NEM Beta 0.6.87

NEM Beta 0.6.87

##There will be a fork at height 1110000 (which is roughly May 15th).

More protection for users unintentionally hurting themselves.
Details will be announced once we pass the fork height.

This upgrade is mandatory.

If you’re using the installer, make sure to stop running NCC and NIS before running the installer!

NEM requires Java 8
Remember the installer requires 64-bit Java
You can download Java from official page:

You can start NCC and NIS with an installer from the following link:
Standalone version:


Thanks BloodyRookie.

On the supernode, is it just a matter of extracting the jar files from nis-ncc-0.6.87.tgz and replacing them.from nis, ncc, console and mon folders into respective supernode folders

i.e. to

Or does the libs folder jar files also need to be replaced?

For a supernode, only nis matters and only those jars have to be updated (and nis needs to be restarted)

Thanks BR. Appreciate your help as always.

It is currently impossible to verify the sha of the downloaded file because the transaction ID published in the .sig file is incorrect. Can someone please fix that?

why do you think the id is incorrect?

$ curl
txId: e6efac6b3f2dc109aa0a9e8fd4925a2308291b0e9a7976358c3913dc9e9c5
block: 1072404

$ curl
{"timeStamp":65122815,"error":"Bad Request","message":"Hash was not found in cache","status":400}

As you noted yesterday when I first reported it, the whole hash should be passed:

$ curl

txId: 5bfe2979482cd9b5fa80de45c6d3a7bf18531aa63cde9a62d2696fcf863802a4
block: 1072404
in the sig file i have

Edit: oh you mean the tgz sig file

i told @gimre

Edit: file was updated

Thanks. nem-docker builds again.

I also published an experimental (use at your own risk!) ubuntu repo. See details at

Good job!
Would you consider to include the servant into the Ubuntu repo? Then, it can become a supernode by itself :slight_smile:

If there is enough interest I might have a look :slight_smile:

OK. me +1 … :sunglasses:

So im good if im just using the nano wallet? this java update only goes for people using the actual installation version and not the nano wallet version with the start file that i didnt have to install?

Yes, if you only use nano wallet then you don’t need to update anything.

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awesome thanks and that was a fast

So we pass fork height.

Any details?

Fork details:

1) Fix for mosaics:
A mosaic creator could accidentally kill his mosaics by issuing a new definition where only the description is changed.
The handling of such a transaction was fixed and the mosaics are there again after the fork kicks in.

2) Fix for remote account.
A user could accidentally block his main account by supplying the main accounts public key when deactivating local harvesting.
The main account will be unblocked after the fork kicks in.


Hello, I’ve been using Nem via the NIS / NCC .tgz client, but I haven’t ran the runmod file (I think this is the right name) since the hard fork. Do I need to do anything now or can I boot NIS / NCC and use my .wlt wallet file as per usual? Or do I need to download a new .tgz NIS / NCC client now?

I’ve never had the .json file or used nano wallet, just have my .wlt and .abd files backed up along with password etc. in multiple locations. Is this safe?

Do I need to do anything else to upgrade?

Thank you.

If you want to continue using NIC / NCC then you must update both. There is no way around that.
The new client can be found here Standalone client.