I can upload one if you really want)
  2. mind that NCC is actually not maintained/supported anymore, so there’s no advantage in using the installer (at least I’m not seeing any)

I maintain newest mainnet NIS and testnet NIS.
Both NIS do work correctly, but NIS status is different.
Mainnet NIS is status 6, Testnet one is status 5.
I don’t know Testnet NIS status is ok but do work.
Should I ignore the status?